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Facebook reveals plans to pivot to privacy-focused platforms

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The watch word, says CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is privacy. Instead of encouraging public posts, he said he would focus on private and encrypted communications, in which users message mostly smaller groups of people they know. Unlike publicly shared posts that are kept as users’ permanent records, the communications could also be deleted after a certain period of time. Then there’s the fact that Facebook’s privacy promises have historically been broken.

Why Boeing’s Reputation Radar Failed

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That was his story, and he was sticking to it, both in public statements and in discussions with regulators and pilot groups. Professor Sucher argues that, had Muilenberg framed the accidents more broadly by acknowledging uncertainty and pledging to investigate a possible connection between the two crashes, he might have limited the damage to Boeing’s reputation. In some ways it’s analogous to the 2017 data privacy scandal experienced by Equifax. CC BY-SA 4.0.


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Cruise lines embrace CDC restrictions amid government fight, P&G works to overcome Apple’s privacy measures, and eBay removes auction for art made in Japanese internment camp

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Hello, Communicators: Facebook is adding additional labels to posts that appear in News Feeds that identify the posts as “public official,” “fan page” and “satire.”. P&G confirms partnership with Chinese company to circumvent Apple’s privacy settings.

When A Privacy Breach Is A PR Crisis: How To Avoid It

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For most of us, it would be awkward at the very least, but for a public figure or corporation, disclosure of private communications amounts to a full-blown public relations crisis. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is currently dealing with a regular trickle of private emails made public through hacked correspondence made available by Wikileaks. But in the real world, such admissions may make the hacked party vulnerable to litigation or further reputation harm.

United and Boeing turn to Twitter after flight crisis, Clubhouse takes heat on privacy, and Bay Area school board resigns over public WebEx call

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We remain proud of our employees' professionalism and steadfast dedication to safety every day. The board of trustees for Oakley Union Elementary School District resigned recently after they ridiculed parents during a WebEx call that was public—and recorded.

The importance of civility for brand reputation in 2020

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COVID-19 has further eroded the patience audiences have for the Twitter wars, and consumers in 2021 might be looking to reward companies that can help bring back a level of civility to public discourse. How are you showing a duty of care to stakeholders from employees to consumers?

Employees demand inclusive, safe workplace with #GoogleWalkout

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On Thursday, thousands of Google employees plan to walk out of company offices around the world to protest “ a workplace that doesn’t work for everyone.”. Participating employees are leaving behind flyers emblazoned with the message, “I walked out for real change”: Google employees and contractors will be leaving these flyers at their desks tomorrow. However, the apologies weren’t enough for many Google employees.

GitHub apologizes for firing employee over ‘Nazi’ remark, hospitals and governments turn to influencers for COVID-19 campaigns, and the NRA declares bankruptcy

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Here are today’s top stories: GitHub apologizes for firing employee over ‘Nazi’ remark. The company issued a mea culpa after it fired a Jewish employee on Jan. We expect all employees to be respectful, professional, and follow GitHub policies on discrimination and harassment.

Analyzing First Responders In Crisis PR

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A crisis situation presents abundant challenges for public relations and business leaders, not the least of which are the critical first communications. The tone of the language, the medium of the message, and its timing contribute to public perception of a company’s management of the situation. Facebook’s response to the recent data privacy controversy was immediate – so immediate that it happened the day before the scandal broke.

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A Pocket Square Is Not Your Reputation

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I heard yet another online reputation horror story this week as a business struggles to find new talent because online reviews suggest the company is not great place to work. The sad aspects are that the online reputation and the actual reputation of the company don’t match, and the top executives are focusing more on how they appear in client meetings than how the internet presents their business. Make sure your employees don’t shoot you in the foot.

3 Things You Don’t Know About Social Media Monitoring

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But with more and more monitoring platforms gobbling up big data, and as individuals become increasingly concerned about their personal privacy rights online, social media privacy training and social media surveillance training have become equally critical. It’s becoming increasingly risky to empower workers to listen to social media conversations for work without providing mandatory privacy awareness training. Let’s focus on employee privacy in the workplace.

Can Your Reputation Withstand Increased Surveillance?

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He frowned as we upped the count to likely north of 50, when considering the camera-phone-bearing customers and employees. Any misstep could turn into an online reputation issue within moments. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-technology or a privacy zealot. Can your reputation withstand increased surveillance? The post Can Your Reputation Withstand Increased Surveillance? David online reputation management privacy public relations surveillanc

When The CEO Should Be The PR Spokesperson

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Public relations teams and their agencies typically want to advise a CEO directly, and we routinely urge leaders to build a public profile through social media and high-level content. But when should the CEO of a major company serve as its public spokesperson? How should a public role align with an organization’s business goals? Being the steward of a company’s image and reputation comes with the job. Photo by Foto Sushi on Unsplash.

