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Six Content Distribution Tips that Everyone Else Isn’t Already Doing

Sword and the Script

Creating good content is just half the content marketing equation. The other half is content distribution. Distribution tends to fall to the wayside for several reasons. First, for many marketers, so much effort is poured into the creation that distribution becomes an afterthought.

Building Your Communications Career from the Ground Up: 5 Ways to Make Any Job Work for You

PR Expanded

A Guest Post By Sarah D. Huckins, Graduate Student, American University, PR Expanded Blog Contest Winner. Patagonia Community Board: Credit Ginny Lefler. Six months after graduation, the novelty of being in the “real world” may be beginning to wear off.

3 Tips for Building the Perfect Story Template


“Narrative is basically a sequence of events. Something happens, then something else, then something else. Human instinct compels us to stick around to see what happens next.”. — Ira Glass, host of Chicago Public Media’s “This American Life”. Beginning. Middle.

12 Powerful PR Trends That Will Shape Your Strategy for 2019

B2B PR Sense

PR trends are like the oil that keeps your car lubricated. A regular check of current, fresh trends will help to keep your public relations strategy running smoothly and limit the chances of its breaking down on the side of the virtual road.

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Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Family PR Lessons For (Surviving) Thanksgiving

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to take a moment to reflect on our blessings, as well as to spend quality time with loved ones. Sometimes we travel long distances to visit with family with whom we rarely spend time — which can make for awkward communication.

Google, you Complete Me! (A warm Thanksgiving tale)

Flack's Revenge

It started several months ago. I was writing a Gmail when grey words mysteriously appeared ahead of my typing. “Hmmm, must be some new functionality,” I thought. Then: “Hey, this just might be interesting and useful!”. The suggested words did fit. But I was stuck, kind of.

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3 tactics that are essential for PR success in 2019

PR Daily

It doesn’t take an expert to see technology has taken over our lives. When it comes to the world of public relations, one can quickly discover many old school PR tactics have become outdated with the upgrade of technology tools.

Do brands lie? Most consumers think so—exploring the ROI of transparency

Agility PR Solutions

In today’s world, most consumers think brands lie—and now more than ever, a company’s level of transparency directly impacts sales.

Behind the Scenes: Tactical Crisis Management Lessons from the Frontlines

Melissa Agnes

Discover how utility company, Alectra, successfully manages issues and crises as a regular course of business—and how their learnings and successes can be implemented into your crisis ready program.

Six Ways Psychology Can Help With Marketing

Ronn Torossian

Understanding the human mind can be an excellent tool to persuade and convert customers. Marketing is based on theories of applied psychology, that is, consumers act in a certain way because they are wired to do so.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Infographic: How to use LinkedIn to increase conversions

PR Daily

LinkedIn, apart from being a popular social networking site, is also a great content marketing channel.

10 biggest content marketing trends for 2019

Agility PR Solutions

The world of content marketing is changing rapidly. There are new technologies and tools discovered every day. Creative thinkers find more advanced ways to generate compelling material.

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In public relations correlation is not causation

Stuart Bruce

Bill runs a small family owned toy shop that’s doing okay. He runs it himself and all his staff are family who all pride themselves on their friendly service.

Public relations in 2019

Stephen Waddington

Here's my analysis of the opportunities and challenges that public relations faces in the next 12 months. There's no formal methodology and they’re not so much predictions as a series of stories that I’ve recorded on my blog during 2018. It’s where I’m placing bets over the next 12 months. Please let me know what I’ve missed. Societal issues #1 What’s your purpose? Purpose is something you’ll be hearing a lot more of in 2019.

37 alternatives to the word ‘seasoned’

PR Daily

Have you ever referred to your boss, executives, or co-workers as “seasoned”? Consider these examples: “Ann is a well-seasoned marketing executive.”. Jaden is a seasoned lecturer with 20 years of experience in high tech.”. Please stop.

Interview with PR Influencer Sarah Evans

Critical Mention

In the PR business for over 12 years, Sarah Evans began her career as a consultant for names like Walmart, PayPal and Cisco then ultimately built her company Sevans Strategy from the ground up.

#MediaMonday – Erin Thorburn

HMA Public Relations

Erin Thorburn is both a freelance writer with some great media opportunities for local PR folks AND a children's book author. Click here for more. The post #MediaMonday – Erin Thorburn appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Media Monday

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Benchmark your measurement approach with AMEC tool

Stephen Waddington

AMEC has launched a free tool to enable public relations practitioners to benchmark and improve their measurement approach.

