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How to Amplify Public Relations With Virtual Reality


Imagine a future where virtual reality is utilized to tell more effective stories, change narratives, and even shift entire brand strategies. It’s been all the buzz lately, but access to this exciting, new technology is an enigma for most.

Join #PRStudChat for the “Millennials in the Workforce” Twitter Chat on July 19th

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In 2015, a Newsweek article quoted Anthony Carnevale, director and research professor from Georgetown University’s Center on Education who stated, “The millennial generation is still lagging in the workplace, just as it did last year.

New Rules That Every PR Person Should Know

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Both the practice and business of public relations has grown enormously in recent years. The Holmes Report estimates the global PR industry at $14.2 billion, up from $13.5 billion in 2014. It’s expected to reach $20 billion by the year 2020.

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How to Write Press Release Headlines That People Actually Read

B2B PR Sense

In thinking about how to prepare this post, I couldn't help but remember the 2006 Samuel Jackson movie, Snakes on a Plane. The name of the movie always makes me squirm because it gives away just how awful the plot line is by providing a correspondingly awful title.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Crisis Management for Influencers

Ronn Torossian

A brand must be prepared for a possible reputation crisis caused by its influencers or spokespeople. To be as prepared as possible, here are some steps to take should a reputation crisis occur. Alerts It’s a simple and easy step, but oftentimes, one that gets forgotten. Find an alert system that works for you. There are a variety of options: free alert systems, paid ones, comprehensive systems, but decide on one and get it functioning.

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Behind the Headlines With Daniel Sieger


If your story isn’t clear and simple, your audience won’t pay attention. So how can you ensure you make an impact? Daniel Sieger, senior vice president of brand strategy at Cengage, says instead of explaining all the details, give your audience an idea of what you stand for.

How to Develop B2B Case Studies That Actually Convert

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Case studies have a huge potential to convert. However, the term doesn't really lend itself to a whole lot of excitement. Memories of term papers or scientific papers laden with field jargon might immediately come to mind.

Subtext: What do polite phrases in English and American really mean?

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Click on the image to watch on YouTube the wonderful subtextual meanings between Annie Hall and Alvy play out as subtitles.

7 Bad PR Habits To Break Right Now

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It’s a cliché that the public relations relations business needs better PR for itself, but did you ever wonder why it suffers from an image problem? Sometimes it’s due to the bad habits of those who practice PR.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Behind the Headlines With Kathy Walsh


Not every platform or tactic will be right for your brand. Don’t waste time and effort on something that won’t help you. Instead, you must determine where you will get the most results and focus on that instead. But how?

4 'Absolutely Fabulous' PR lessons

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If you’re in PR and haven’t watched the BBC comedy series “ Absolutely Fabulous ” (Ab Fab), then you’re missing the best belly laughs you’ve had in years. Lucky for you, the British comedy has come to the big screen.

Public relations struggling with the content avalanche

Shift Communications

Public relations as it was, as it had been prior to the past decade, is dead. The idea that we can simply pick up the phone, call a journalist, earn a placement, and see massive impact is gone.

Infographic: A Winning Mindset and Approach to Crisis

Melissa Agnes

What does it take to implement a #crisisready culture? For starters, it takes approaching crisis management and crisis preparedness with the right mindset. Following is a little infographic that depicts what I’m talking about.

5 Things To Know About Facebook’s Algorithm Change


” To help make sure you don’t miss the friends and family posts you are likely to care about, we put those posts toward the top of your News Feed.” ” – Adam Mosseri, VP, Product Management, (Facebook) News Feed.

10 media relations essentials

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An unsolicited marketing email can feel like a bad pickup line. There you are, minding your own business, when out of the blue an unwanted, awkwardly worded email appears in your inbox. Perhaps you feel obligated to respond politely, but often it feels more like an imposition than an opportunity.

Social Sharing Fills Different Needs than Search; Unscripted Marketing

Sword and the Script

Sometimes contrast is better than comparison because it advances our understanding of marketing and communication channels. Contrast clarifies the motivational differences between search and social. We search for content that is useful. We share content that is interesting or entertaining.

