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Ethics Month 2019: A Celebration of ‘Ethics Every Day’


On any given day, PR professionals from entry-level associates to senior executives face ethical dilemmas. How can PR professionals ensure ethical decision-making on a daily basis? In honor of PRSA’s annual Ethics Month in September, the Board of Ethics and Professional Standards (BEPS) will host programming focused on the theme “Ethics Every Day,” to emphasize how we as communicators can integrate ethics into our decisions and actions 365 days a year.

It’s time to put PR ethics front and center

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Follow these guidelines to take the high road and shore up your reputation management. Public relations and corporate communications experts are urging corporations to more strongly embrace strict ethical standards. Ethical mishaps can cause corporations to lose customers, business partners, income and stock value, according to the Consequences of Managerial Indiscretions: Sex, Lies, and Firm Value , a study published in the Journal of Financial Economics.

Ethics 113

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Shake Shack returns $10M loan, P&G embraces marketing during COVID-19, and grocery employees get asked to wear masks

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Why it matters: The current crisis is making executives and communicators scramble to reassemble a new playbook as they engage both employees and consumers and safeguard their brand reputation. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

Ethics: Making It Part of Your Core Culture


Each September, PRSA recognizes Public Relations Ethics Month, supported by programs presented by the PRSA Board of Ethics and Professional Standards (BEPS). This year’s theme, Public Relations Ethics: Strengthening Our Core, guides a special focus on the six core values highlighted in the PRSA Code of Ethics. There may be several reasons a business thrives decade after decade, but at the very core is a strong culture steeped in high ethical expectations.

Edelman’s new Trust Barometer finds CEOs failing to meet today’s leadership expectations

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The characteristics of leadership are changing—today’s CEOs are not only expected to respectfully and inclusively guide their organizations and employees along the reputation-sensitive journey to success, but also act as beacons of ethical righteousness, speaking out and taking sides on controversial cultural, societal and political issues—and hoping the lion’s share of their customers aren’t outraged […].

Google employees to WFH until July 2021, Target to close for Thanksgiving, and social media channels remove viral video for misinformation

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The tech company is allowing employees to work from home through next summer as it braces for longer-term effects of COVID-19 on the workplace and beyond. CNN Business reported : In a memo to employees, a copy of which was obtained by CNN Business, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the company has reopened 42 offices around the world. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

How 2020 Has Highlighted the Importance of Being Open and Honest


From the first week of the lockdowns, I wanted to be sure that my employees knew that the situation was fluid, that we would be assessing things as we went and that their jobs were safe. I immediately told my leadership team and informed my staff, letting everyone know how I would be running the company and the things that would and would not be changing. In 2020, the general public wants to know where organizations stand on these important matters just like employees do.

How communicators can change their organization’s objectives

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It wrote : Business Roundtable today announced the release of a new Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation signed by 181 CEOs who commit to lead their companies for the benefit of all stakeholders – customers, employees, suppliers, communities and shareholders. … “ The American dream is alive, but fraying ,” said Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co. Your main constituencies are your employees, your customers and your products.”.

Future of PR and social media for International Air Transport Association crisis communications conference

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I will be talking about mobile, data and wearable technology as the drivers and ethics, real time and content as the issues. We’ll look at ethics and governance. The first and foremost for me is ethics and governance. Last week I participated in a Chatham House rule round table at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations to debate ethics and social media. The motion was “You don’t need compliance rules when your employees have social media.”

WeWork IPO debacle dings JP Morgan, Nike’s digital strategy pays dividends, and CEOs who speak out get a reputation boost

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Will a leadership change make a big difference? When sharing news about a leadership change, how can communicators frame the move to preserve trust and bolster stakeholder confidence? The complex tangle of Neumann’s holdings eventually brought down the company’s IPO—and though JP Morgan has tried to get the deal back on track , the debacle has dinged its reputation. Learn to manage your risks, and don’t rely on regulators to sort out any ethical dilemma on the other side.

McDonald’s to require masks, Everlane addresses claims of racism and toxic culture, and Microsoft teams up with NBA on virtual fan experience

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In a press release , McDonalds’ wrote: …While nearly 82% of our restaurants are in states or localities that require facial coverings for both crew and customers today, it’s important we protect the safety of all employees and customers. Other organizations requiring masks, including Walmart, are providing managers and employees with de-escalation training as part of their new policies and procedures. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

5 Insights On Corporate Activism From Top PR Experts

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Values-Based Decision Making in a Provocative Environment was produced by the Museum of Public Relations , which has grown into an impressive thought leadership organization since its founding by Shelley Spector. When embarking on an issues campaign , public relations pros should make it relevant to stakeholders, engage their employees, consider their customers’ values, and be prepared for blowback.