Future of PR and social media for International Air Transport Association crisis communications conference

Stuart Bruce

My name is Stuart Bruce and I’ve been tasked with speaking to you about the future of social media and its impact on public relations. I’m a member of the elected council of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations and also a founder member of its social media panel. In the next half an hour or so I’m going to talk about what some of the implications of social media are for the public relations profession. Public relations has always relied on relationships.

A Social Media Policy Can Prevent Online #Fails

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An executive inadvertently posts a tweet with confidential information, employees offer-up opinions on controversial subjects and find themselves in hot water, and social media departments inadvertently publish offensive images. Most companies have an employment agreement or handbook which offers guidance on employee conduct. Companies should expect employees to follow the guidelines in nearly all online public means of communicating.

Audi pulls ‘insensitive’ ad, Disney+ to release ‘Mulan’ and Instagram rolls out ‘Reels’

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These posts and exchanges by Tom Goodwin this week on social media do not meet the standard of conduct we expect of our company’s employees and were not aligned with our values. Though anyone with a public account can share their Reels, content creators will be vying for front-page attention.

PR Tactics To Differentiate Your Brand

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Good public relations can be an essential way for a brand to stand out from the pack, especially in the B2B/ technology sector. His accomplishment has helped cement a reputation as an authority in a poorly understood sector. SalesForce, well known as a differentiated SaaS brand, launched its employee giving program “ philanthropy cloud” in early 2018 – not only a dynamic idea, but also in line with its brand voice and stated purpose as a “self-sustaining social enterprise.”.

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Want To Work In Tech PR? Here Are 5 Questions

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Public relations is an intensely competitive industry. Jobs are more in demand than ever, as brands in every vertical and size have come to recognize the value of positive reputation and third-party endorsement. If you’re being interviewed for a role that supports several ad tech clients, for example, you might be expected to rattle off several relevant publications like Adweek, AdAge, Digiday, and AdExchanger. One bad moment can lay waste to a brand reputation.

Attention Graduates: You Will Be Googled

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After learning that a fellow employee was fired for lying on his application, Geffen sorted every piece of mail coming into William Morris. Here’s a sample of what recruiters most commonly find on social media that knocks a prospective employee out of contention: Provocative or inappropriate photographs or information. Here are some tips on online-reputation management for recent grads: Be proactive, not reactive. Privacy settings aren’t foolproof, but they’re important.

Learning From Past Crises to Navigate Post-COVID-19

Reputation Us

As the president of ReputationUs and with 28 years of experience behind me, I have been striving to refine the art of managing corporate reputations during a crisis into a well-honed specialty. From the Credit Union Times. May 11, 2020.

Google Earns Positive PR On Diversity – Under Duress

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Simmering issues of diversity and gender discrimination in the tech industry were spotlighted this week when an internal memo penned by a Google engineer went viral, causing a public relations earthquake for the company. On Monday CEO Sundar Pichai told employees that the memo had violated company rules. Google enjoys a reasonably strong brand and corporate reputation. Legal counsel will always trump reputation counsel if the two are at odds.

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How To Write A Rock-Solid PR Plan

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Is there a need to build or improve reputation? Prioritize your audiences, from customers to stakeholder groups that may include employees, funders, distribution partners, and others. For example, direct-marketing will nearly always have an impact on demand generation, while PR affects brand visibility and reputation. The practice of public relations is about telling stories, and all good stories have compelling themes.

7 Signs Your Company Is Ready To Step Up Its PR

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At a certain point, most small businesses outgrow their first forays into public relations. These early arrangements can include a junior in-house employee or possibly a “shared” situation where the PR function is wedged into marketing or even customer service. When considering an agency to handle reputation management and media relations for a company, consider these signs as indicators of the need to boost PR efforts. But we in public relations do.

Why and how communicators must protect their brands from ‘techlash’

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FREE GUIDE: 7 ways to get honest feedback from employee surveys ]. These companies are under more scrutiny and face even more challenges when it comes to their reputations.

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4 Ways PR Creates Brand Attachment

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The shooter’s phone was ultimately cracked without Apple’s help, but its stand on privacy was consistent with long-held principles and arguably those of its core customers. But the storytelling should go beyond the founders and employees. A great PR initiative will allow its other stakeholders (like employees, customers and third-party influencers) to tell their stories. Public relations programs are designed to bring such values into the public conversation.

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Twitter slapped with GDPR fine, Utah’s Dixie State University to change name, and Coca-Cola offers gifts via Twitter Santa

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Here are today’s top stories: Twitter fined for breaching EU privacy law. The social media platform was slapped with a fine from European Union’s privacy law, GDPR—the first for a United States company in a “cross-border case” in the two and half years the law has been established.

8 tips for health care organizations to foster better communication in 2016

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The health care PR professionals at LT Public Relations considered the latest insights from industry conferences and the company’s health care clients to identify the top trends affecting health care communications in 2016. Casey Boggs is president of Portland-based LT Public Relations. Here are eight forecasts for this year from the firm — presented as potential strategies for managing your reputation. Before forming LTPR, Boggs served as public relations director at AIG.