5 key metrics to assess your earned media success

PR Daily

PR pros struggle to measure results and quantify their contribution to business objectives. Measurement experts dismiss advertising value equivalency (AVE), which compares the value of earned media to advertising of similar size and placement, as an invalid metric.

‘Black November’ is the new holiday shopping season

Agility PR Solutions

Strong consumer confidence and low unemployment have combined to produce a 5 percent increase in anticipated holiday spending, according to brand loyalty and consumer engagement research consultancy Brand Keys’ annual survey of 11,625 shoppers for an average spend of $985 per household.

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AMEC Measurement Maturity Mapper M3 tool lets PR professionals benchmark their comms measurement

Stuart Bruce

Measurement Maturity Mapper (M3) is a fantastic new tool from AMEC (the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications) to help public relations professionals benchmark how they do their communications measurement and evaluation.

Why a Marketing Growth Hackathon Precedes Strong Strategy Creation

PR 20/20

Behind every great marketing campaign is a documented strategy. Sometimes you can simply start executing on tactics that sound promising and see what sticks; but most often, strategy is what drives real results. According to Smart Insights , 49% still don’t have a digital marketing strategy.

Instagram cracks down on fake followers

PR Daily

The days of purchasing followers, likes and comments on Instagram are coming to an end. On Monday, the platform announced that it is removing fake followers and interactions from users who employ the aid of third-party apps to boost their popularity.

Are you targeting your audience at the right literacy level?

Agility PR Solutions

Your target audience may be college educated, intellectually curious, and capable of understanding complex information. Even so, you probably shouldn’t treat them that way. The organizations that are able to gain the most marketing influence don’t.

Top Social Media Measurement Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Here are top social media measurement mistakes you can easily avoid and bring your marketing strategy to the next level! Digital Marketing Social Media Social Media Marketing measure social media social media measurement social media measurement mistakes

Have non-profits given up on social media marketing to fundraise during Give to the Max Day?

Communications Conversations

Sure seems like it. My original idea for this post was to feature 4-5 non-profits that executed exceedingly creative social media marketing campaigns during Give to the Max Day. This should be easy to find, right?

Quotes to remember the scintillating William Goldman by

PR Daily

What couldn’t William Goldman write? He tried his hand at plays, wrote novels that became popular movies and also wrote screenplays that defined a golden era in film—and then wrote criticism and analysis about his colleagues.

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Social media is most successful for app marketing—if content is optimized

Agility PR Solutions

Companies rely on social media the most to market their mobile app, according to a new survey from business news and how-to website The Manifest.

A Behind-the-curtain Look at EE Times’ Bigger Picture

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. By Jaime Hamilton, Account Coordinator For EE Times, the days of thinking small are over. Marked by an October 1 relaunch, the publication embarked down a new path that combines an aesthetic upgrade with fortified substance — all-encompassed by a new mantra: Think Big. “We, We, as editors, were trained to think small as our.more.

The Plane Truth: Why Pittsburgh International Airport Is Breaking Its Own News With ‘Blue Sky’


When a mainstream news outlet allocates reporters, resources and publication space to an article on the travel industry nowadays, it’s often because a crisis is involved — whether it’s a passenger getting dragged off a flight or a 10-month-old French bulldog dying in an airplane overhead storage bin. However, these crisis-related pieces encompass only a small portion of what’s happening in the travel, tourism and aviation industries.

Brand journalism positions biotech leader

PR Daily

You think you’re getting strong with those visits to the gym? Get a load of Karen Skalvoll.

Three PR-centric ways to effectively promote your brand

Agility PR Solutions

Promoting your brand isn’t all about getting a marketing team working on unique and exciting strategies to get your brand identity out in the world of commerce and trade.

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The 12 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools


Whether you like it or not, your business is most likely talked about somewhere online. Have a look at the 12 best social media monitoring tools that will help you keep track of those conversations. Business Social Media Marketing Social Media Monitoring best social media monitoring tools brand monitoring social listening social media monitoring social media monitoring tools

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Build a strong reputation from scratch like a PR pro these 4 tips

Public Relations Sydney

One of the most precious assets you have as a professional is your reputation. You may be kicking your career goals, fantastic at your job, or successfully building a profitable business, but do the people who matter know? Having a good reputation is your golden ticket to limitless opportunities.

7 ways to sell your leaders on brand journalism

PR Daily

After Hurricane Michael devastated the Florida Panhandle, Duke Energy repair crews did more than drive around to assess the downed power lines. They ventured out in boats, piloted drones and buzzed about in helicopters.