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9 keys to measuring content marketing success

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Start by establishing what, precisely, you want to achieve. Then, identify specific KPIs, track your progress, and don’t be afraid to tweak tactics on the fly. If you want your marketing campaigns to work, you’d better be ready to work.

6 Writing Habits to Adopt in 2020


Aim to set small writing habits in 2020 and see big results. Media Blog

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Gen Z will pay for content, but dismayed by creative diversity gap

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Gen Z is redefining how cultural content—i.e., music, film, television, art, lifestyle, gaming and literature—is being discovered, consumed and shared, and they’re willing to pay for it, according to new research from creative industries development firm Ontario Creates.

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Strategic Communications Goal for 2020: Get Your Message Right


Say what you mean and mean what you say. It’s a simple enough sentiment. The foundation of good communication, a building block of any successful relationship. Speaking in a clear, direct way enables collaboration, growth, better outcomes and innovation.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

How to keep a proactive press office


It goes without saying that press office skills are vital in public relations. However, as well as issuing standard releases (e.g. product launches, company news, events, etc.) it’s really important to be as proactive as possible when to be successful.

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PR Expanded

It’s time to unveil our 2nd PR Expanded video contest winner. A big congratulations goes to Nicole Morin, a UMASS at Amherst student, for creating her video on “Why PR Professionals Should Practice Strategic Communications.”

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Biggest PR Scandals in 2019

Ronn Torossian

As we look ahead to 2020, it pays to look back at some of the PR disasters of 2019, to glean lessons from the mistakes others made. Some massive, worldwide brands and household names found themselves in need of crisis PR help.

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[Webinar] Livongo: Messaging & Media Relations for an Award-Winning IPO


Date / Time: January 30th at 1PM ET. Although in 2018 the digital health industry received a record breaking $8.1 billion worth of funding from venture capital, until recently it lacked in one key component — a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO). In July 2019, Livongo, a leading digital health company, set a new industry benchmark by going public with a highly successful and award-winning IPO.

A Revolution in the Newsroom: Long Forms Are Back

Business Wire

It was a rainy December morning in Paris and transportations were on strike. Participants braved both to attend “The Future of Long Form Journalism,” a conference held at Paris Sciences’ Po School of Journalism.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

6 B2B Tech Trends From CES 2020

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

CES 2020 is officially a wrap. Much of the news was about new gadgets and Big Tech announcements, but there was plenty of PR from B2B tech brands, too. What did the show tell us about the rest of the year? What dominated the conversation? Here are six trends that stood out. CCPA has an impact.

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 Virtual Influencers: Passing Fad or Sign of the Times?

Ronn Torossian

The growth of influencer marketing is undeniable, and the industry is no longer limited to humans; from cats, dogs, and even rabbits, it seems like anyone can become an influencer in this multi-billion dollar industry.

[Case Study] Airbnb + 23andMe: Achieving Success with the Heritage Travel Campaign


Given the rise of at-home genetic tests like 23andMe, it has never been easier to learn about your ancestry. This has contributed to a growing trend where people around the world are taking trips to connect with their family history.

2020, PR Moment (decade) of Truth

Flack's Revenge

Pixabay. As we enter a new decade, I implore PR to do its part in protecting the journalistic info supply chain. Be truth-tellers. Be great fact-checkers. Now wait a second, I can hear you protest. That is not our job. We are paid to put the best possible spin on our news. To help the team win.

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How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

5 PR Takeaways From NRF 2020

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Each year, right on the heels of CES , thousands of hungry retailers, vendors and influencers flood New York City’s Javits Center for the retail industry’s annual conference, NRF. In 2020, this PR professional was among them.

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The 3 Most Important UGC Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye On


Instead of testing the waters of UGC simply because it’s popular, see how you can use it to benefit both the customer and the company. Best Practices

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[Webinar] Livongo: Messaging & Media Relations for an Award-Winning IPO


Date / Time: January 30th at 1PM EST. In 2018, venture capital poured a record breaking $8.1 billion worth of funding into digital health. Although the digital health industry did not lack in funding, it did lack in one key component- a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO). In early 2019, Livongo, a leading digital health company, began preparing to go public. Join this webinar to learn how Livongo controlled the narrative and leveraged Onclusive to have a successful and award-winning IPO.

