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Business Wire Celebrates 60 Years of Innovation | Business Wire Blog

Business Wire

Happy 60 th anniversary, Business Wire! We have a lot to celebrate!

Environmentally friendly marketing campaigns

Ronn Torossian

Creating an environmentally friendly marketing campaign not only makes a positive impact on the environment but also helps to promote a business. A marketing strategy like this will address social responsibility and influence the purchasing decisions of customers.


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How to Build a PR Business Case and Justify the Expense


Building a business case for PR resources may seem like a daunting task. From defining the challenges, to requesting the solutions, and finally proposing and justifying the budget your team deserves, there is a lot of ground to cover to prove the value of PR.

PR Tips For Taking Advantage Of Breaking News

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

How can PR agencies keep their clients top-of-mind in a 24-hour media environment? The most effective public relations teams develop strategies to “newsjack” for opportunities to keep pace with the news cycle.

How Startup Leadership Can Inspire the Team to Deliver Results and Become Great

Inspiring the team to do their best, break through barriers and achieve milestones is the core responsibility of the startup leadership. Inspiring people to do great requires installing confidence and the ability to learn from setbacks and failures.

What's the Buzz? September's Top Trends Around Hot Topics on Social Media


See what people were talking about on social this month. US Blog

Trends 258

More Trending

Journalist Relationship Management For More Media Placements


Not all media contact and outreach tools for communicators are created equal.

Competition Among All-in-One PR Software Tools Heats Up [PR Tech Sum]

Sword and the Script

Onclusive adds features, becomes all-in-one PR software tool; Agility PR Solutions adds AI; Q4 releases IR event hosting tool; an odd rebrand by SocialChorus and Dynamic Signal; Intrado rebrands as Notified; Meltwater Q2 earnings.

How to Pitch Your Holiday Story: Tips from Journalists and Influencers


Surprise and delight with your pitches this holiday season. PR Strategy

Interns should do more than work on social media

PR Daily

The assumption that young PR pros only care about TikTok is failing to train the next generation of PR pros.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

Get Ahead With the Most Current Media Database in the Industry


Media relations is one of the PR team’s essential functions, and having access to a reliable and accurate media contact database is a must in today’s dynamic environment.

Tips for using Instagram influencers for ecommerce marketing

Agility PR Solutions

Instagram is the most appropriate platform for both influencer marketing and ecommerce, and interestingly, you can combine both. If you are an ecommerce business, you can work with influencers on Instagram to create strategically-targeted (ad) content for increased engagement and sales.

29 ways to use your social listening tool: top benefits for your brand


Social listening is a buzzword these days, and it's being adopted by more and more businesses. Strangely enough, the focus on the actual use and benefits of the process remains narrow: in most cases, when people talk about social listening, they actually mean brand monitoring

Tools 139

Beam Suntory’s Clarkson Hine highlights the value of writing for comms pros

PR Daily

The communications leader argues that being able to write well, tell compelling stories and grasp the business strategy of your client or organizations are the keys to success.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

UK Media Moves including The Times, How To Spend It, MyLondon and more


Harriet Walker, Fashion Editor at The Times, has returned from leave; Louis Wise joins the FT’s How To Spend It as Acting Commissioning Editor; Laura Withers is now Features Editor at MyLondon. Media Blog

How to Develop Good Social Listening Techniques

PR for Anyone

Make sure to Like and Subscribe to our You Tube Channel by clicking HERE so you know about all of our great videos like this right when they come out. What most people forget about with social media is the “social” part. Are you socially listening to the online conversation?

How To 130

14 ways to PR your personal brand as an industry pro on a budget

Agility PR Solutions

A professional brand is essential in business, especially with online marketing, but it takes time and money. When done right, creating a personal brand will pay dividends for your business by attracting more potential customers. The following branding tactics are possible on a budget.