How to respond when you can’t answer a question

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All employees went through presentation and customer service training. RELATED: Craft messaging that maintains trust and protects reputations ]. Research has proven that most humans can detect when someone is lying , so faking an answer is not a good choice—for more than just the obvious ethical reason. Executive Communication Leadership Communications Marketing PR PR IndustryFor presenters, ‘I don’t know’ is a good way to start—but not to finish.

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Panel: Racial injustice demands action, not just rhetoric

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Organizations, based on their values and their ethics and what they were founded upon, have an obligation to say something,” observed Brandi Boatner, social and influencer communications lead for global markets at IBM. Those who keep mum on such a volatile, high-profile issue run the risk of alienating the public—and their own employees. Mike Paul, president of Reputation Doctor , offered this observation: “Know what we’ve been doing for generations, more than generations?

Report: Communicators must lead transformation efforts

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A pathway to leadership. Iwata says many communicators are concerned about how to ethically collect and use consumer data to target audiences and create fulfilling content journeys. That’s because 66% of the communicators surveyed said they own protecting the brand’s reputation and brand position in the marketplace, a responsibility once held exclusively by the marketing side.

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#MeToo Slams Under Armour: Can It Recover?

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The #metoo movement has claimed the reputations of many high-profile men. The past two years have been particularly rough, and its fumbles show how hard it can be to salvage a reputation when faced with simultaneous business challenges.

Edelman Falls Short As PR Industry Leader

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It’s always instructive when PR teams entrusted with managing the reputations of major corporations run into reputation problems of their own. On closer examination, the Edelman/GEO Group situation is a great example of what not to do when faced with an ethical quandary. Presumably a corporation like Wells Fargo , which also happens to be struggling with reputation issues, might look askance at a PR agency with principles at cross purposes to its own.

Why authenticity is crucial for diversity and inclusion initiatives

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Embracing employees and other constituencies of all colors, creeds and gender orientations affects internal culture and the bottom line—and it requires full commitment at all levels. RELATED: Share your award-worthy employee comms work. ].

Sepp Blatter, other FIFA heads suspended

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On Tuesday, the FIFA Ethics Committee announced that FIFA’s president, Sepp Blatter, along with its vice president, Michel Platini, and its secretary general, Jérôme Valcke, were banned from all European football activities—both national and international—for 90 days. FIFA tweeted a link to the statement: Statement from the adjudicatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee - [link].

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Who talks to (and about) colleagues like that?

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Even in smaller organizations, many recognize that “employee engagement” (related to where staff feel their individual contributions are valued) results in healthier work environments and trust in leadership, higher job satisfaction, increased productivity and staff retention. Relationships with employees should be much more involved, intimate and long-term than similar ones with consumers and even B2B partners. 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer Employee Engagement missteps .

How PR pros are stewards of corporate character

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In remarks at The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations' annual John Koten Distinguished Lecture last month, Strong emphasized that corporate character is at the intersection of brand and reputation. That puts a premium on corporate character and ethical behavior,” Strong said. By building a brand’s reputation, you’re modifying how people experience the brand and what they are saying about it. Keep your employees engaged in the mission of the organization.

Putting the public in public relations: PR is everyone’s job

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The link between front-line employees and PR is customer service. The front-line employees—anyone who deals firsthand with a customer—are often hemmed in by tight corporate policies that leave them little room to vary from the corporate script and address a customer’s problem. Providing too much latitude to employees, without some restrictions, could lead to very erratic and inconsistent customer treatment, which could then itself cause problems.

4 Ways PR Creates Brand Attachment

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It is well documented that today’s rising generations value a company’s ethical stance and an authentic commitment to social responsibility. But the storytelling should go beyond the founders and employees. A great PR initiative will allow its other stakeholders (like employees, customers and third-party influencers) to tell their stories.

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Wendy’s drags McDonald’s in breakfast rollout, key elements of public trust, and Barnes & Noble’s Black History Month misfire

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When it comes to building your reputation, is it more important to exhibit competence or ethics? Can yours be a company that is really good at what it does and still hold public trust without also touting ethical behavior on the environment, employment and comensation and other issues?