4 key trends for communicators to prioritize in 2020

PR Daily

Savvy pros should strap in for a wild ride and prep for a proliferation of false news, deepfakes and brands taking polarizing stands. As the year careens toward a close, pundits are pondering how PR will change in 2020.

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Compare And Contrast of Democratic vs Republican Party


The Good, the Bad and Education Day There are several ways of categorizing forms of schooling. It could assist and direct individuals from 1 class to other. An instruction isn’t simply advice. Appears to be a excellent idea, it needs to be celebrated in every country since it is the origin to developing and advancing societies. Due to that, it is thought of as the best riches. Christian education isn’t just for children.

Dispel These Nine Measurement Myths in 2020 En Route to Success


Leave these measurement myths in 2019 to succeed in 2020. PR Measurement

2020 PR: “Age of Anxiety” will bring continued fragmentation, mistrust of mass media

Agility PR Solutions

A new year always brings a sense of hope and excitement, but with the baggage PR is dragging in from 2019, there’s also an ominous feeling throughout the industry. Indeed, a new PR forecast suggests a tough year ahead marred by distrust and anxiety.

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5 marketing and PR campaigns that wowed us in 2019

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From Popeyes’ triumph in the Chicken Sandwich Wars to Airbnb’s dreamhouse getaway, creative agility carried the day. Takeaways from these and other efforts abound. PR pros can glean ideas for improving their own campaigns by examining other brands’ successful promotions.

“An antidote to the insanity that now pervades the marketing industry”

Stephen Waddington

Delusions of Brandeur is a hilarious, beautifully produced book that takes aim at marketing nonsense. Most business books are around 60,000 words too long.

4 Reputation Threats Organizations Should Monitor in 2020


For organizations of all sizes, the ability to identify, understand and manage an increasingly complex array of reputational threats will be integral to success in the years ahead.

Corporate culture resolutions—5 ways to prioritize emotional intelligence in 2020 

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As fitness goals and personal resolutions come top of mind this New Year, there’s also no better time for companies to begin a practical conversation about corporate culture resolutions—placing people and emotional intelligence at the heart of business decision-making.

Influencer content must be amplified in 2020

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According to a new report from Edelman, using influencers still offers a lot of upside for brand managers. However, you will have to put money behind the content to find an audience. It’s no longer optional to use paid amplification for influencer marketing efforts.

5 SEO Strategies for 2020

Critical Mention

Search engine optimization strategies are continuously evolving with search algorithm updates and popular changes in search trends. It’s important for marketing, communications and PR pros to keep SEO strategies in mind when creating content.

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Thank You, Mr. Burson


For PR professionals worldwide, Jan. 10 was as consequential as Edison’s death was for the engineering professions, or Henry Ford’s for the automotive industry.

9 new year career tips for workers of any generation

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The start of the New Year is always a great time to pause and look for career advice. Career advice is relevant for any age and any stage of your career. Adapting your skills, career goals, network, and industry knowledge is more important as you age in the workforce.

5 tips for a successful crisis simulation

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Setting up a plan and building a response team are just the first steps. Putting those elements—and people—through the paces requires diligence and more than a little imagination. Successful sports teams and great orchestras understand the importance of effective practice and preparation. .

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We’re putting WAY too much time and effort into building content

Communications Conversations

Tell me if any of these scenarios sound familiar: You are asked to lead the revamp of your corporate web site. It’s a big task. It involves collaborating with many stakeholders. It involves working with numerous vendors. Recoding. Revamping. Rewriting. And multiple rounds of revisions.

A Marketing Approach to Prove PR Value; Off Script No. 45: Stacey Miller of The Auto Care Association

Sword and the Script

Have you ever heard of telematics? By 2020, some 87% of all vehicles in the U.S. will be equipped with it (opens in PDF). Telematics is data collection. Data collection about your car – and how you drive and where you go.