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4 ways to maintain your media relations skills

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Even veteran PR pros have to brush up on their fundamentals from time to time. Here are some ways to grow your media relations skillset and start earning more coverage.

When The CEO Should Be The PR Spokesperson

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Photo by Foto Sushi on Unsplash. Public relations teams and their agencies typically want to advise a CEO directly, and we routinely urge leaders to build a public profile through social media and high-level content. But when should the CEO of a major company serve as its public spokesperson?

The 2 main reasons PR people annoy journalists

Muck Rack

The 2 main reasons PR people annoy journalists


PR Attribution 101 Whitepaper


DISCOVER HOW MEASUREMENT & PLANNING FOR EARNED & OWNED MEDIA IMPACTS YOUR BOTTOM LINE. Public relations professionals aren’t just responsible for creating brand awareness; they’re also required to attribute their efforts to real website traffic, call to actions, and ROI.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Owned Media: How to Create the Best Content

B2B PR Sense

Your B2B PR strategy is much like a clock -- when you take off the face, you come head to head with many moving parts that all work to give you that end result. Each gear has its own job, which is essential to the smooth function of the overall product.

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Assessing Potential Crisis Counselors

Ronn Torossian

No matter the industry, your brand is likely to face some form of PR crisis at one time or another. Surround yourself with the right people, and you stand a far greater chance of riding the wave and surviving the damage.

Crisis 195

Fostering Insurtech Success at GILS 2019

Flack's Revenge

I enjoyed attending the Global Insurtech Leaders Summit – Insurtech Insights in NYC last week. The event featured two days of great sessions and panels led by key execs from startups, carriers, journalists and investors.

Study: Journalists a top source for providing accurate news

PR Daily

Earned media is more important than ever as organizations tackle the problem of fake news and waning public trust. In the current public trust crisis, many are turning to reporters for credibility.

Study 171

Americans say disinformation is a “major” societal problem—is PR to blame?

Agility PR Solutions

Comms pros are fully aware that there’s a media-trust crisis sweeping the nation, but it might be surprising to find out that most Americans think the PR industry is as much a culprit as any other entity for disseminating false information.

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Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

PR’s Critical Role in Search and Social Media Marketing

Meltwater - PR

Digital marketing is a puzzle that brands continue trying to solve. Under that umbrella, they know they need to have a strong search marketing game—and of course, there’s social media marketing… Read More >>>. Enterprise Marketing PR & Comms Media Outreach Social Media

The Social PR Crisis Guide to Trolls

Social PR Chat

“After a recent attack where I sort of slightly lost my usual cool, I thought it would be beneficial to create a mini-guide for wizards on the different types of trolls I have come to observe in the wild interwebs and how to handle them, ” said Cat Howell, Founder and CEO of Eight Loop Social.

Crisis 160

How to make maximum use of micro-influencers

PR Daily

Though these social media icons may have smaller followings, the data suggest audiences are more engaged with these niche figures. Here’s how to capitalize. This article originally appeared on PR Daily in June of 2018. The rise of social media influencers is undeniable.

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Seven PR nightmares you’ll never believe happened

Agility PR Solutions

Public relations is supposed to be a means of managing the spread of information between an organization or an individual and the public. The goal is, more or less, to make the client look good in the public’s eyes. Sometimes, this doesn’t go according to plan.

A Brand Is a Business Risk to be Understood and Managed; Off Script No. 40: Brianna Carroll Boyle

Sword and the Script

Cybersecurity professionals will tell you that the risks associated with a cyber incident go beyond the direct loss of data. It can involve the cost of an investigation into what happened, remediation, legal fees, and regulatory fines, among others. This also brings indirect costs.

11 Social Media KPIs That Will Help You Succeed


Choose the right social media KPIs to achieve your business goals quickly and effectively. Social Media social media analytics Social Media Marketing KPI social media social media KPIs social media marketing

8 ways to build a relationship with freelance reporters

PR Daily

As more journalists are working outside of traditional media companies, PR pros must reconfigure their outreach efforts. Here’s how these new media pros want to be contacted.

