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6 Marketing and Sales Tactics to Avoid Like the Plague


When you’re a busy entrepreneur, there’s nothing worse than having your time wasted. A lot of frustration can occur as a result of others’ carelessness and disregard for your busy schedule and crowded inbox. Many sales and marketing professionals continually … Continued.

Announcing Cision Social Edition and Cision PR Edition!


We’re excited to realize the next step in our ongoing mission to innovate the content marketing, social and PR spaces with the release of two new products: the Cision PR Edition and Cision Social Edition.

When You Want to Get the Inside Scoop on #Snapchat, Ask a 20-Year Old

PR Expanded

I belong to Gen X and touch the border of a Baby Boomer. We’re clearly not the demographic using Snapchat. Of course, as a communications professional, it’s my job to learn, understand and be able to help my clients when they ask questions about new social media channels and apps.

Why Your Brand is Stuck in a Rut and What to Do


We were called into a script meeting to fix someone else’s work. It was billed as a brainstorming meeting and it included the senior execs of the production company along with the CEO. What became clear though was the CEO wasn’t looking so much for solutions as he was looking for an audience. Nervous employees laughed at everything he said and anything that he didn’t suggest was met with stony silence or shot down. It was a complete waste of everyone’s time.

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Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Off to the Social Tools Summit

Flack's Revenge

I am very much looking forward to attending the Social Tools Summit (#SocialTools15) in Boston next Tuesday, where I will be moderating a session on content marketing.

Tools 241

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Creating Contagious Content for Moms: What Brands Need to Know


If your brand targets moms, your social media strategy may need a major overhaul, according to a recent study conducted by Yummy Mummy Club (YMC) in Canada. Brands still think that pushing out stories about how great they are will resonate with moms,” Erica Ehm , the founder of YMC, told me.

Brand 187

What Really Goes on in Frank Giustra’s Plane


A new book called Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer throws shade on the Clintons and questions the philanthropic motivations of Canadian billionaire Frank Giustra. Schweizer can’t claim to know what really goes on in Giustra’s jet. He has even admitted he has no proof. But I do.

Blogger Pitch Smackdown: SEO Linkbuilders vs. PR Pros

Rock the Status Quo

The Differences in Pitch Style & Purpose Are Helpful to Understand I love PR, I love SEO and I really love how well they intersect to grow client reach and conversion.

SEO 186

How to Engineer the Perfect PR Metric


It probably seems like a gross exercise in hubris (or click-bait) to say that this post will give you the “perfect” PR metric. After all, there are plenty of books and posts and miscellaneous expositions claiming the same.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

The ultimate list of blog post ideas

PR Daily

What if I told you that you never have to face writers block again? The days of staring blankly at a white Microsoft Word screen are over, and it’s all thanks to “The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas.”.

How Airlines Like Delta Hold Parents Hostage

Sword and the Script

by Frank Strong. One of the first questions I remember Delta’s website asked me when booking travel was my daughter’s age. She’s 4. One fact of that experience I won’t soon forget was that despite having her age, Delta assigned my daughter a seat on our flight 11 rows away.

Branding in the Social Stream

Shift Communications

When was the last time you hopped online thinking, “Time to engage with some of my favorite brands”? If you’re human, the answer is likely “never.”. You never log-on to your favorite social media sites to interact specifically with brands.

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Drive Blog Traffic With These 4 Content Marketing Tools


When it comes to content marketing, there’s a lot of “been there, done that” out there. After all, everyone’s blogging, so how can you stand out?

How a new haircut (and everything else) is about marketing

PR Daily

I got a haircut last week. My stylist lopped off eight inches of hair. Eight inches. I sucked in my breath when she handed me the first wet, orphaned clump. Too late now, I said, as she kept right on snipping. She shaped my formerly long, somewhat unruly auburn locks into a sassy, wavy bob.

Curiosity Didn’t Kill the Cat; It Took Us to the Moon

Reputation Us

I recently celebrated a birthday, and as I plod my way through my 30s I find myself in a unique position. Not quite a Millennial and not fully ingrained as a Gen Xer, I often look in both directions trying to balance the lessons learned by those who have come before and the savvy, new […].

PR Needs to Delve Deep(er) into Digital Video

Shift Communications

Last week, I was afforded the chance to wear a sharp suit coat and attend a Publicity Club of New York luncheon on the rise of digital video. This isn’t an ad-tech post. Please come back.)

