Sat.Apr 12, 2014 - Fri.Apr 18, 2014

Melissa Agnes to Organize NATO Panel Discussion at Upcoming NATO Conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Melissa Agnes

Melissa Agnes, President and co-founder of Agnes + Day, has been asked by NATO to organize, moderate and sit on a panel for their upcoming conference titled “Social Media: Impact for [NATO] Partners” The conference is being held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on April 23rd and 24th, 2014. . NATO panel discussion topic and panelists.

9 Bad Habits of Recruiters that Damage their Reputation and Undermine Candidates

PR Matters

Sooner or later most of us will have to deal with recruiters, whether in-house HR departments or recruitment agencies. While we know our profile and character matter to help us get a job, it’s interesting that often recruiters don’t seem to understand the impact that their bad behaviour towards candidates can have on their own reputation.

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Why You Should Read Spin Sucks: a BOOK REPORT

Bad Pitch Blog

Spin Sucks, is a much-needed, pragmatic explanation of the changing communication landscape. The book''s author, Gini Diterich, dives into this changing landscape and clearly articulates how its changed — without hyperbole, fifty cent words or, of course, spin. The book is practical, clearly written and helpful as a result. It''s no surprise Dietrich hails from the Midwest…we’re known for this kind of counsel.

A conference that was too good to tweet #YouToo2014

Tough Sledding

Yesterday I attended the 7th Annual YouToo Social Media Conference at Kent State — right down the hall from my office. The organizers, as always, did A+ work in attracting great presenters who focused on important and timely topics. I won’t offer individual shout-outs here, as I would surely leave someone out. I will offer a special thanks to our two keynoters, Andrea Weckerle and Danny Brown. Messages tagged #YouToo2014 were all over Twitter.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

WTF US Airways??!!!

Melissa Agnes

If you haven’t already come across it, US Airways tweeted an image as an insult to an unhappy customer yesterday that has left our (and everybody else’s) jaws on the ground! All I can say is WTF US Airways!! Who have you hired to be your frontline and what were you thinking? Although some may say this is good publicity, I can bet that senior management over at the airline is in entire disagreement – as are TONS of their customers.

Physician Internet Defamation: How Doctors Can Deal with False Reviews and Protect Their Reputation

Melissa Agnes

By Whitney C. Gibson, i nternet defamation attorney at Vorys who works closely with Agnes + Day’s Crisis Intelligence Team. Last month’s post discussed the damage that can be caused by false reviews online. The reality is that most anyone with a computer can cause very serious damage to your reputation: upset customers, ex-employees, ex-business partners, ex-spouses and more. One particular group that false online reviews are a major threat to is physicians and other medical professionals.