6 Ways to Improve Your Business Expertise and Strengthen Your Ethical Core


Each September, PRSA recognizes Public Relations Ethics Month, supported by programs presented by the PRSA Board of Ethics and Professional Standards (BEPS). Page Society in preparation for a book on PR ethics.

Ethics 141

Facebook And The Perils Of Opposition PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Is it ethical for a PR agency to smear a competitor? But one detail that interested communicators was that it brought on PR agency Definers Public Affairs to run political-style oppo against competitors like Google and Apple. So, was Definers ethical?

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Review — The Loudest Voice (TV Series)

Doctor Spin

Anyone interested in public affairs , crisis communication , and media logic will definitely gasp at the absurdity by which one single man can influence such a large numbers of people by using non-ethical propaganda techniques.

You Really Did Learn This in Kindergarten: Be Fair


Each September, PRSA recognizes Public Relations Ethics Month, supported by programs presented by the PRSA Board of Ethics and Professional Standards (BEPS). Like Fulghum, PRSA holds “fairness” as one of our core ethical values.

How to respond when you can’t answer a question

PR Daily

Research has proven that most humans can detect when someone is lying , so faking an answer is not a good choice—for more than just the obvious ethical reason. Learn how to keep your company’s messaging on point at Ragan’s Speechwriting & Public Affairs Conference in Washington, D.C.

What U.S. Service Members Can Teach Us About Communications


In March, I was selected to participate in this year’s Joint Civilian Orientation Conference (JCOC) , the oldest and most prestigious public-liaison program in the U.S. Here are several key points the experience taught me: Act ethically and stand for something bigger than yourself.

Top opportunities and challenges for PR pros in 2020

PR Daily

for our Speechwriting & Public Affairs Conference ]. As communications professionals, we’ve got to take a breath and say, ‘OK, we want to respond thoughtfully, ethically, and in a way that is useful to the conversation—and not always just to be first.’”.

Ethics 124

Facebook PR Exposed

Flatiron Communications

Rather than come clean quickly with the facts as they knew them when they knew them, The Times alleges that Facebook’s leadership purposely misled the public (and its own board) in an effort to downplay the depth of the Russian breach of its global social influence platform.

PR Rock Stars (of the future): 19 new college grads ready to take over the world

Communications Conversations

She is editor-in-chief of The Winonan , WSU’s campus newspaper; she is president of the WSU Public Relations Student Society of America chapter; and she is executive director of the WSU St. She is poised, professional and will be an extraordinary addition to any public relations team.

Travel 171

Maximising resilience of health and well-being assets in crisis situations

PR Conversations

The following is the result of our subsequent shared musings concerning the impact of crisis situations on the health and well-being of public relations practitioners. It may be that practitioners highlight the issue during planning discussions, engage with HR or their leadership team.