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Monday Roundup: Small Business Tips

Waxing UnLyrical

Can you believe it?! We’re baaack! Did you miss us? I know, you probably have a ton of questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them as soon as I can, but today, let’s celebrate with a Monday roundup. Now, once you got out of your Turkey Day coma (if you were in the U.S.,

Get Your Mass (Marketer) Quantities Here

Stern + Associates

K2 images / Alas another Black Friday has come and gone – and I won’t miss it.

Time for PR to Take Its Medicine - GUEST POST

Bad Pitch Blog

photo credit: liquidnight via photopin cc When Greg Brooks posted this on Facebook today, I was equal parts thankful and jealous. Greg''s one of the smartest people I know. And the following is good medicine for our industry.


Praxis Makes Perfect

The Aurora Borealis. One of these days, I'll get to see it in person. Angel Falls, Venezuela: The world's longest uninterrupted falls. Hard to reach, but worth the trek. My aircraft carrier was 3.5 football fields long; 3 carriers would fit end to end in this. The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, CVN-69.


Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

While I Was Out: Reflections On a Social Media Hiatus

Waxing UnLyrical

Happy Friday, all! When WUL resurfaced on Monday, I told you I’d do my best to answer any questions you about about While I Was Out. You haven’t really asked me any so far – though I do appreciate the warm welcome back, and the team does too, thank you!

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Strategic elements of crisis containment: An analysis of actual public statements of Firestone & Ford spokespeople during the 2000 tire recall

Praxis Makes Perfect

BACKGROUND: In 1996, Arizona officials complained to Firestone about tire failures on light trucks, PR public relations crisis communication Ford Tire recall 2000 NHTSA Bridgestone/Firestone tires

Press lists, news releases and spamming reporters: A new ethical paradigm for media relations

Praxis Makes Perfect

In my 22 years of corporate, agency & nonprofit PR/public affairs, I have yet to encounter a. PR public relations media relations media list news release spamming journalists press lists media database