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How every startup needs to think about PR


When you’re a part of young company, ‘the grind’ shifts from doing the same thing day in and day out to constantly being asked to do a different (and often seemingly impossible) things day in and day out. As those … Continued.

We Had a Fire


We had a fire: . We didn’t talk too much about it or post it on social media sites. Too many people we love have lost children, so to boo-hoo about stuff seemed somehow wrong.

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7 Podcasting Best Practices


“(Podcasts) are so easy and cheap, and because there’s an infrastructure that’s been built by other third parties, I can just be a free-rider. I can make my content for very little cost as an experiment, distribute it freely and easily and see if it works.”

Guest Post: PR in the U.S. is as Heterogeneous as Europe

PR Expanded

A Guest Post By Richard Fogg, Managing Director of CCgroup. As someone who’s seen Deirdre on stage in London, I know that her appeal and reach is truly international. So I know that I’m speaking to both large U.S. and European audiences in this post.

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Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

DIY or Pro Video: Which One is Best for Your Brand?


Almost anyone can shoot a video with a smart phone. Yet if you work for a large company with a good reputation, should you? Marketers trying to get budgets approved to produce professional video sometimes face objections from CFOs (or even CEOs) who argue: “We all have iPhones.

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10 Knock-Their-Socks-Off Press Release Headline Writing Tips


When it comes to getting more people to read your press release, nothing does the job better than a well-written headline. After all, it’s the first thing people see, and if it sucks, they won’t click it to read your release.

The Key to Storytelling for Startups: Avoid the “H” Word

Ishmael's Corner

In the world of startups, there’s truth to the cliché, “Ignorance is bliss.”. If founders truly understood what was ahead of them — the agony of pushing the boulder up the hill only to have it backslide over one’s toes — many wouldn’t choose such a path.

SHIFT Communications: 12 Years and Counting

Shift Communications

This week we celebrate the 12 th anniversary of the founding of SHIFT Communications. And what a ride it’s been! Back in 2003, the Agency’s first concern was whether – and how – the 30-odd people who had survived the wreckage of our predecessor firm might make a go of it under our new banner.

10 things you should never do when pitching a journalist

PR Daily

Shortly after Johannes Gutenberg gave the world the printing press, someone invented the PR pitch. Or at least that''s what probably happened, because it wasn''t long before medieval Europeans realized mass communication was a force that could change the world in ways that even kings could not.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

We’re Serious About “Write Good Content”


In all the articles we’ve read and written on content marketing , write good content may be both the worst and most important advice we’ve seen.

PR Professional Finds Her Way to the Cannes International Film Festival

Ishmael's Corner

One of our young account professionals, Melissa Lewelling, will be headed to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival next month. Out of literally thousands of films, her creation called “More Than a Number” was one of 30 films selected by Campus Movie Fest to be shown in the Short Film Corner.

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Networking Doesn’t End When an Event Does

Shift Communications

You went into a networking event and you killed it! You shook hands, had conversations with ten different people and have a handful of new business cards to show for it. But chances are all of those people you just met won’t remember your name after a day or two.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

PR Daily

If you’re prone to wanderlust, you’re not alone. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council , the tourism industry is one of the world’s largest, with more than 277 million jobs globally. The industry made more than $7 trillion in 2013 and makes up 9.8

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

Native Ads & Video: 6 Ways to Leverage Content Marketing’s Future


If content marketing is about connecting with consumers and driving engagement, video is a tactic that must be employed. Video viewing, particularly on mobile, is surging. It shows no signs of slowing. Native advertising shows similar growth for many of the same reasons.

The Earned Media Opportunity PR is Missing

The Proactive Report

The findings of the 2015 PRESSfeed & SNCR Media Trends & Online Newsroom Report about how brands are missing earned media opportunities with visual content – video in particular- were fully supported by the latest DS Simon Productions Media Influencers Report.

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Pull Your Retargeting Campaign Out of the Drain

Shift Communications

Retargeting capabilities have quickly become some of the most effective (and highly utilized) advertising options on the web, especially now that most social networks have implemented retargeting in their basic ad platforms.