Starbucks’ Howard Schultz announces retirement

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The New York Times reported : Under Mr. Schultz’s leadership, Starbucks has waded into debates over social issues such as gay rights, race relations, veterans’ rights, gun violence and student debt. Since 1988, Starbucks has offered health care to all full-time and part-time employees. for all US employees. Bean Stock starting in 1991, which turned employees into partners who could share in the company’s success. Our ethical sourcing (C.A.F.E.)

5 pieces of 'good' career advice to disregard

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It might at first, but don't let these practices burn you out or, worse, diminish your professional reputation. Though going above and beyond might highlight your potential and prove your work ethic, raising your hand for every additional project will only bog you down. No one likes a tattletale, though, and you don't want that reputation. If you want to demonstrate leadership, calmly and respectfully address the problem with your colleague.

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15 Up-and-Coming PR and Social Media Marketers to Watch

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To top it off, Tess has been selected a Fellow through two distinctive leadership programs — as a RISE Fellow in the New Sector Alliance and as a Josie R. Johnson Leadership Academy Fellow through the African American Leadership Forum. After making the switch to Corporate Communications, she has fast become a go-to source for counsel on multiple matters while developing a reputation for creating new approaches to enhance Allianz Life’s communications efforts.

A Look at Today’s Crisis Realities and How To Manage Them

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To make matters even more challenging, the rush for immediacy and to be the first to report on a story, and the fact that the news cycle is no longer solely comprised of journalists and reporters who work by the journalism code of ethics, but is also made up of citizen journalists, bloggers and the general public, means that facts don’t always get checked before they’re published (and potentially go viral). Every employee is a spokesperson for your organization.

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Spotting a Problem Client Before It’s Too Late

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When an organization’s internal dynamics are unhealthy and counterproductive, it can wreak havoc on not only your work with them in the short-term but also carries the risk of harming your reputation in the long-run (e.g., Poor leadership – there is no discernible reporting structure, and there are no clearly defined roles and responsibilities. This can provide fertile ground for ethical – and legal – issues to possibly arise.

Edelman: Trust in Organizations Collapsing Worldwide


Two-thirds of those surveyed distrust these institutions, a figure that doubled over the previous two years, he says in a Ragan Training video, “Engaged Leadership in the Age of Populism.” Yet dovetailing this collapse in trust is a trend that suggests a growing role for social media and employee ambassadorship: an increased reliance on peers. The change is worldwide, and the halo is fading even for NGOs, which previously had the highest reputation of any sector.

A critical review of Excellence Theory in an era of digital communication

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James Grunig assembled a team of six public relations academics and practitioners under his leadership. Survey questionnaires were completed by approximately 5,400 senior executives, public relations practitioners and employees.

Amid red-hot immigration debate, U.S. tech leaders speak out

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Do their statements strengthen their brand reputation or risk turning off consumers? Employees at Microsoft have been protesting the company’s contract with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency after revelations that facial recognition software can be used to target minorities.

Maximising resilience of health and well-being assets in crisis situations

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It may be that practitioners highlight the issue during planning discussions, engage with HR or their leadership team. I am sure there are statistics somewhere that record the number of employees who stick around long term after a crisis has occurred and if there aren’t, then there should be. There is absolutely a wider societal dimension to this and it also links to leadership, employee engagement as well as public relations and communications.

PRoust Questionnaire: Helen Slater

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Plus that organisational PR relies on the leadership (and employees) and their actions. High-quality thinking and good, ethical practices. Which real, historical or fictional person or brand would you like to give a reputation makeover? It’s not that she has a bad reputation, but it could do with a bit of a polish.

26 Thoughtful Marketing Predictions that Could Actually Happen in 2019 Across PR, Content, Digital, Social Media and Customer Success

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In an era of ‘fake news,’ is more important than ever for organizations to be honest and transparent in direct everyday communications with employees, investors, customers, and communities, whether that communication is person to person, through social and PR content, or with traditional media.”. – Colleen Martell | Martell Communications. 15) Ethics in PR revisited. While most PR pros ARE ethical, it’s something we should all take into consideration.

Kotcher Inducted Into Page Society Hall of Fame; Declares “This Is Our Time”


Kotcher is known to many in the industry for his leadership and dedication to the public relations profession — whether for his more than 30 years at Ketchum where he is now the agency’s non-executive chairman; his new role as professor of the practice of public relations at the Boston University College of Communication; or his many professional achievements. Page Society — to enrich and advance the leadership role of communicators — has never been more relevant.