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How to Improve Your B2B Content Marketing

B2B PR Sense

B2B content marketing has become a mainstay in many businesses. But many companies are hitting a wall -- not notching all the results that they want. What should they do? Say you notice a water spot on your ceiling. Would you demand an entire, new roof? Of course not.

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How PR Helps Turn Prospects Into Customers

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

A great PR campaign will obviously build brand visibility. But can it help where it really counts — customer acquisition? Can you draw a line from a PR program to a specific number of prospects generated?

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Get to know your press release audience


Press release audience data empowers communicators to better understand their target audiences to tell more impactful stories— and now access to that type of data is possible

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Crisis Management and Communications Go Hand-in-hand

Ronn Torossian

In an earlier article the discussion focused on the importance of convincing senior management about the need for crisis management and communications. The two go hand-in-hand and must stay together.

Quality Photography Isn’t Just for Big Budget Campaigns

PR Expanded

A Guest Post By Emma MacKenzie, American University Graduate Student & PR Expanded Blog Contest Winner. High-quality images are key to most marketing and communications campaigns, but it can be expensive to hire photographers.

Need to Increase Earned Media? Change When You Send Your News Release

Business Wire

Ever wonder when the best time is to send a press release? public relations measurement & analytics

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The New Breed of Aspirational Marketing

Ronn Torossian

Until recently, the idea of a tastemaker or an influencer was centered around the idea of what could be. Often, content posted by influencers was so out of reach for the average consumer that it mostly served to make onlookers feel bad about themselves.

Is your crisis plan itself a crisis waiting to happen?

Agility PR Solutions

PR professionals know all too well that threats to a brand’s reputation can emerge any time, any place. And, since issues are often driven or escalated by social media, they develop at a frighteningly fast pace.

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How to draw user-generated content from your fans

PR Daily

Your audience can help create content and share your message through challenges and other activations, but you have to be authentic, or your campaign will fall flat. Your audience aren’t just content consumers—they are also crucial content creators for your communications strategy.

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4 Skills All PR Pros Should Have

Critical Mention

Success in the PR world translates to knowing how to deliver captivating media pitches, interactive campaigns, detailed press releases and more.

The New Breed of Aspirational Marketing

Ronn Torossian

Until recently, the idea of a tastemaker or an influencer was centered around the idea of what could be. Often, content posted by influencers was so out of reach for the average consumer that it mostly served to make onlookers feel bad about themselves.

Dealing with poor performance—5 tips to engage your team

Agility PR Solutions

Do a few members of your team have a work ethic problem? Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon. It isn’t easy to deal with a poor work ethic. But there are a few things you can do that can help.

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Why and how to use handwritten notes in business

PR Daily

A thank-you note, crafted by your own hand, delivers meaning beyond its text. Using pen and paper for your writing encourages a freer flow of ideas. Consider these and other benefits. In these days of emails and text messaging, handwritten correspondence has almost disappeared.

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How pharmaceutical companies use Facebook to engage customers


We’ve covered the pharmaceutical industry in depth before , but which brands are getting high engagement on Facebook and how has media covered them in 2019? We take a look at the data to see what’s resonating and how the narratives change across platforms.

Behave Like a Nonprofit

Ronn Torossian

They say nonprofits should think and behave more like for-profits but what if the paradigm was turned upside down? One thing top performing nonprofits do better than a lot of companies is stewarding their donors.

5 fundamental ways to improve your public relations strategy

Agility PR Solutions

Focusing on ways to improve public relations strategies within your business can bring about a number of rewards, including better visibility, improved credibility, and stronger relationships with both customers and clients alike.

How to write a better résumé

PR Daily

Use a readable font, remove irrelevant jobs from high school, and delete all that mindless jargon. Other than a marriage license or a mortgage note, a résumé might be the most important document you’ll ever put your name to.

“Lou, You Know What Your Problem Is?”

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. Years ago we resigned a big brand account in the consumer electronics space. I think the statute of limitations has run out, 10+ years, so I can share the name.

The ultimate list of journalism statistics in 2019

Muck Rack

The ultimate list of journalism statistics in 2019

Social influence driving beauty brands—who’s building the most buzz?