6 key occasions when your CEO should be the key spokesperson

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Public relations teams and their agencies routinely urge leaders to build a public profile through social media and high-level content. When should the CEO of a major company serve as its public spokesperson? How should a public role align with an organization’s business goals? For those who said they did plan to speak publicly about issues, the most pressing topics named were data privacy, healthcare, and diversity and inclusion.

6 tips for crisis comms strategy in the post-election period

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Despite news from Pfizer that a vaccine might be on the horizon, the public health calculus for businesses hasn’t changed much. FREE WEBINAR: Attend our Employee Wellness Considerations Around the Holidays Webinar ].

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Top 10 Guidelines For Social Media Participation

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These guidelines apply to (COMPANY) employees or contractors who create or contribute to blogs, wikis, social networks, virtual worlds, or any other kind of Social Media. While all (COMPANY) employees are welcome to participate in Social Media, we expect everyone who participates in online commentary to understand and to follow these simple but important guidelines. Be smart about protecting yourself, your privacy, and (COMPANY)’s confidential information.

Coca-Cola lays off 2,200 employees, Google responds to latest antitrust lawsuit, and PepsiCo builds buzz for new ‘Cocoa cola’

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Both your employees as well as consumers are watching to see how brands handle communicating tough business decisions, which will affect reputation and brand image.

7 times to turn down a media interview

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Employees aren't aware of a specific issue. But if a reporter is about to run a story (with or without your input) and you can't inform employees before it runs, it might make sense to participate in the story to ensure you provide the necessary context. Announcing a new product through the press before you notify employees (e.g. Employee, client or patient privacy will be breached. This story originally ran on PR Daily in September 2014.

Barbie grows more inclusive, Zuckerberg says Facebook needn’t be liked, and Popeyes Chicken debuts clothing line

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Why you should care: The success of Barbie’s new looks show that diversity and inclusion efforts aren’t only good for your organization’s reputation: They can also boost your bottom line. for our Speechwriting & Public Affairs Conference ]. The company has 5,500 employees. “We’ve

Facebook to woo marketers with Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp integration

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However, critics pointed to anti-trust issues and Facebook’s ongoing data privacy issues. Each app will also tout end-to-end encryption—an important element, considering Facebook’s ongoing crises regarding users’ privacy and data. Mr. Zuckerberg floated the idea for months and began to promote it to employees more heavily toward the end of 2018, the people said. But the public debate quickly started percolating.

PR Must Lose Its Reliance on Hierarchy

Where the Fishermen Ain't

I have been in the public relations field for nearly two decades. Companies whose success in communications and reputation management largely depends on mastering those hierarchies will find themselves somewhat adrift. The tone of some of the comments is abusive and even involve potential invasions of an employee’s privacy. Every single time, the public relations industry has exhibited rather public and highly embarrassing teething issues.

Nintendo responds questionably in firing crisis

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Despite the organization’s attempt to manage its reputation, additional factors appear to be at play. The controversy entered the wider public consciousness with Rapp’s recent tweet: Today, the decision was made: I am no longer a good, safe representative of Nintendo, and my employment has been terminated. What do you think, PR Daily readers: If Nintendo did look back at an employee’s early tweets long after she was hired, is it OK for said employee to be punished for them for them?

Lawyering up on Data Protection and Cybersecurity

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Dave Oates: Hey, thanks for joining us for another edition of the Public Relations Security video cast where we talk to experts in all facets of crisis events and crisis management. Metaverse Law focuses exclusively on data privacy and cybersecurity, so I help businesses with their compliance obligations under these new privacy and cybersecurity rules, bring in third parties to assess the security systems and help them deal within an instant.

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PR Must Lose Its Reliance on Hierarchy

Where the Fishermen Ain't

I have been in the public relations field for nearly two decades. Companies whose success in communications and reputation management largely depends on mastering those hierarchies will find themselves somewhat adrift. The tone of some of the comments is abusive and even involve potential invasions of an employee’s privacy. Every single time, the public relations industry has exhibited rather public and highly embarrassing teething issues.

Post-Election Social Media Posts Could Haunt Your Online Reputation

David PR Group

They can have a major impact on your online reputation. That’s 47 percent of possible employers, employees, human resource professionals, college recruiters – and customers for your business. The day after the election, Matt Maloney, the CEO of food delivery company Grubhub, sent an e-mail to employees that was critical of Trump. Some employees inferred that supporters of Trump were not welcome to work at the company anymore, and the e-mail caused a major online backlash.

How to optimise your LinkedIn profile for search and discovery

Stephen Waddington

There’s a growing recognition of the opportunity to use the social web as a means of engaging directly with a variety of stakeholders including customers, employees, prospects and suppliers. Log into your account and head to the settings and privacy section. Select Edit your public profile and ensure that the visibility is set to public. It a way of building a curating and sharing content and will help build your personal reputation.