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Can you really transform your hobby into a business?

Ronn Torossian

It’s a dream of just about everyone who has yet to find a way to make it happen: how can I put my hobby on a paying basis? More to the point, how can I turn my passion into my profession? You can, but you have to be prepared for the possibility that your passion may not seem like so much fun in the process. It takes a massive amount of money, work and luck to get from this A to this B, but … READ MORE ». The post Can you really transform your hobby into a business?

Using Comedy to Enhance Your PR & Communications Skills


I’m a HUGE fan of humor in communications. It keep conversations upbeat, helps to cultivate relationships in a unique way, and forces you to not take yourself too seriously. Because who wants to be around a perpetual SpongeBob-Serious-Pants? To get to the nitty gritty of comedy and how we can apply it to everyday business […]. Musings business skills Comediva comedy Erika Cervantes funny humor improv JW Cheng

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If Storytelling “Comes Naturally,” Why Is It So Hard?

Rock the Status Quo

Storytelling intrigues me. Man has loved to tell–and hear–stories from our earliest days, gathered together over a flickering fire as night falls… Even before fire was discovered.

Want To Work In PR? Take This Quiz

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

If you have experience working with a PR team, or if you have friends in PR, you might be wondering if public relations is a good career path for you. People work in PR for many different reasons: they love media, they have transitioned from journalism; they simply like to write and be creative.Or maybe they’re intrigued by marketing and communications strategy for organizations, or are natural ambassadors and influencers. Each is a legitimate reason to check out a public relations career.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

5 Amazing Facts You Must Know About Facebook Advertising


As a content marketer, you spend tremendous time and money to create content – be it brand awareness, thought leadership or lead generation pieces. And then…no one sees it. To succeed you must get your message in front of the right target audience. It is no longer enough to hope they find it. Hope is a terrible strategy. Instead, we must now actively push our content out to our intended audience. Facebook has over 1 billion active daily users. 1.038 billion in January 2016, to be exact.

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If Storytelling “Comes Naturally,” Why Is It So Hard?

Rock the Status Quo

Storytelling intrigues me. Man has loved to tell–and hear–stories from our earliest days, gathered together over a flickering fire as night falls… Even before fire was discovered. “Storytelling is one of the many things that define and bind our humanity,” according to this article on the history of storytelling. I believe it. It’s a skill worth learning and something we can truly have fun with, if we occasionally let our imaginations out to play.

6 Ways To Grow Earned Media Results In PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

A well-designed public relations campaign can be an asset to any organization. But sometimes the PR team works hard to generate results, then moves on to the next thing. In order to truly optimize the public relations investment, the publicity placements should work as hard as we do. Here are some ways to amplify those hard-earned media outcomes. Promote earned media through paid and direct channels.

3 Facebook Features That Benefit The Media


When Facebook first launched, users searched for classmates and dorm room friends. Now, 63 percent of users (up from 47 percent in 2013) log into their accounts to get the news. In fact, Facebook users are more likely to post and respond to news content than Twitter users. Why the shift? Facebook has understood its role in the media landscape and has leveraged it by adding tools and features for news outlets. And according to the State of the Media 2016 Report , 18.7

How to manage a global PR team with effectiveness


[By Jason Mollica]. Global PR teams are nothing new, but the challenges of a widely dispersed team are ongoing. International growth and team diversity can pose unique challenges, such as cultural and communication differences. But, working in multicultural teams can also offer many rewards and benefits. Being exposed to different ideas and perspectives not only benefits workplace relationships, but it can also lead to improved productivity and business success.

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Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Tips for Helping Law Enforcement Position Itself as the Source of Trust and Credibility in a Crisis

Melissa Agnes

Within the first 30 minutes from the time the bombs went off in the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings, there were reported to be over 500,000 tweets with the hashtag #bostonmarathon alone. That’s half a million tweets containing this one hashtag.

