Corporate Reputation And The Whistleblower Culture

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Tom Mueller, who interviewed over 200 corporate whistleblowers for his book Crisis of Conscience: Whistleblowing in an Age of Fraud , proclaims this “the age of the whistleblower.”. The post Corporate Reputation And The Whistleblower Culture appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.

It’s time to put PR ethics front and center

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Follow these guidelines to take the high road and shore up your reputation management. Public relations and corporate communications experts are urging corporations to more strongly embrace strict ethical standards. We need a road map for ethical persuasion,” Conner said.

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Your Executives’ Reputations Impact Your Brand, Whether You Like It or Not

Melissa Agnes

And in a crisis, especially a crisis that questions the ethics of either the personal or the professional brand, this reality gets amplified. Therefore, his personal moral and ethical choices are, at least in part, a reflection on his organization; and.

Interview with PRSA’s National Chairman, Anthony W. D’Angelo

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meaning diversity, advocacy, technology and ethics. Ethics is our foundation, and the guidance that we give through our Code of Ethics in concert with our Board of Ethics and Professional Standards is what research has shown our members appreciate and value the most about PRSA.

Double-dipping exposes reputation risk in blurred boundaries of PR and journalism

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When it comes to reputation, there is little distinction between a real conflict and a perceived one. Even more unnerving was that the anchor— and, on occasion, other journalists affiliated with the TV network—interviewed his agency’s clients on show segments.

Expert interview – Scott Guthrie on PR in the Digital Age


We seek to earn positive reputations for our clients by aligning client expectations with the expectations of publics. Today, in the social age, public relations practitioners have the opportunity to be ethical guardians. As external communicators we should realise that good corporate reputation is no longer a ‘nice to have’. An organisation has to live and breathe its corporate values and ethics as bundled into its culture. Who is Scott Guthrie?

Double-dipping exposes reputation risk in blurred boundaries of PR and journalism

PR Conversations

When it comes to reputation, there is little distinction between a real conflict and a perceived one. Even more unnerving was that the anchor—and, on occasion, other journalists affiliated with the TV network—interviewed his agency’s clients on show segments.

PR can do only so much; reputation management goes far deeper

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Those organizations each resorted to a news conference, a press release, a catchy marketing slogan or TV interviews in the hope the problem would go away. So, operate an ethically managed, well-intentioned organization. “ You have a PR problem, because you have an actual problem.”.

Future of PR and social media for International Air Transport Association crisis communications conference

Stuart Bruce

I will be talking about mobile, data and wearable technology as the drivers and ethics, real time and content as the issues. We’ll look at ethics and governance. The first and foremost for me is ethics and governance. It has always been ethically wrong to mislead and lie.

When Your PR Problem Isn’t About PR

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Not all are punitive, like the CEO who instantly axes the PR team over an unflattering interview. My agency once won a digital reputation assignment from a client that suffered from terrible online reviews, among other challenges.

Survey: Most PR Pros Say that Media Relations is Getting Harder – Here’s What You Can Do About It

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The Intersection of Bias, Ethics and PR Stunts in Media Relations. That particular company grew a reputation for manufacturing controversy. In the long run, people will see through it and PR will have failed at its mandate as keeper of the organizational reputation.

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Good PR a challenge for those making money while doing good

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Gaul had started out wanting to write a short, feel-good story about blood donations, but the initially cautious, and then somewhat defensive responses he got during a phone interview on the topic compelled him to investigate further—which led to the five-part series he wrote in 1989.

Facebook And The Perils Of Opposition PR

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Is it ethical for a PR agency to smear a competitor? The picture is one of a company doing its damnedest to work all contacts, tap all allies, and thwart all critics to salvage its reputation. So, was Definers ethical?

Is Any PR Good PR?

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The film, which includes interviews with former SeaWorld trainers, provoked strong reactions from viewers and animal advocacy groups. With the release of Blackfish, as well as SeaWorld’s PR mishaps that followed, public perception of the company and its ethical practices shifted.

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PRoust Questionnaire: Sean Kelly

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Sincerity, loyalty, sound judgment, trustworthiness and a commitment to the values and ethical foundations of the PR profession—which just happen to be expressed in the CPRS Code of Professional Standards —are the qualities I most admire.

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Cider sip or cider slip? Would you let a politician endorse your brand?

Stephen Waddington

Boris Johnson endorses cider, Jo Swinson ethical clothing and Jeremy Corbyn an art gallery. Earlier in the week, Jo Swinson was pictured hanging out at the workshops of Finisterre, an ethical clothing brand. Aligning a brand with a political party is a tricky business.

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A Job, Career or Labor… What’s the Difference?

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When I first “interviewed” her, she sounded almost apologetic about the fact that she enjoyed keeping peoples’ houses clean. Business Career Shonali Burke career moves jobs labor work ethicYesterday, we in the U.S.

When to Ask for a Media Retraction and When to Bite Your Tongue


I had the great pleasure a few weeks ago to speak to a class at my alma mater, the Ivey Business School , about reputation management. The class, led by Mary Weil , was part of the school’s Reputation Management course. That’s where ethics belong,” he said, only half-jokingly.

PRoust Questionnaire: Sean Kelly

PR Conversations

Sincerity, loyalty, sound judgment, trustworthiness and a commitment to the values and ethical foundations of the PR profession—which just happen to be expressed in the CPRS Code of Professional Standards —are the qualities I most admire.

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Why legal trouble is just the tip of the iceberg

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Balancing the two can be the difference between a reputational crisis and a smooth outcome. Eventually, they are all resolved, but, as they’re being litigated, they present a special reputational challenge for businesses and executives. How litigation impacts reputation management.

