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What PR Stands to Gain from Content Marketing

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The public relations industry has always been a text-based business. education public relations marketing

A PRs guide to Google’s new follow vs no-follow rules

The Resolution Blog

SEO is a complicated demon to get you head around. For PRs, the most important thing to know is that links from the coverage you achieve play an important role in determining where a website ranks in the search engines. Of course, it’s not the only contributing factor to a website’s rank.

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How to use strategic planning processes within PR campaigns

Agility PR Solutions

Managing the public relations of a company is always going to require a degree of strategic planning, no matter which industry you’re operating in or how competitive your niche is.

7 Common PR Mistakes Startups Make

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Photo by Daniel Von Appen. In general, startups make great PR clients — especially those with a story to tell. A high-growth tech company with financing behind it is in a perfect position to make the most of a public relations agency partnership.

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Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

5 Reasons to Network Across all Social Media Sites

Critical Mention

Social media platforms may have been created for friendly networking, but since then, they’ve evolved into tech hubs where anybody can network with anyone else. So, it’s important for all organizations to acknowledge and react to the impact social media has on consumers. Share Tweet Share.

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The ‘woke moment’ that fostered the executive audit

PR Daily

For one young pro, the realization that PR research has personal ramifications as well as guiding future campaigns sparked a key insight. Now Cision’s chief insights officer, he recounts the tale.

How Non-Profit Organizations Can Improve Their PR Efforts


Five non-profit organizations give us concrete and clever tips on how to tackle their communications strategies by making the best use of their monitoring and measurement tools. Best Practices

6 variables to consider when planning marketing strategies

Agility PR Solutions

Certain marketing and communications strategies seem generally effective, capable of generating a higher ROI than other strategies. But can the same cluster of effective strategies be used equally effectively across the board?

EKA: How Media Monitoring Aligns with Strategic Communications

Critical Mention

Who is EKA? Englander Knabe & Allen (EKA) is a strategic communications firm in Southern California that specializes in assisting organizations with reputation issues, media strategy and implementation.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

5 essential elements of an effective PR plan

PR Daily

You don’t simply sign the contract, put a few coins in the slot, and wait for your shiny new campaign to be dispensed. Research, parameters and regular check-ins are crucial for success. If you’re new to using public relations to build your brand, starting a PR program can seem daunting.

Media Moves at Quartz & The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider Welcomes Back Correspondent


Oliver Staley’s new role at Quartz, Eugene Kim returns to Business Inside, and more. Media Blog

Holiday PR prep—5 major trends that will affect brick-and-mortar sales this season

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Yes, it’s jingle jangle time again in retail land, and brick-and-mortar marketers are always curious to see what the season will bring in this age of shifting shopping habits—and what they need to do to buck the trend and lure shoppers to their stores.

Brand Reinvention: How You Know It’s Time to Rebrand

Meltwater - PR

Whether your company is a long-standing consumer business, B2B enterprise, or nonprofit, there may come a time to reinvent its public image. Knowing when and how to rebrand, however, is… Read More >>>. Enterprise Executives Marketing PR & Comms Planning & Strategy Social Listening

5 ways social media has reshaped the PR industry

PR Daily

If you are a PR pro, you spend a lot of time on social media. Here are some ways the PR industry has changed to reflect the new normal—and ideas for how you can best reallocate your resources. Its influence is simply too large to ignore.

UK Media Moves including the FT, TechRadar, The Times and more


The FT has a new Acting Middle East and Africa News Editor, TechRadar has two new hires and Mark Sanderson is a new Reviewer at The Times. Media Blog

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3 pro tips for perfecting the art of product descriptions

Agility PR Solutions

The marketing copy that explains what a brand’s products are, and why they are worth putting in a shopper’s basket, is often vastly underrated.

Sales, Pods and Audiobooks: 14 Months On, How’s That UK Financial Independence Book Doing?


On 21 August 2018 I published the first book to translate the US financial independence movement to a UK context. (It’s It’s not just about that, it’s also a one-year transformational change programme for midlife careerists stuck in a rut.).

5 ways to create your own video studio

PR Daily

After identifying a space and testing your sound, it’s time to gear up. Here’s the skinny on what you’ll need to start shooting like a pro. Videos require plenty of planning and preparation before you hit the record button.

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Blogger Conferences: Top Events to Attend in November & December 2019


Treat yourself to a learning and networking opportunity before the year ends. There are plenty of conferences available to boost your blogging skills. Media Blog

Weed may be mainstream, but it’s still a challenge for marketers

Agility PR Solutions

The weed industry is booming and we have found ourselves in the middle of a cannabis goldrush. More and more states are legalizing cannabis not only for medical treatment, but for recreational use as well. Dispensaries are popping up everywhere.

Marketing Minute #13: Podcasting is a smart business strategy

Maine PR Maven

Podcasting is one of the most powerful ways to reach people. According to one study, more than half of Americans over age 12 (144 million Americans) have listened to a podcast. It’s estimated that 60 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly. That’s a lot of potential listeners.

Lufthansa slams striking workers, when your company should speak out, and Starbucks’ new holiday cup

PR Daily

Also: Where emoji come from, Popeyes’ sandwich gets a soaring relaunch, tips for superlative word choice, mastering international messaging, and more. Good morning PR pros: Ever wondered who decides what becomes an emoji?

Media Moves at Bloomberg News & Business Insider, Meredith Corp Launches Newsletter for Millennial Women


Nicole Einbinder joins Business Insider, Nacha Cattan promoted at Bloomberg News, and more. Media Blog

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ICYMI: Bulldog’s most popular posts from October

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With fall’s chilly winds and the spookiest holiday of the year approaching, October proved to be on one of Bulldog Reporter’s biggest months of the year (so far).

Marketing Minute #11: Know your competition

Maine PR Maven

When you’re marketing your business, it’s helpful to know who else is selling the same or similar products and services. The post Marketing Minute #11: Know your competition appeared first on | The PR Maven. Branding Marketing

Infographic: How to combine email and social media efforts

PR Daily

Both campaigns can be more effective if they work together. Here are five ways you should consider coordinating the two. Email has better conversion rate than social media—but social media channels can help expand your email list.

Media Moves at the Charlotte Observer & amNewYork, Newsday Recruits Three


Catherine Muccigrosso joins the Charlotte Observer, Robert Pozarycki takes over amNewYork, and more. Media Blog

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European CEOs predict stronger focus on ethics over profits

Agility PR Solutions

Chief execs in European countries believe that a greater focus on ethical, people-oriented leadership will be the new norm by 2025, according to new research from organizational consulting firm Korn Ferry.

Marketing Minute #10: Elements of a marketing plan

Maine PR Maven

Good strategic marketing is a lot like a well-played football game. The best coaches know their competition and they recognize the core strengths of their own team. The post Marketing Minute #10: Elements of a marketing plan appeared first on | The PR Maven. Marketing

How Shift Communication’s Rick Murray stays ahead of the curve

PR Daily

Some PR pros are apocalyptic in their assessment of the future for communications professionals, but this managing partner stays upbeat amid relentless change. It’s a common refrain in PR: We need to get better at analyzing the data and being strategic business advisors.

Media Moves at Washington Post & San Diego Union-Tribune, Thrillist Hires Editor in Chief


Isabelle Khurshudyan, Samantha Pell have new roles at The Post, Kristy Totten joins the San Diego Union-Tribune, and more. Media Blog

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4 surefire ways PR helps to market a business or brand

Agility PR Solutions

There will always be a need to publicize your business and advertise your product for maximum gain—and that’s where public relations can help. PR is a critical form of marketing that every business should be on board with, as more publicity is only going to be a huge positive.