Crisis 154

Essential PR lessons from 40 years in communications

PR Daily

In communications, sound advice is invaluable. Four decades of working as a journalist, internal communications executive, external consultant, university instructor and marketer have provided me with countless nuggets of advice from my various mentors. Emerging PR and marketing pros should always tune in to a mentor’s advice. Here’s a roundup of tips from communicators who have graciously shared their insights with me. Be courageous and honest.

Is Your Influencer Relations Program Failing?


With audiences having so many options for content these days, brands struggle to stand out. Sound familiar to your day-to-day content challenge? To outmaneuver competitors and reach your audience, you must work with third-party advocates. But it’s not a magic bullet. Even brands that launch influencer programs don’t always find immediate success in reaching new audiences and leading real-time conversations. What prevents influencer programs from taking off?

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How to Get Started With Twitter’s Curator Platform


[By Karen Geier]. Twitter has evolved a lot for brands and content creators in the last two years, but Twitter’s latest play might have you looking at the platform in an entirely different way. Enter Twitter Curator – a platform to display tweets, links, and rich media in a way that the entire collection tells one coherent narrative. If you’re looking just to blog or put out long-form content you plan to share on Twitter, Curator is not for you.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

The CMO Survey with Social & Mobile Marketing Takeaways

Sword and the Script

by Frank Strong. Confusion over social and mobile reigns among the ranks of marketers according to the latest edition of The CMO survey by the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. Much like last year’s survey , CMOs said they plan to invest in social, mobile and digital. However, this year, there’s a catch: Much has been made of the disparity between marketing investment in social media and mobile technology and the return on investment (ROI). Here are three examples: 1.

Timing your press release: 3 schools of thought

PR Daily

It's Friday afternoon around 3 p.m., and you have finally finished the press release that you worked on all week. You have major news regarding your organization, and you've spent time crafting the headline, the lede and the perfect quote. The problem is that it's Friday afternoon, and you know that journalists and reporters aren't going to be looking at their email. So, when should you send the press release? That answer varies.

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6 Research-Based Insights About Viral Content


If you’re like me, you probably greet articles about content virality with a healthy dose of skepticism. Of course anyone writing content or posting on social media hopes for the largest possible distribution, but the articles that purport to tell you how to make content go viral are oftentimes less useful than they intend to be.

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The Journey To Earning My APR

The Stalwart Blog

In honor of PRSA’s Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) month, it’s only fitting that I share my journey to obtaining my APR. Fair warning, it wasn’t pretty. In fact, it was ugly, but I overcame many obstacles, learned many things about myself and now have something that I consider my greatest professional accomplishment. It all started in 2012. I decided that I wanted to obtain my APR.

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This is the Edge You Need to Get Ahead

PR News

Have you ever been in a meeting where someone is tuned out, looking down at her phone and nodding her head occasionally to give the impression, however false, that she agrees with what a colleague just said? And has that someone been you? Come on, we’ve all done it – we show up for a… Continued. The post This is the Edge You Need to Get Ahead appeared first on PR News Blog. General agency client relations career internal communication meetings professional development team

8 films for PR and marketing pros

PR Daily

Many communicators are film buffs. If you’re one, you’ll agree that finding a film that can entertain you while teaching you industry lessons is like hitting the jackpot. Spotlight”—the film about reporters at The Boston Globe who broke the story on misconduct in the Catholic Church—recently won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Its popularity got me thinking of other must-watch films for PR and marketing pros. Here’s a list to which I’m sure you can add: 1.

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3 Factors to Measure During a Crisis


When a crisis hits, it’s easy to assume you’re taking on water. But before you start bailing your brand out, you need to know whether or not your brand is truly sinking. If you react before you have the proper context, you could make the issue worse. So how can you gauge the true impact of a crisis on your brand? Media intelligence can help you understand the discussion surrounding the crisis so you can determine how best to act – or whether you need to act at all.

