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The Surround Strategy

Doctor Spin

I was in Italy in the middle of summer, and it was hot. The Italian fashion brand I was meeting up with had gotten this idea that it would be great to add some “digital marketing” for their re-launch of their most iconic product ever. The problem was just that the launch was less than a week away. I wanted to help them get the word out, but how?

Super Bowl 2019: Trends & Takeaways from a Social Media Professor

Karen Freberg

The game came and gone (pretty low scoring one if I say so myself!) but what brings together many professionals across social media and marketing together: The Super Bowl Ads ! I always love to see what is launched, discussed, and highlighted not just during the game, but also for the commercials. It’s also become a “work” event for me to explore what are some of the things that are showcased online. This Super Bowl did not disappoint as far as elements to discuss.


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How to use micro-influencers to target ‘local’ consumers

PR Daily

Online efforts seem to operate regardless of geographic location, but audiences still prize “local’ expertise. Here’s how influencers help bridge the gap. Today, the broader world is always within reach. Yet many organizations are discovering that no matter how globally connected the world may be, real influence still starts locally. The definition of “local,” however, is changing quickly. At Mitchell, we recently published an extensive report that maps out consumers’ evolving notion of local.

Local 131

8 Media Interview Mistakes To Avoid

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

In the PR agency world , after weeks of fine-tuning messaging, crafting stories and pitching reporters, there’s no better feeling than landing a top media interview for a client. It signals that the overall public relations strategy is on the right track. Most importantly, of course, a media interview will lead to positive coverage – assuming it goes well. Nailing the interview, however, isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to technology PR opportunities.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

PR & Marketing Leaders Share Predictions for the Future of Communications


The evolution of PR and communications, including the tools we use, the methods in which we measure its efficacy and the ways we cut through the clutter to share our stories, was front-and-center on the minds of communications professionals throughout the past year. But what will the next 12-14 months bring to the industry? AirPR asked its customers and industry leaders to share their predictions.

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Modern Communicators Need to FEEL + THINK Before They Communicate

PR Expanded

Modern Communicators need to FEEL and THINK before they communicate. Although PR professionals are taught to THINK, which is Timing, Heart, Independence, New Navigation and Knowledge about an audience, the FEEL model is the first step. When you FEEL you’re digging deeper to discover Fears, Empathy, Ethics and Love for the mission.

PR Lessons From The Bubble

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The 90s tech boom is back – in a way. Last month I was at a fascinating discussion about that infamous period and its parallels to the cryptocurrency bubble of late. It was based on the National Geographic series Valley of the Boom , about some of the real heroes and villains of the early days of the commercial internet, and it sent me on a trip in the PR agency Wayback Machine.

Agency 185

How Brands Can Earn More Press Coverage

Ronn Torossian

Every brand wants more earned media, but, too often, these well-meaning brands go about it in all the wrong ways. They strive to “put their names out there,” they bombard media representatives with anemic press releases, and they sponsor initiatives or events that cost a lot more than they get back in new business. That’s […]. The post How Brands Can Earn More Press Coverage appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Brand PR Business 5WPR CEO BRANDING Ronn Torossian

Brand 150

3 subtle social media blunders that make you look bad

PR Daily

Retweeting lousy links, mindlessly pasting across platforms and using useless hashtags can undermine your credibility. Today’s savvy social media users are expert in finding (and pointing out) mistakes. They are also quite good at detecting half-hearted effort, which is a major digital turnoff. Here are three common blunders that can quickly ruin your credibility and make your business look bad: 1. Retweeting without reading. Always click on the link before sharing content.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Join #PRStudChat on Thursday, February 21st for a Discussion on PR for Issues & Advocacy

PR Expanded

In PR, we’re all in the advocacy business — but most of us are advocating on behalf of a client’s product or service. What’s it like to advocate for ideas — often controversial ideas — day in and day out? How does your PR work and strategy change when you know you’re not just competing for attention, but competing against other organizations loudly and specifically disagreeing with your messages? On Thursday, February 21st at 12:00 p.m.