Report 171

Small businesses are increasingly using influencers to create social media content

Agility PR Solutions

Letter from Middlesbrough: 13 lessons from Mary Meeker’s 2019 report

Stephen Waddington

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2019 report is a monster. I’ve read all 300+ pages and summarised the stuff you need to know. I’ve no idea if Mary Meeker has ever been to Middlesbrough, the post-industrial town in North Yorkshire, but I doubt it. I’m here for an athletics tournament.

Report 129

Pirates, Data and Storytelling

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. By Elisa Zallio, Junior Account Executive, Hoffman Europe (London) I’d like to tell you about Emilio Salgari.

Data 119

Infographic: How to write irresistible headlines, from A-Z

PR Daily

Read on for an alphabet’s worth of tips to craft zippy, snappy, satisfying story-toppers. An online writer’s primary job is to get the reader to click or scroll down the page.

Five trends shaping the comms strategy of brands in 2019

Agility PR Solutions

We are halfway into 2019, and it is already shaping up to be an excellent year for marketers and communication specialists.

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From Media Royalty, Career Advice for PR Pros in the Margins

PR News

“How many of you in the room have ever felt stuck at some point in your career?” At the opening session of the Public Relations Society of America’s Corporate Communications Conference in New York, dozens of hands went up—most of them women.

How Long Should Your E-Newsletter Be?


The No.1 advice e-newsletter subscribers have for e-zine senders? Keep it short. According e-newsletter usability studies conducted by Nielsen Norman Group’s (NNG), people spend just 51 seconds, on average, with an email newsletter after opening it.

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8 all-too-familiar PR blunders—and ways to avoid them

PR Daily

Nebulous goals, unclear messaging and inadequate media prep are just some of the easily solvable problems that can mar or even undermine your otherwise outstanding campaign. PR campaigns can sputter for any number of reasons, but course corrections are easier than you might think.

As measurement poses challenges, these 3 factors can damage influencer campaigns

Agility PR Solutions

Influencer marketing has dramatically changed—you might even say revolutionized (yep, we said it)—PR’s paid media game, and in the process created a whole new slew of metrics to keep up with.

3 lessons learned from analyzing journalist feedback for a year

Muck Rack

3 lessons learned from analyzing journalist feedback for a year


Autism: How it Affects Communication and the Way People are Working to Improve It

Masters in Communications

Once viewed and addressed as separate disorders, autism spectrum disorder (autism or ASD for short), encompasses a range of conditions that impact an individual’s mental development and how they interact with and perceive others and their surroundings.

How to reduce brand dilution with better stories

PR Daily

How can storytelling help preserve your brand’s value? New research suggests you must protect your brand voice internally to stick out from the crowd.

Brand 170

Do’s and don’ts for managing a PR crisis and protecting your brand

Agility PR Solutions

Businesses are run by humans (for the most part), and humans make mistakes. In most cases, the mistakes are small and simple to fix, but occasionally they have the potential to cause real and lasting damage.

Crisis 126

Which metric should you use to prioritise your target media?

The Resolution Blog

Which metric best prioritises your target media? For many years, monthly unique users or impressions of publisher sites have been used as a way to prioritise media lists. The higher the number the more important the target becomes.

Media 156

What This Late Night Segment With Tom Hanks Reminds Us About Prepping for Media Appearances


What would you do if your client pulled out a sheet of talking points during a live interview? If you’re like many PR pros, then you’d likely be in a state of panic.

Why ‘thought leadership’ is a buzzword PR pros should retire

PR Daily

The term is meaningless without the true leadership behind it. Here are some tactics PR pros should use to build their clients’ reputations. All PR pros hate corporate jargon. We all hate using corporate jargon. Why can’t we all talk to each other like real people?