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How to Get Your Agency Hired in a #PR Expanded World

PR Expanded

A Guest Post by Simon Erskine Locke, Founder & CEO, CommunicationsMatch ™. Having just written “ A Client’s Guide to Hiring PR & Communications Agencies ,” we’ve turned the lens around to provide insights into getting hired in a PR Expanded world.

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Impact of Technology on PR

Critical Mention

The impact of technology on public relations is accelerating. As such, PR pros must determine how they can best leverage technology to stay current. According to Google Finance, as of last fall the “Big Five”: Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft, were worth a whopping $3.3

Infographic: The best words to grab audience attention online

PR Daily

Content might be king, but a well-written headline can be the crown jewel of your online marketing. Whether you are posting industry insights on your own website or newsroom or using your owned media to drive traffic on social media, your words matter.

4 PR and marketing lessons from ‘The Golden Girls’

PR Daily

ABC is thanking viewers for being friends of its hit show, “The Golden Girls.”. On Monday, Disney ABC Television announced it was calling July 30 “Golden Girls Day,” releasing an article of facts that “ may surprise even the biggest fans.” The announcement follows a collection of action figures from the show that were recently unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con. Find a set on the lanai for these four takeaways PR and marketing pros can learn from “The Golden Girls”: 1.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

9 Expert Guides: How to Win at Influencer Marketing

B2B PR Sense

Influencer marketing is no longer the cool kid on the block. In a flash, its moved from cutting edge to a necessary tactic for marketers -- including B2B marketers. Not to worry, though, if you're not there yet or need to up your game. I've got you covered.

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Why Lies Beat The Truth On Social Media

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

There’s more bad news on the “fake news” front. It seems lies are more viral than truth – at least on Twitter. That’s the conclusion of a study recently published in Science magazine.

Burberry Burns Overstock, Riles Consumers

Ronn Torossian

Exclusivity is a vital component of any luxury brand’s marketing message, so it should come as no surprise that some brands go to extreme ends to protect that exclusivity.

Content Curation’s Last stand?

Flack's Revenge

Quora recently sent me an email asking about my favorite content curation examples. Image from Pixabay. In years past, answering this would have been a layup (I suppose that’s why I was on their list). Now I was strangely stumped, even disinterested. It’s not that I’m out of touch.

10 procrastination solutions for communicators

PR Daily

We have entered the lazy days of summer, that languid time that tests even the most dedicated workers. We've got a bunch of stuff to do—emails to write, content to create—but it's so darn nice out. There's that beach vacation to plan. Cool new flip-flops to pick out online.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

The Many Faces of Hank Azaria

Critical Mention

The Simpsons. The Birdcage. Along Came Polly. We all know Hank Azaria as being one of the funniest, most prolific actors of our time.

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Twitter in Hot Water – Again – This Time With Shareholders

Ronn Torossian

The same week Twitter came under withering fire from Republicans and others over allegations the social platform was “shadow-banning” some conservative users, Twitter received another gut punch, this time from Wall Street. As the platform has focused on “cleaning up” its user base, Twitter is enjoying fewer active monthly users than expected, and that has the company’s stock price falling.

10 Best Social Media Analytics Tools in 2018


10 best social media analytics tools are here. Everyone will find something cool: marketers, social media managers or analysts. Do you have your favorite tools? Social Media Social Media Marketing Tools best social media analytics tools

6 media relations tips to make yourself a go-to source

PR Daily

Journalists are under continuous pressure. They must gather information and sources for multiple stories, working on one deadline after another. RELATED: How to tell your story in the age of fractured media and distracted audiences ].

How your brand should really use Instagram Stories

Agility PR Solutions

If your brand isn’t using Instagram Stories yet, it’s time to start thinking about how you could be taking advantage of this incredibly popular content format. According to Instagram’s latest numbers, its Stories platform boasts 400 million daily users.

Chick-Fil-A Dives into Mealtime Kits: A First for Fast Food

Ronn Torossian

Looking for a delicious home-cooked meal that’s easy to make? Customers may be able to get everything they need from their local Chick-Fil-A – as long as they live in Atlanta. The fast-food company famous for its chicken in various forms is rolling out meal kits in its home city over August, following a similar business plan to organizations like HelloFresh and Blue Apron.