Creative Uses for Google Analytics in Public Relations

Shift Communications

Analytics should be an important component of the work we do as public relations professionals, but how can we leverage analytics tools to serve our needs? During a PRSA Boston event, Matthew Raven, VP of Marketing Technology at SHIFT Communications, presented an insightful discussion about the power of Google Analytics and how it can serve PR professionals. Here are a few of the key points he made: The Challenge. Currently, PR has a measurement challenge.

How To Brand When Expanding into the American Market

Ronn Torossian

Interested in expanding your market reach beyond your borders and into the thriving and vibrant American marketplace? With the internet and an expanded interest in culture and products from outside the U.S., there has, perhaps, never been a better time to reach out to the American marketplace. But, while the market is thriving, breaking into […]. The post How To Brand When Expanding into the American Market appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Ronn Torossian

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Why ESPN is rethinking its PR content

PR Daily

See what communications manager Molly Mita has to say about the future of the business, then join her in New York City for this can’t-miss conference. It’s an ever-present dilemma for the modern PR pro—how do you make your stories stand out to journalists who are bombarded with pitches every day? It’s certainly a challenge for Molly Mita, communications manager at ESPN. To break through the noise, her team is thinking beyond standard press releases and embracing new forms of engaging content.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

How the Fyre Festival ignited debate about influencer accountability

Agility PR Solutions

Netflix and Hulu recently released documentary bringing to light the events and people surrounding the disastrous Fyre Festival in 2017. With an inside and detailed look at what transpired before, during and after the event, the documentaries have inspired people to start talking about the ethical questions around influencer marketing—and whether influencers should be held […].

Ethics 112

How to Use Content Marketing for PR and Social Media Success

B2B PR Sense

The value of content marketing for PR and social media has become a slam dunk when it comes to digital marketing. And as new networks and platforms emerge, it becomes even more essential. And if we had any doubts, a new study from Brunswick shows that investors and analysts are making decisions based on the digital content of executives and companies.

How PR can boost your event

Ronn Torossian

It might be surprising to know that a PR team can do a lot more than writing press releases and engaging with the media. If you have an event coming up, a PR professional might be just who you need to get more people interested and engaged in your event. Here are just some of […]. The post How PR can boost your event appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Media Relations PR Firm PR Inspiration Public Relations Ronn Torossian

5 ways to integrate your offline and online marketing strategies

PR Daily

Your digital channels can boost your traditional PR efforts and vice versa. Here are some tactics to cross-promote your messages. Online marketing might be the more popular and efficient marketing tool today, however the strategies that PR pros employ for offline marketing can still be beneficial and relevant. If there’s any doubt about which strategy to employ, then you’re not making the most of both of these tools.

4 trends to inspire healthcare PR pros in 2019

Agility PR Solutions

While there’s been listicles upon listicles of the hottest trends, this is one for the healthcare and pharma crowd. From voice search and artificial intelligence to content marketing and influencers—here’s what you need to know for 2019. Trend #1: Voice search finally caught on While some of us may remain hesitant to voluntarily bug our […]. The post 4 trends to inspire healthcare PR pros in 2019 appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Analysis Public Relations profession

Squad Goals Achieved: Barokas Welcomes David Mandell as COO


You’ve seen the bulldogs, motorcycles and music that we love. We have roots in two of the country’s hottest technology hubs, surrounded by mountain ranges and outdoor paradise. Our staff is smart, gritty and creative. We give back to our communities with passion and energy. So yeah, we keep things pretty cool around here. And our new COO David Mandell fits right in.

Statistics, Advertising and Silence: Summing up that Super Big Game [UML]

Sword and the Script

People will say they dislike advertisements because of the disruptive nature of them. It’s a bit of a bait and switch – a publisher teases you in with a headline or promising show – and then shoves a commercial in your face. Yet even people that don’t like football, will watch the championship game for the commercials. We all know why this happens, but it is still completely irrational behavior.

