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Reflect and Project: How has Your #PR education Prepared You for Your Career?

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A Guest Post Announcement by Ai Zhang, Professor, Stockton University. Spring semester has ended. Graduates have begun a new chapter in their lives. During times of transition, I love to reflect on the past and project into the future.

8 Marketing Tactics That Will Boost Your B2B Strategy

B2B PR Sense

How is your B2B strategy performing? Is it getting you the results you want? As any good coach will attest, you have to continually grow your team’s strengths to keep up with the competition. The same is true with marketing. As modern marketing expands and audiences change, new strategies emerge.

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Avoid These 7 PR “Surprises”

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Surprises? Great for parties and gifts, but not so great for public relations. Like many client service businesses, ours works best when it’s predictable and reliable. This means attention to staffing, budgets, deadlines and prep work to ensure successful outcomes.

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IBM reduces telecommuting options

Ronn Torossian

A decade or two ago, thanks to the fast spread of WiFi and more disconnected work environments, telecommuting was all the rage. But, just as quickly as it began, one major American company has decided enough is enough.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

What Happens When PR and Marketing Mesh


In a perfect world, public relations and marketing teams would work together more often to achieve common goals. But let’s be honest: we’re all fighting an uphill battle in reducing organizational drag, and not everyone needs to be in your weekly marketing meeting. I, however, believe marketing teams would benefit from inviting at least one person […]. Musings digital marketing Marketing and PR marketing goals

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#FuturePRoof: Leaders speak out on value of public relations 

Stephen Waddington

New #FuturePRoof research supports the case that public relations needs to operate at the highest levels. Sarah Hall is back at the PR Festival in Edinburgh for a second year with an update of her #FuturePRoof project.

Connecting PR To Business Results

Shift Communications

One of the most common requests I’ve received in my work in public relations is, “ how do we connect our public relations efforts to business results? ”. This question – and its many variations – is a disguise for a much simpler question: How does PR help me make money / not get fired?

What Happens When PR and Marketing Mesh


In a perfect world, public relations and marketing teams would work together more often to achieve common goals. But let’s be honest: we’re all fighting an uphill battle in reducing organizational drag , and not everyone needs to be in your weekly marketing meeting.

Why Advertising Isn’t Dead


Recently, my colleague Bruce Kennedy wrote a wonderful piece, exploring discussions from the New York leg of the Cision World Tour.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Why Your First PR Job Should Be At A PR Agency

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

It’s inspiring to meet freshly minted public relations or communications grads looking to crack that first job in their chosen field. And though the first break is rarely easy, for anyone set on a career in PR there are likely to be forks in the road at the beginning of the career journey.

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7 AP style changes for clear, concise PR copy

PR Daily

It’s no longer only specialists who speak the language of data. On May 31, AP Stylebook released its latest edition, which includes roughly 200 new or revised entries. The publication also comes with a new chapter on data journalism.

Help me bring Sunshine

Stephen Waddington

A sponsored run with a difference. You make a donation and ask a question. I answer and run the Great North Run. Again. I’m running the Great North Run again this September to raise money for the Sunshine Fund. I need your help.

Behind the Headlines with Yvonne Lorie


Yvonne Lorie, the founder of ReFresh PR and a recipient of the 2013 HPRA Premio PR Achievement Award, has been elected president of the Hispanic Public Relations Association (HPRA) national board for 2017. Lorie has been with the organization since 2014 and is thrilled to lead this group of the foremost Hispanic public relations practitioners in the U.S. HPRA provides year-round programs, professional development seminars and networking among other services. .

The 5 Stages of Content Marketing Grief

Sword and the Script

The recent commentary on content marketing by Gartner Research may have given B2B tech marketers motivation to reconsider the concept.

Visual content receives 94 percent more views than text-only marketing

PR Daily

Strong visual content is key to finding success in today’s communications landscape, whether it’s social media, email marketing or content creation. Crafting strong visual content isn’t easy, however.