Beyoncé’s Ivy Park responds to sweatshop allegations

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Beyoncé’s musical reputation is seemingly flawless, but as the head of a recently launched athleisure brand, she’s in trouble with fans (and consumers). The Sun claims to have interviewed several workers.

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Public Relations And The Big Lie

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Subsequent TV interviews with Conway reinforced the strategy and gave birth to the meme “alternative facts.” It’s easy to say that Spicer should have quit rather than risk his reputation, particularly about something so petty.

Report: Communicators must lead transformation efforts

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In interviews with over 200 chief communications officers, the Page Society pinned down how comms pros can best help their organizations: In short, they must be agents of change.

Report 142

Crisis lessons from MLB and the Astros

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After a cheating scandal rocked Major League Baseball, a series of response gaffes has made a seismic reputational disaster even worse. For the news media, one-on-one interviews with local and national media are critical,” she continues.

Increasing Your Media Coverage Through Storytelling


Reporters choose to cover the story because it’s important, thus enhancing the organization’s reputation. Keep it ethical. Possible metrics include improvements in a company’s share price, reputation, giving, rankings, sentiment and the number of its media hits. On Jan.

After the End of Journalism – The Revolution that Turned PR Experts into Publishers, Editors, and Reporters

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Throughout all those years that I’ve spent in PR business, I’ve been repeating almost every day that the players in this game should be honest, reputable and creative.

Health care communicatiors scramble to address COVID-19 case in California; Disney, Coca-Cola, JetBlue and more respond to outbreak; and Smithsonian releases 2.8M images

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Also: A Facebook Live gaffe enlivens a weather report, what makes a company’s reputation, Ragan’s 2020 Salary and Workplace Culture Survey, and more. What are the factors that help a brand build its reputation? Does this align with your views on reputation?

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4 Ways PR Creates Brand Attachment

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It is well documented that today’s rising generations value a company’s ethical stance and an authentic commitment to social responsibility. In 2016, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook took a controversial stand (on its news site and in TV interviews ) against the U.S.

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The worst media disaster of February 2015

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The moment I’m calling the worst media disaster of the month is Williams’ insufficient and glib on-air apology , which only added fuel to his reputational crisis (Williams reportedly later admitted to colleagues that he knew his apology was lame.) ?.

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Misinformation 2.0: Deepfakes are the biggest threat to media today

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The phrase went viral back in May when a doctored video appeared to show US politician Nancy Pelosi drunk in a TV interview. If a deepfake is released that shows a CEO, for example, acting in a way that damages his or her company’s reputation, public relations becomes critical.

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Amid red-hot immigration debate, U.S. tech leaders speak out

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Do their statements strengthen their brand reputation or risk turning off consumers? Apple CEO Tim Cook denounced the hard-line immigration policy in an interview with the. America’s moral and ethical leadership is at stake. When should CEOs weigh in on political issues?

7 deadly PR sins to shun

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Anonymous interviews with more than 20 high-level PR executives in South Africa revealed that the PR executives admit they lie to the journalists they work with, as well as subordinates and bosses. Lack of transparency can damage the PR-journalist relationship and brand reputation, as seen in the Volkswagen emissions test debacle. Millions of dollars are on the line and the brand reputations hang in the balance. Are PR people unethical?

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Journalists broadcast from San Bernardino suspects’ home

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Still, it couldn’t help the reputation of the Fourth Estate—to say nothing of law enforcement—when a journalistic scrum overran the apartment of suspects in the San Bernardino mass shooting Friday and began live-broadcasting and -tweeting the scene.

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Apple and Google mum amid outrage over Saudi wife-tracking app

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Your reputation is tied to your product line. Your company might be known for great customer service and high-end technology, but if you are peddling software that crosses a moral or ethical line for your consumers, expect backlash.

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10 frightening PR monsters

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These terrible types of communicators can create the worst type of horrors, including nightmarish pitches, zombie-like presentations, reputational disasters and way too many selfies. Don’t be fooled by any mogwai appearance: This monster will wreak havoc on your communications plans and throw a wrench into your reputation management strategies—even if you heed the warnings to avoid bright lights, keep it dry and never feed it after midnight.

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Alternative facts and how it affects PR

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The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) issued a statement following Conway’s interview. Reporting inaccurate information risks the reputation of trusted media outlets. In the weeks following the election, social media and news outlets exploded with conversations about fake news.

USC seeks to rebuild trust, as its president resigns amid campus sex scandal

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The University of Southern California is looking to rebuild its reputation—and the first steps include its president’s resignation. Caruso said Tuesday that investigators have interviewed more than 100 witnesses so far but that "more work needs to be done.".

Ethics 104

Behind the Headlines With Rich Oppel


In this interview, Rich shares the similarities between journalists and communication professionals, the steps to developing a successful media strategy and how to build strong relationships with journalists. Your story is worthless if you can’t get anyone to care about it.

5 lessons learned transitioning from journalist to PR pro

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You’re already talking to me while others in the newsroom are frantically Googling subject matter, desperately trying to find an “expert” to call for an interview. I’m a brand ambassador for my company’s image and reputation. My facts must be accurate, my ethics spot-on.

15 Up-and-Coming PR and Social Media Marketers to Watch

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I think about people like LeeAnn Rasachak and Sarah Reckard whom I met more than 10 years ago now (they were one of my first PR Rock Star interviews!). Megan’s positive attitude, mature professionalism and outstanding work ethic stood out to both clients and leaders.