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Uber sets up breathalyzer kiosk, drives drunk testers home

PR Daily

Uber has played the bad guy for pretty much its entire existence with shady PR practices and its efforts to thwart competitor Lyft. Their latest stunt is likely an effort to change that perception.

4 Steps to Acquiring High-Quality Social Leads


Social media has reached its adolescence. Though many companies have rushed into the social media space, many remain skeptical of social’s intrinsic value. Rightly so, as many believe that a social media presence is a business requirement but not a profitable arm.

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The Power of Micro Content

The Proactive Report

I had the privilege of interviewing Gary Vaynerchuk, @garyvee on Twitter, recently for a webinar. I asked Gary about the role of micro-content, what it is, how to make it and what to do with it. Here’s the video.

Marcom for Healthcare Providers: Engaging the Empowered Consumer

Shift Communications

Today’s consumer has more power than ever before. Tools like social media have enabled everyone to have a louder voice in regards to customer service and brand experiences.

7 free tools to attract readers to your blog

PR Daily

I have a confession: I’m a bookmark-aholic. I’m one of the thousands suffering from fear of missing out on every “tools, tricks and tips” post, which leads to me starring then filing the content into one of my 123 folders. Yes, I have 123 folders.

White Paper: Want Content Success? Think Outside the Box!


Content marketing is a crucial piece of content strategies. To be effective, though, it needs to keep up with the times. As technology becomes ever-present, content strategies should include video, podcasts, games, comics, events and more.

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Mobile Marketing Musts: How to Mobilize Your Brand in 3 Easy Steps

PR 20/20

Below is a guest post by John Wieber ( @johnwieber ). John is Partner at WebMoves. He has 13+ years experience in web development, ecommerce, and internet marketing.

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Will native advertising eventually be PR’s demise?

Communications Conversations

I read some pretty damn surprising stats recently in a Content Strategist post. The post outlined the success the New York Times brand studio (T Brand Studio) is having with their custom advertising content (referred to as “paid posts”).

Study: Only 57 percent of PR websites are mobile-friendly

PR Daily

Things are going to change soon for websites that aren’t enhanced for mobile devices. As of April 21, websites that aren’t mobile-friendly will decrease in rank in Google search results.

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4 Ways PR Pros Find Local Networking Opportunities


As communicators, creating relationships with journalists, influencers and other industry experts is crucial to a solid PR strategy. And networking is a great way to do just that. One helpful—not to mention cost-effective—way is to build rapport with influencers right outside your door. Here are four networking tips for building relationships within your community. Groups and associations. If you’re in PR, you should definitely be aware of PRSA, which has over 100 U.S.-based based chapters.

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4 reasons to create a targeted media list

Public Relations Sydney

Media releases are a tried and tested PR tactic used to get your story in the media and is one of the most common ways to communicate with a journalist. A common mistake is to send out a blanket email with your media release to hundreds of journalists in the hopes you will receive coverage.

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How long before virtual reality transforms corporate storytelling?

Communications Conversations

Two weeks ago on the Talking Points Podcast , I lauded a local company (Victory Motorcyles) and agency (space150) that recently killed it with a virtual reality execution at a trade show in Chicago.

3 more examples of bad email manners

PR Daily

Several weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on bad email manners. It described four egregiously rude email tactics and asked PR Daily readers to share their own examples. Here are some of those responses: The fake forward.

3 Reasons to Build a Niche Community


Finding the right influencers to advocate for your brand and building long-lasting relationships takes time and patience. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be a daunting task. Many PR pros who aim to get coverage in high-visibility media outlets and at a national level often overlook great opportunities available in their own communities. Hyperlocal PR can sometimes create the biggest buzz. We’ve got three reasons why you should build up your niche community: 1. Accessibility.

PR wishes and White House dreams

The Stalwart Blog

I woke up to an AP alert about Hillary Clinton’s anticipated presidential candidacy announcement this Sunday. The declaration is expected via Twitter taking a page from the Newt Gingrich 2011 playbook. He was the first major candidate to announce a White House run with a tweet. .