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Building A Brand - Trevor Hoffman Style

The Stalwart Blog

As a die-hard Padres fan, I relished in Sunday’s Baseball Hall of Fame celebrations for several reasons, not the least of which came from having something to celebrate about my team who’s current win-loss record leaves even the most ardent follower struggling to stay positive.

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30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

PR Daily

Choosing what you’ll study in college is a major life decision; selecting the best school for your chosen path can be equally as important.

CEO activism in 2018: Americans think CEOs must speak out to defend company values

Agility PR Solutions

Build or Buy an Audience? This Startup Just Bought a Media Publication

Sword and the Script

The traditional purposes for one company to acquire another – merge and acquisition – boil down to four driving reasons: 1) To buy customers or access to customers for cross-selling purposes. 2) To buy a technology that’s hard to replicate or take too long.

Unfortunately, we still have to tell some decision-makers: "The media doesn't work for us"

Muck Rack

Unfortunately, we still have to tell some decision-makers: "The media doesn't work for us

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8 easy ways to bolster your networking skills

PR Daily

For many people, the mere mention of networking brings on a cold sweat. Speaking to people you don’t know. Shaking hands. Worrying you’ll be out of your depth. How do you start up a conversation with a stranger, anyway?

Small businesses plan on creating more social media marketing videos

Agility PR Solutions

Small businesses are embracing organic and paid video for their marketing on major social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, according to new research from professional marketing video creation firm Animoto.

Video: CIPR founder Tim Travers-Healy on what is public relations?

Stephen Waddington

CIPR founder Tim Travers-Healy defines public relations. Tim Travers-Healy is a founder of the IPR, and former President. He was one of the first people to set out a vision for a PR profession in the UK following World War II. I first met Tim when I was President of the CIPR in 2014.

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The Value of Infographics

Maine PR Maven

Infographics are an incredible addition to any PR campaign, because they make information easier to understand and remember. Lately, I’ve been on an infographic ‘kick,’ as I have discovered how much fun it is to create them, and how impactful they are to our targeted audiences.

9 dreadful opening line errors that will doom your pitch

PR Daily

The press release started with: “Hey – what’s up?”. I added it to my collection of awful opening lines in publicity pitches. Then I deleted it from my inbox. As an editor at the Chicago Tribune for many years, I received thousands of press releases.

Proactive PR crisis planning—3 audiences you must prepare for

Agility PR Solutions

While no one ever wants to think about the potential for negative or controversial news, many businesses often encounter challenges that result in an unwanted spotlight.

Taking Local Stories National


One time, a coaching client opened up to me in front of her teammates: “I just got promoted. I’ve worked hard to develop good relationships with the local media, and now I want to do the same with the national media.

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Are you integrating PR, content marketing and social media for better results?

Garrett Public Relations

Something’s becoming clearer than ever these days. If you fail to connect PR to social media and content marketing, you’re missing an opportunity. Before we delve into why, let’s take a minute to look back. If a tree falls in the forest… Even before there were social media platforms to consider, it was always true […]. The post Are you integrating PR, content marketing and social media for better results?

Infographic: How small organizations can join the video craze

PR Daily

In 2018, if you aren’t posting videos, you’re working with one hand tied behind your back. Video content, especially on social media, has been shown time and again to be a difference maker for online marketers.

Real estate PR—how to improve your reputation as a landlord

Agility PR Solutions

If you plan on managing a rental property (or more than one), you should know that your reputation matters. How you’re perceived, both by your current tenants and your prospective ones, could impact your stream of revenue and how you’re able to grow your business in the future.

7 Social Media Management Tools For Successful Social Media Campaign


How to make social media management easier? This post list 7 social media management tools that will make every marketing campaign run smoothly. Social Media Social Media Marketing Tools social media management social media management tools social media marketing social media monitoring social media tools

All important: truth in PR


Public relations practitioners often find themselves defending their profession. After all, isn’t PR “spin”? Isn’t it “damage control”, “manipulation” and “propaganda”? No, it isn’t. Practised professionally, public relations is ethical, truthful, often serving noble causes, sharing very important messages which can make the community a better place.