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5 Ways to Spice Up Your B2B Content Marketing


What’s Cinco de Mayo without some spicy salsa—extra cilantro, please—tortilla chips, pico and guac? Not much of a Cinco, I’d venture. The spice is what makes the day, not to mention cultural traditions like folklorico dancers, piñatas and mariachi bands. The same holds true with your B2B brand.

4 PR lessons from 'Modern Family'

PR Daily

With a cast of hilarious characters and creative, comedic scenarios, it is no surprise that the television show "Modern Family" has become a favorite for many TV viewers.

How Small, Fast-Moving Companies Use Social Media

The Proactive Report

We all know that most companies are using social media now. However, exactly how they’re using it is not general knowledge. Someone who knows these insider insights is Dr. Nora Ganim-Barnes of the University of Dartmouth.

There’s No One Path to Agency or Industry Life

Shift Communications

As with many industries these days, people come to agency life from all walks. I can personally attest to this after making my way from the world of college athletics (not as an athlete, mind you # NARP ) to SHIFT this past year. And I’m not alone.

Agency 159

Who Earned the Most Buzz at PR News’ PR Measurement Conference?


In the lead up to April’s PR News’ PR Measurement Conference , the social discussion was relatively neutral and quiet. Once the first speaker stepped to the microphone, however, the online buzz began. The one-day Washington D.C. event had 1,433 total social messages from 699 unique authors.

Avoid these 11 content marketing mishaps

PR Daily

If you're developing digital content in any capacity, you've probably run across some of the following advice: Develop a content strategy. Entertain, don't sell. Write "good" content. It's laughable how useless some of this advice is.

The Social Media Cocktail Party Strategy

The Proactive Report

Have you ever walked into one of those networking/cocktail parties at a conference? You know, the one with a couple thousand people in the room all talking at the same time? It can be scary! You probably look for someone you know and hang out with them.

A Surprising Lesson from GE on B2B Branding

Ishmael's Corner

In preparation for our storytelling workshops , we request that participants complete some light homework. We often ask them what B2B company does a particularly good job in building its brand and public profile. With rare exception, GE wins this unaided awareness test.

B2B 131

#InnovateNow With Mari Smith: Involve Audiences in Content Creation


The proliferation of owned media. The democratization of voice through social. Media’s evolving landscape. New ways to accurately measure and track PR’s value. The PR and social media landscapes have changed so much in such a short period of time.

8 of the worst press release mistakes

PR Daily

As much as I would love for the press release to die, it’s still a very effective tool when used correctly. As Mickie Kennedy from eReleases wrote last month, Google has saved your news release. Gone are the days of keyword-stuffing to make certain you rank high in search results.

7 Ideas for Building a Digital Tribe

The Proactive Report

Communication is all about delivering the right message to the right audience. In fact, some PR experts say addressing the wrong public is the cause of 99% of PR failures.

Agency Life 101: Annie Perkins, Vice President

Shift Communications

From time to time, we like to open a window into what life is like here at SHIFT. We pride ourselves on our smart, dedicated culture. This week, we check in with Annie Perkins , a Vice President in our Boston office.

Agency 128

#InnovateNow With Aaron Lee: Customize Platforms to Audiences


The proliferation of owned media. The democratization of voice through social. Media’s evolving landscape. New ways to accurately measure and track PR’s value. The PR and social media landscapes have changed so much in such a short period of time.

Mobile 245

Has traditional PR wisdom gone out the window?

PR Daily

Tears are always the best. Other acceptable forms include nervous laughter, your jaw tightening and releasing, long silences with an uncomfortable smile or when you excuse yourself for no reason and return with a Kleenex. Nothing is better than tears, though. It means I’ve done what I was sent to do.

2015 State of the News Media Report

The Proactive Report

Pew Research released their 2015 State of the Media report this week. And the major takeaway is mobile, mobile, mobile. 39 of the top 50 digital news websites have more traffic to their sites and associated applications coming from mobile devices than from desktop computers says the report.

Report 191

People. Process. Product. The Engine of LTPR

Reputation Us

“PR is a process, not a destination” – Part 2 of a three part series. Last quarter I confessed that I am hooked on CNBC’s “The Profit.” As a business owner, I glean countless tips and strategies from the show to incorporate into our professional services.