New TrendKite Feature Announcement: On-Demand Dashboards


Last week, you saw us release Suggestions. We designed Suggestions to help abstract away a layer of complexity in media monitoring (speaking in IF, AND, NOT jargon), and evolve into a more human realm of calling things what they are: a company, a competitor, a crisis, an executive. Today, we further streamline media monitoring with the release of on-demand dashboards , that center around your most common questions and needs. Featured Product Updates

PR automation: 5 repetitive tasks that are holding you back


The main question to ask yourself when you start your working day is: how will I add value? How will what I do help my business, my clients, and the business of my clients? Unfortunately it isn’t that simple. Everyday mind-numbing tasks get in the way of doing what makes a difference. This is especially true for young people that are just getting started in the PR business. Many of them get tasked with repetitive tasks that suck the fun out of their jobs.

Expand your business with 5 creativity tactics

PR Daily

With so much PR and marketing advice floating around online, it’s important that you stick to the most essential information. Focusing on “ the essential ” can bring peace of mind—and can help you develop your business. Business growth is not necessarily about getting more of everything. Instead, think of it as focusing your efforts to get more meaningful results. Here are five ways to boost your business online: 1. Step up your social media game.

4 Mistakes That Will Keep You From Being a Resource for a Reporter


Being quoted by a reporter or blogger is one of the best ways to get media attention with minimal effort. Now, just because it’s not overly complicated doesn’t mean there isn’t a right and a wrong way of doing it. I’ve been on both sides: I’ve been quoted by the media, and I’ve gotten quotes from people for articles I’ve written. Let me tell you, most people don’t put much attention on the process, and as a result, they don’t get to take advantage of that opportunity of being quoted.

Actually, There’s NOT an Email Blast for That

Shift Communications

Recently, a friend living in Singapore shared an article with me that resonates deeply. Published by Tech in Asia and authored by Onboardly director of public relations Crystal Richard, the piece is titled “ How the role of PR has gone from being a distributor to a connector.”. Suffice it to say, I highly encourage you to take the 5-10 minutes necessary to digest Crystal’s thesis.

The Public Relations Punchline: SO WHAT? WHO CARES?

Reputation Us

I’ll confess, often when I am in a meeting with a client I am thinking, “So what? Who cares?” But I assure you, it is for the betterment of our client communications. At LT Public Relations , we address these questions with every client, whether we are working on a crisis communications strategy, or a public relations plan for long-term reputation management. “So So what + Who cares?”

5 PR lessons from ‘House of Cards’

PR Daily

Frank Underwood lies, cheats and steals—but he’s also a goldmine of PR wisdom. The notoriously praised, self-made potentate is America’s president in the hit Netflix series “House of Cards.”. He might have murdered a few innocents and possibly stepped on a sea of toes in his rise to glory, but behind that impenetrable façade—where his soul should be—there are witty, quotable snippets of public relations wisdom. Here are a few (surprisingly) good PR tips, courtesy of Underwood: 1.

5 Tips for Leveraging Influencers in Real Time


Word travels fast on the Internet, and if you don’t jump on the opportunity to enter a trending conversation, you’ll be left behind, struggling to keep up. For breaking news, special events or trending topics, your brand needs to own the conversation and establish authority on the subject. But how? Influencers can put your brand in front of the right audience and help you mobilize them.

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6 Steps for a Better Media Pitch List

Beyond PR

Targeting your media outreach is arguably one of the most important facets of a successful PR program. By not targeting the right contacts, your perfect pitch can fall on deaf ears. To avoid this pitfall and earn media coverage, you must give thought to every media list, tailoring it to the appropriate audience for each story or piece of content you launch. This list-building process can seem overwhelming, but effective planning will cut down on the guesswork.

A PRo is Always in Game Shape


Maybe it’s because my beloved Tar Heels are playing in the NCAA championship… Maybe it’s because I now look fondly back on the better part of my college career playing hoops… Maybe it’s because my husband is a high school basketball coach, and we watch a lot of games. I mean, A LOT… Basketball is […]. Accreditation in Public Relations APR Examination knowledge sports test

How to master media relations in the digital age

PR Daily

Traditional media outlets are often cast aside in today’s digital-focused news consumption cycle. Despite what PR pros might think, millions of Americans still consume news that is originally reported and produced by traditional publications. Although it’s important to focus on maximizing social media , today's PR pros shouldn’t forget about “old media,” which still play a vital role in modern journalism.