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How to Balance Smartphone Addiction the Steve Jobs Way

Social PR Chat

What would Steve Jobs think about smartphone addiction today? Afterall, he started the craze in 2007 with the invention of the iPhone. If his vision was to make us never want to be able to put down our iPhone, mission accomplished. Smartphone Addiction Symptoms. Low Activity.

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3 Steps to Equip Your Company Blog for the Road Ahead


The relationship between companies and their customers has undergone a tremendous shift toward the personal. We see it every day: fast food chains challenge devotees to gather retweets for “ nuggs ,” personal care products advocate for women’s equality and airlines get called out — for both successes and major fails — in viral videos. Many consumers don’t just want to buy a product; they want to buy-in to a tribe.

Internet Marketing Trends: What’s the Business Impact? [UML]

Sword and the Script

As the saying goes it takes three data points to make a trend, but the problem for marketers with this identification is that it’s often too late.

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3 pervasive social media myths

PR Daily

Fake news has overrun social media sites, but falsehoods and fabrications have consumed social media marketing, as well. Here are three common misconceptions about online communications—and quick tips for getting to the truth: 1. Social media “likes” drive sales.

Influencer Marketing – Owned or Earned?

The Proactive Report

Influencer marketing is no longer some edgy new technique.According to an eMarketer study 86 percent of marketers used this strategy in the last year and most marketers are looking to double their investment in 2017. That’s because they see results.

Improve Brand Storytelling by Making Your Audience the Main Character


When it comes to marketing and branding, there’s a vast array of techniques to employ. Telling stories to sell brands is not a new idea, but the advent of social media has given businesses new ways to get those stories to potential customers.

How can PR demonstrate its value to prove it deserves larger budgets

Media Bullseye

For the most part, the collapsing of silos between advertising, marketing, and public relations has been a positive development for the practice of corporate communications.

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Today’s marketing challenge: How to reach the mobile generation

PR Daily

You might not have noticed a major marketing change: For the first time, more potential customers are using mobile devices than desktops to browse the internet. A new demographic has emerged: the mobile generation. Mobile marketing is already a science.

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6 Things for PR Pros to Remember When Pitching Journalists


Twitter might be struggling, but at least one group still finds great value in it: journalists.

What Solos Can Do When Business is Not Good

Solo PR Pro

You took a leap and started your own business. You relished the freedom to create work on your own terms, choosing the type of work you do and how you are compensated for it.

The Sport Of Spelling

HMA Public Relations

Who considers spelling a sport? Well, the 90th Scripps National Spelling Bee was broadcasted on ESPN, so it might have to be added to that category. Click below for more]. The post The Sport Of Spelling appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

5 crucial elements for a winning social media presence

PR Daily

No two social media marketing campaigns should be organized or managed in the same way. Every brand is different, with unique qualities and a specific demographic to target, and there are dozens of tactics you can use to build a following.

To Do Lists for Extreme Extroverts: Make it About Who to Talk to Rather than Things to Do

Maine PR Maven

I admit it. I am an extreme extrovert. I love talking to people, meeting new people, connecting with people and having fun with people. For me, life is about the people I know, the people I admire, and ultimately the people I love. So when I organize my ‘to do’ list as a “People to […].

3 public relations programs that may change the way you do business forever

Axia PR

Discover how an integrated approach can contribute to your success. Many companies have a limited vision of the function of public relations. They use it chiefly for writing news releases for media coverage or spinning information to get them out of trouble.

The whole news publication process has become faster and more efficient for Daimler


Looking forward to self driving cars, reliable green options and other huge developments in the near future, the Automotive industry is fast growing and ever-changing.

4 savvy social media marketing tactics

PR Daily

Leave it to a dating app to demonstrate the instant success a creative social media marketing approach can bring to a new business.

Next Time You’re at an Industry Event, Apply These 5 Simple Rules

PR News

In the course of your career, you’ll have attended dozens if not hundreds of industry events where – if you’re like most human attendees – you’ve exchanged business cards as if by rote, refilled your coffee cup endless times and listened to experts tell you something new as you take notes, tweet and daydream about… Continued. The post Next Time You’re at an Industry Event, Apply These 5 Simple Rules appeared first on PR News Blog.