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Romancing the C-Suite: How to Communicate Results That Resonate


Do you remember the first time you reported PR results to a C-suite executive? With sweaty palms, a beating heart, and just enough adrenaline to make you trip over your words, it’s really not that different than being in love, huh?

Nasdaq to Acquire Marketwired


Marketwired is pleased to announce our agreement to be acquired by Nasdaq. In this personal message, Marketwired President and CEO Adnan Ahmed shares the announcement with our customers.

5 Ways PR Can Maximize Thought Leadership

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

In the public relations world, thought leadership is a big deal, but the term can start to feel old, fast. How do you infuse a thought leadership program with fresh ideas and get the most out of it for PR?

10 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile


If you’re like me, you see LinkedIn as a bit of an enigma. LinkedIn boasts extraordinary demographics for everything from lead generation to thought leadership and job searches, but my use of LinkedIn really depends upon which feature I want to use.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Flying into Zika…or not

Ronn Torossian

The Zika virus has become a regional epidemic in certain destinations all over the world. Now many flight attendants and other airline staff are resisting the compulsion to land in these places. At this point, airlines are allowing staff to “opt out” of flights to areas where Zika outbreaks have been reported. However, these locations include popular vacation destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean. The opt-outs come with conditions.

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SWAK: PR Valentines For 2016

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Public relations work can sometimes be a thankless task, but occasionally PR pros receive “valentines” of sorts. Like the ideal client, or the story that just keeps getting better and better, the approach of Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to chronicle our favorite gifts.

#FeelTheBern is Election 2016’s Top Hashtag


If campaigns are using social monitoring properly, a hashtag calls out a potential donor, supporter or volunteer. Brands should be doing the same, translating commenters into leads, advocates or consumers. Over the last seven days #FeelTheBern has been used more than 525,000 times.

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Important Crisis Management Strategies for Managing the Zika Virus

Melissa Agnes

Photo credit: Flubydust/Getty Images. We just put the world crisis of Ebola to bed and here we are, already faced with yet another looming epidemic.

Using Twitter to Pitch Reporters: What You Need to Know


For PR professionals, Twitter can be a great resource. Following journalists in your space and monitoring for queries can be a key first step in leveraging the platform in your work, and more and more journalists are there than ever before ( 59%, worldwide now).

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Instagram unveils feature to switch between accounts

PR Daily

Rejoice, community managers: Instagram is enabling users to toggle between accounts. On Monday, the visual social media app announced that it is adding the long-requested feature. The company explained in a blog post how it works: Go to your profile settings to add an additional account.

Sanders to Win Nevada, Trump the GOP Nomination


Donald Trump might just win. National social polling Cision has conducted shows that with New Hampshire’s win, Trump is unstoppable.

No one Cares about Your News – Now What? Join us on 2/23

Flack's Revenge

The game is changing in marketing and PR. There’s increasing competition for the customer’s attention. It’s difficult to get anyone to care about news, content and brands. Traditionally, most sought press coverage to build awareness and credibility. However, it is tougher to get the media to cover PR-driven news these days. And people don’t need to read articles to vet new products and services.

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The Facebook Frozen Frog and Fodder for Content Marketing

Sword and the Script

by Frank Strong. There’s a persistent meme on Facebook: The amazing Alaskan Tree Frog freezes during the harsh winter months, thaws in the spring and hops along with life. The meme has existed for several years, and by my observation, it resurfaces in a frenzied social stream every six months or so.

What makes your online fans click 'unfollow'

PR Daily

There’s one universal truth to accept when managing a brand’s social media account: There will be people who unfollow you. A recent BuzzStream and Fractl survey found the top three reasons that bring people to jump ship on the average social media user or brand: 1.

Behind the Headlines With Erica Archambault McCabe


PR isn’t just about selling a product. It’s also about effecting change, promoting stories and making a difference in the world. Erica Archambault McCabe, executive vice president of PR agency Current, enjoys being a part of marketing campaigns that have value.

State of Social Media Q4 2015: Twitter Users Decline For First Time Ever

Shift Communications

The 140 character social network released its Q4 2015 earnings. The blue bird is not doing well at all. Growth.