3 tips for establishing a strong client/agency partnership

PR Daily

It’s the ultimate compliment for PR pros to be treated as part of your internal team. Here’s how you can make sure you get the most from your agency partners. “We We don’t think of you as our PR agency, you’re part of our team.”. If you just got chills, you understand what a compliment it is to hear a client utter those words to you and your team. A truly symbiotic partnership between an agency and client is hard to come by, and typically doesn’t happen overnight.

Agency 129

Agency of the Year: SourceCode’s inspiring mission produces landmark results

Agility PR Solutions

In a PR world driven by efficiency and profit margins, it can be tempting to fall back on tech to deliver—often at the expense of true storytelling. New York City-based SourceCode Communications, launched in 2017 by Hotwire Global vets Becky Honeyman and Greg Mondshein, was built on the premise of returning a level of humanity […]. The post Agency of the Year: SourceCode’s inspiring mission produces landmark results appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations profession

How to pitch radio: 5 tips for success

Muck Rack

How to pitch radio: 5 tips for success

Radio 123

Podcasts are booming but how do you measure success?

Stephen Waddington

It’s difficult for podcasters and publishers to get meaningful audience information because data is fragmented. Here are some suggestions. Podcasts are enjoying a resurgence. In fact, they never went away. The current growth is fuelled by mobile devices, interest in audio content and a boom in audio marketing. Almost six million people listen to a podcast each week in the UK according to Ofcom’s Communications Market Report 2018.

4 tips to turn employees into brand ambassadors

PR Daily

Seek out gregarious, engaged workers who are natural communicators, and offer incentives for positive online messaging. Then, keep them inspired with a steady flow of compelling content. Some companies have bupkis in the marketing budget. However, a lack of cash doesn’t mean you can’t flex any marketing muscle. If you have employees, you have a powerful messaging force at your disposal. For better or worse, your employees talk about what it’s like to work at your company.

1 in 3 Millennials and Gen Xers have boycotted a brand in the past year

Agility PR Solutions

In the past year, 35 percent of Generation X and 33 percent of millennials have boycotted a company or product they had spent money on in the past, according to a new survey by financial consultancy—in fact, 30 percent of Gen X and 26 percent of millennials are boycotting a brand right now. With boycotts regularly […]. The post 1 in 3 Millennials and Gen Xers have boycotted a brand in the past year appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations branding

The Risk of Innovation. 5 Communication Rules for Disruptors


Communication experts from Enterie, a network of technology PR agencies, present a short guide to issue management for disruptive companies. The post The Risk of Innovation. 5 Communication Rules for Disruptors appeared first on Prowly Magazine. Business Magazine

University of Michigan Q&A: Platform Health Metrics and the Iffy Quotient


[…]. The post University of Michigan Q&A: Platform Health Metrics and the Iffy Quotient appeared first on NewsWhip. Digital Journalism Interviews

Delta and Coke apologize for flirtatious napkins

PR Daily

The airline and beverage company teamed up for a campaign that encouraged passengers to give their phone number to their airplane ‘crush.’ Some found it ‘creepy.’. The idea was to have a fun, flirtatious campaign for passengers high in the sky. Napkins with Coca-Cola branding would encourage fliers to make a connection with their fellow passengers. The napkin offered a blank for a phone number, along with plenty of encouragement.

10 things to know about visual content strategy in 2019

Agility PR Solutions

Have you ever noticed how beautiful, eye-catching images actively attract your attention? It’s not a surprise, as nearly 90 percent of the information we receive comes with the help of vision. According to Alexa research, image-heavy social sites YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are in the top 10 of the most visited websites in the […]. The post 10 things to know about visual content strategy in 2019 appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

Change Agent Spotlight: Set Your Inbound Marketing Team Up for Success with Tips from Crayon's CMO

PR 20/20

Some marketers aren’t afraid to take a risk on new ideas, push leadership on new technology or champion an entirely new methodology. They are often the ones that drive real, lasting change and quickly gain influence. We call these people change agents. In the words of a colleague, a change agent is “a visionary who looks beyond, brings vision to life, and successfully champions ideas forward.” These marketers aren't afraid to take risks to make an impact.

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