3 easy ways communicators can support DE&I progress

PR Daily

Even if your role’s not tied to specific equity outcomes, you can still elevate and amplify your colleagues of color. Here’s how to help. Diversity, inclusion and equity is a much larger movement within a company than just its communications. Or at least it should be.

A CHRO’s Perspective on Substance Use in the Workplace: Supportive Strategies to Help Your Workforce Thrive

Speaker: Smita Das, MD, PhD, MPH, Medical Director, Psychiatry and Naj Wright, MBA, C-Suite HR Executive

Through advances in technology and access to care, managers can be empowered to serve as the front line of defense to help identify employee AUD and SUD concerns before they escalate. Understanding AUD and SUD, and providing tools for your workforce to overcome the challenges that they pose, is key to fostering strong mental health at work. Join us for this important how-to discussion.

Media Moves at Rolling Stone & The Daily Beast, Vox Media Acquires Hot Pod as Part of The Verge


Althea Legaspi joins Rolling Stone, Neel Patel hired by The Daily Beast, and more. Media Blog

Media 170

Staging a Home for Charity

PR for Anyone

Make sure to Like and Subscribe to our You Tube Channel by clicking HERE so you know about all of our great videos like this right when they come out. How to Be on TV Shows: Have a good charitable idea? Pitch it to the media!

Marketing and comms decision-makers showing signs of optimism heading into 2022

Agility PR Solutions

We’ve all learned some valuable lessons over the last 18 months, and it’s time to start applying those learnings to getting ready for 2022 in the comms industry. What’s working in the new normal for marketing and communications leaders—and what are they planning to do more of in the year ahead?

NYT’s Jonathan Martin on covering an extraordinary time in politics

PR Daily

The national politics reporter shares with host Lisa Camooso Miller about his work covering Capitol Hill and he thinks about telling stories in these divided times. It’s a particularly opportune moment to catch up with New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin.

Report 129

The Growth PR Playbook

PR and communications now rely on data-driven, real-time, iterative storytelling with metrics that help to manage crises, get ahead of the competition, and impact the bottom line. Learn how to build a Growth PR plan in this Onclusive whitepaper.

These were the top publishers on Facebook in September 2021


Fall is well and truly upon us, but we still need to wrap up September with our rankings of the top publishers on Facebook for September 2021. . As always, we used our API and NewsWhip Spike to gather these rankings, which you can read about on our developer hub.

Upcoming Events for Journalists, Bloggers, and Freelancers


Have some free time as the holidays approach? Add one or more of these events for journalists and bloggers to your calendar. Media Blog

5 reasons why PR and sales teams should work together

Agility PR Solutions

There are so many aspects of business that help it run smoothly, and many of them function independently from one another. But there are also many departments that work best when they work together. Two such departments are the PR and sales teams.

The Museum of PR announces talent show to showcase PR pros’ hidden skills

PR Daily

The special event will take place Nov. 30 with judges from the Page Society, Institute for PR, PR Council and more—all to raise money for the museum. Do you have a hidden talent? Play a musical instrument? Perform magic tricks for your friends and colleagues? Dance when no is watching?

Groups 131

Generating Leads with Facebook: A Guide for Businesses

In this Facebook guide for businesses, we’ll help you strategize with tips and techniques straight from our playbooks. We also let you in on the best practices for improving your lead gen campaigns, starting with a review of your performance metrics.

How to conduct a good interview: 14 go-to interview techniques for journalists

Muck Rack

How to conduct a good interview: 14 go-to interview techniques for journalists

UK Media Moves including The Telegraph, FT, DEADLINE and more


Rohan Banerjee joins arts and culture desk of The Telegraph; Niko Kommenda to be a Reporter with the FT visual stories team; Max Goldbart now International TV Editor at DEADLINE. Media Blog

80 percent of holiday shoppers want brands that understand them

Agility PR Solutions

The overwhelming majority of consumers (80 percent) are more likely to shop with brands that show they understand their needs by sending relevant, personalized offers this holiday season, reveals new consumer research from CX software firm Redpoint Global.