The Barbara Corcoran Report: Her Best PR Trump Cards

Social PR Chat

Entrepreneurs wondering if PR is worth the effort may have a whole new respect for the power of the press thanks to real estate icon Barbara Corcoran.

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28 great tactics for promoting online content

PR Daily

Content distribution has been a big topic all around social media. As Mark Schaefer’s book “ The Content Code ” explains, “Great content isn’t the finish line; it’s the starting line.”.

Behind the Headlines With Kathy Jeavons


In PR, there’s no telling what trends will last and what won’t, which means PR pros always need to be on their toes. Kathy Jeavons, senior vice president of public affairs at Story Partners, a Washington, D.C. strategic public affairs firm, is no stranger to the constant change in PR.

Use IBM Watson Analytics for Advanced Social Media Insights

Shift Communications

As marketers and communicators, we must always improve our social media results. Our stakeholders want more followers, more engagement, more clicks, and more ROI. Until now, we’ve been saddled with descriptive or diagnostic analytics: at best, we can identify what happened.

PR measurement: Get to the real numbers

The Resolution Blog

Last night (11th February 2016), the CIPR hosted an event on measurement in public relations. Paul Sutton, Neville Hobson and I spoke about our experiences and views in the development in PR measurement and evaluation.

How and why PR is leading the marketing charge

PR Daily

Public relations has long played a part in the marketing jumble, but experts say the industry is steadily commanding a leading role. As consumers have become increasingly curious, and as clients have developed more of an interest in multichannel marketing, PR has asserted its dominance.

6 Tips for Creating Shareable, Loveable Content


Ever feel like you’re publishing blog content to an empty theater? It can be frustrating when you don’t get clicks, shares and reads for your content. What’s the point in writing if no one cares? Listen up: you’ve got to make people care.

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Closing the PR/Marketing Knowledge Gap for Emerging Communicators

Shift Communications

I recently had the opportunity to speak at PRNews’ Emerging Communicators Workshop and was very encouraged that measurement and analytics featured as such a prominent part of the agenda.

Answer The client - how this free Analytics tool also provides valuable insight

The Resolution Blog

“What happened after the coverage went live?” ” “Did this coverage generate any leads” “What did this coverage do” “Is the coverage hitting target” “Did you campaign deliver traffic to our content?”

‘RIPTwitter’ goes viral after users learn of timeline redesign

PR Daily

Twitter is having a tough time controlling its message. So much so, the brand’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, chimed in online to quell fears from hundreds of thousands of tweets.

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Infographic: Super Bowl 50’s Top Brands & Ads


As the biggest single-evening TV event in the United States , the Super Bowl is an enormous opportunity for businesses. This year, companies spent $167,000 per second on commercials during the big game, but how much reaction did that cash generate on social media? Using Cision Global Insights, we tracked the brands with the greatest share of voice across six product categories. Do you know where your brand stands against the competition?

DigitalPR Chat #1 Content and KPIs

The Proactive Report

On February 5, 2016 Meritus Media Inc launched the #DigitalPR Twitter chat. Our first guest was Rebecca Lieb, strategic advisor, research analyst, author and columnist.

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Think Before You Tweet

The Stalwart Blog

It happened again. I’ve seen it happen on numerous occasions and I guarantee this won’t be the last time either. Someone posts to social media in the heat of the moment without taking into consideration the repercussions of their message. Case in point. On Jan.

11 Valentine's Day gifts for the PR pro in your life

PR Daily

Buying gifts for PR pros may seem like a daunting task, but you can impress a loved one who communicates for a living with a few fun and creative ideas. Whether you’re buying for a PR guru, social media junkie or a graphic-design lover, creative people love original gifts.

Top 9 Trump Staffers on Twitter


Donald Trump’s candidacy is a lesson for brands: executives can make great spokespeople but brand advocates should exist at all levels of an organization. Beyond Trump’s official Twitter account , only a large handful of his campaign team have large social followings. As such, few people can speak on his behalf on social media.

Delivering the Packaged Story: A Recipe for Success

Shift Communications

After years of going to new business pitches, participating in new client kick-off meetings and even chatting through our weekly check-in meetings with clients, one question almost always pops up: “How do we get into top business and trade publications?”