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Expert Communications - San Diego Police style

The Stalwart Blog

San Diego's received widespread national attention recently for a sadistic killer who had critically injured and murdered several homeless individuals living in the city streets. Shocking, senseless and scary are the descriptors that immediately come to mind.

How to Spark Interest and Earn Media from Influencers


The average person spends more than four hours browsing the internet each day…and that doesn’t include time spent on mobile. The temptation to keep scrolling through a social media feed or online newsroom can be hard to fight, especially if you’re can’t find what you’re looking for.

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5 ways to market your personal brand

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You—not your company, not your company’s product or service, YOU—are a brand. And though you‘re employed, you never know when that will change, so it’s vital to make certain your personal brand is as good as it can be. This goes doubly in an age where everything we do goes online and stays there.

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The Media Power of Game of Thrones


The Game of Thrones series has been a cultural phenomenon since it first aired in 2011 on HBO and year after year it continues to shatter records. Fans continue to evangelize more viewers, and the media amplifies each season with the latest plot twists, fan theories, recaps, and more.

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We need to stop saying “My team”

Communications Conversations

I want to talk about a little thing that’s been bugging me lately. It’s not a big thing. It’s not really all that critical to my overall life satisfaction. But, it’s bugging me. Nagging at me. Consistently. It revolves around how people talk about their work teams.

Behind the Headlines With Sheila Long O’Mara


In today’s digitally-focused world, it may feel like you need to be publishing content constantly, but quicker is not always better. Sheila Long O’Mara, content manager at Steinreich Communications Group, says you need to have a plan for your content in order to be successful.

4 reasons why PR and SEO must work together

PR Daily

Public relations and search engine optimization have more in common than being endeavors most people just don’t understand. If you invest in PR or SEO for your agency or organization, it’s important to understand how the two work together, how they overlap and how they differ.

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Best Practices for PR Newsletters (And a Special Announcement)


Let’s face it, few people spend the time you do reading the news, watching for announcements in your industry, or even referring to the press center to see what their own company is up to.

Kindred and Skeptical: Personas that Buy PR Firm Services

Sword and the Script

There are three types of buyer personas that buy PR firm services: 1) Kindred Spirits 2) Arm’s Length and 3) Been Burned. Those are the findings from research by Drew McLellan and the Agency Management Institute titled, 2015 Agency Hiring & Firing Insights.

3 Ways to Measure Brand Sentiment Effectively


Every day, people both online and offline are talking about your brand. If you’re not listening to those conversations, your reputation could be at stake. You need to monitor both social and traditional media to understand your brand’s place in the overall industry conversation.

Snapchat ‘Memories’ enable brand managers to repurpose content

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There’s good news for social media managers who use Snapchat: Soon, not everything has to be produced on the fly. The platform’s recently introduced “Memories”, which allows users to post pre-produced videos to its “Stories” section.

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Mailchimp and ISEBOX, Sitting In a Tree…


You love Mailchimp. So do we. And that’s why we created an ISEBOX to Mailchimp integration that allows you to take your ISEBOX Content Room and distribute it in all its beautiful perfection using Mailchimp’s mail distribution platform. It’s super simple to use.

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With 6 Toddlers Dead, What Should IKEA’s Next Steps in Crisis Management Be?

Melissa Agnes

IKEA has been in the news lately in association with six toddlers’ deaths. Not something any organization wants to be associated with.

Let Freedom Ring: 3 Marketing Tasks to Automate


This month, freedom is on all our minds. While Independence Day may be more about securing our freedom from England back in the day, as PR and communication professionals, we can also celebrate strategies to free up our time so that we can focus on running our campaigns smoothly.

8 recipes for mouth-watering content

PR Daily

Content marketing is still one of the hottest forms of marketing communications out there, but getting the right mix can be tricky. There’s no doubt that the state of content marketing is strong: · 77 percent of marketers are now using content marketing. ·

Does it matter where your PR agency is located?

Media Bullseye

Whether an agency’s location really matters has been an interesting question for me for years. While I’d been doing public affairs-related work for years, my first “official” PR job was at FleishmanHillard, which is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.