Agility PR Solutions

If you’re not building your brand on social media these days, you’re not doing it right. Industries across the board are having huge success with social and influencer marketing, and beauty and personal care brands are no exception.

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How SKDKnickerbocker’s Cecelia Prewett stays organized

PR Daily

The role of a PR pro requires relentless organization, and for this practitioner, that means using new tech but keeping it old school, too. Cecelia Prewett, managing director for SKDKnickerbocker, still believes in the power of the telephone. However, she’s using it for much more than calling people.

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What Fat Bear Week Can Teach Us About Newsworthiness


As I skimmed CNN recently I discovered that Fat Bear Week is a thing. Katmai National Park in Alaska shares video of bears and lets viewers vote for their favorite and fattest. Beyond the fun of bear-gazing, I gained some valuable insight into the evolving standards of newsworthiness.

The Social Media Content Menu

The Proactive Report

Now that pretty much every business has embraced the idea that they have to post content on social media, the next hurdle is what to post and when to post. Social media can build relationships and attract qualified customers, clients, and patients.

Re-energizing client relationships—9 steps to success

Agility PR Solutions

Everyone in business knows the old adage that it’s easier (and cheaper) to keep a current client than to market, sell and land a new client. And yet, why is it that so many people in the service business don’t often have a proven track record to do so? As the owner of a mid-sized […].

8 writing takeaways from ‘Dancing with the Stars’

PR Daily

It’s not about turning sambas into similes, but more about deriving lessons from processes and presentation, as contestants up their game in a competitive field. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? You probably don’t slip on your sequined ballroom dancing shoes before you start writing.

Muilenburg should have given us some hard truths – not just crocodile tears

Mark My Words

. Dennis Muilenburg, CEO of Boeing, appeared before the US Congress yesterday in a performance that had the stench of overzealous media training. In an attempt to appear sad-eyed and apologetic, he ended up looking like he was stuck on death row without the reward of a last meal.

PR Tech Briefing: Prezly is CRM for PR that’s Built on an Online Newsroom

Sword and the Script

It’s not the best content or the best contacts that drive success in PR – it’s the connection between the two. So says Jesse Wynants , the founder and CEO of Prezly.

Organic searches are fertilizer-free—how’s your SEO gardening?

Agility PR Solutions

In the food world, organic means grown without fertilizer. In today’s cyber community, when used with the word “search” in a marketing context, organic has almost the same meaning. It means that the results discovered in a search are unpaid, or not fertilized, so to speak.

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Don’t miss next week’s Top Women in Communications Awards entry deadline

PR Daily

Ragan will honor the industry’s leading female internal and external communications professionals. Nominate your colleagues—or yourself—by Nov. The post Don’t miss next week’s Top Women in Communications Awards entry deadline appeared first on PR Daily. PR Daily Awards Ragan Awards

Gain a PR Boost by ‘Humanizing’ a Brand


Now, more than ever, consumers are seeking connections. Connections with one another, connections with brands, connections with strangers on the internet. Gone are the days where businesses can run rampant with little consumer recourse.

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How to overcome the PR blunders journalists hate most

Muck Rack

How to overcome the PR blunders journalists hate most

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How media do their marketing—and what they aren’t doing

Agility PR Solutions

Cross-channel marketing has come, and it’s here to stay. However, it’s no longer just being used by industries, such as retail and e-commerce, but virtually all consumer-facing businesses. This includes news publications, from online to print to broadcast.

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Don’t miss this Friday’s Video & Visual Awards entry deadline

PR Daily

All submissions must be received by 11:59 p.m. Central Time, this Friday, Nov. Enter to earn recognition for your captivating visual storytelling efforts. The post Don’t miss this Friday’s Video & Visual Awards entry deadline appeared first on PR Daily. PR Daily Awards Ragan Awards

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What I learned from 3 of the top corporate podcasters in Minneapolis

Communications Conversations

ICYMI, I moderated a wonderful panel of three smart people at General Mills last week as part of the Social Media Breakfast-Minneapolis/St. Paul series. The panel consisted of General Mills’ Kevin Hunt, US Bank’s Monica Wiant and Hubbard Interactive’s Melissa Young.