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The New Marriage between Paid and PR

The Resolution Blog

Within the PR and advertising industries, there’s often talk about the PESO model (paid, earned, shared, and owned media). We group these different forms of media together in a catchy acronym, but they are they working seamlessly?

Influential or influencer? What’s the difference?

Muck Rack

Influential or influencer? What’s the difference


Why and how to replace musty PR jargon with clear, precise language

PR Daily

Fluff, puffery and linguistic sleight of hand could be undermining your credibility—and harming your career. Watch for these weasel words and phrases that could come back to bite you. As language evolves, grotesque creatures can take shape.

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Influencers are the new celebrities—so who are you influencing?

Agility PR Solutions

They’re everywhere. They always seem to look flawless, even if they insist that there’s #nofilter or FaceTune. They’re on the beach at a very chic resort-on-stilts in Polynesia, getting paid to be on vacation.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Can PR Take Ownership Of Reputation?

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

In business as in life, reputation is everything. Few corporate CEOs will deny that a company’s reputation colors every aspect of business, including marketing, talent recruitment, employee relations, shareholder relations, and the customer experience. In fact, the 2017 U.S.

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The future of PR: an interview with Maja Pawinska Sims

Stephen Waddington

I caught up with The Holmes Report’s EMEA editor to find out what we can expect for the PR industry in 2020. An interview with Maja Pawinska Sims is a rite of passage for anyone in the PR industry. A call from Maja puts you on your wits but her contribution to the industry makes it a better place.

How PR pros see their budgets changing in 2020

PR Daily

As communicators try to forecast their coming year, some are planning to increase investment in technology. Others look to hire new team members. Everyone is counting on change. How will PR pros invest their precious budget dollars in 2020?

Influencer Marketing Strategy Is Changing: How to Adapt

B2B PR Sense

Influencer marketing strategy , although being fairly new to the B2B marketing mix, has changed a lot since its first use, particularly in the B2B space. What's different in the B2B marketing strategy? How can you use it to its best advantage in your own strategy?

Essential Skills Every Marketing Professional Should Always Be Improving

Ronn Torossian

In any profession, there are countless opportunities for continuing education. And rightfully so — every industry is constantly evolving and requires new things from those that work in them.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Executive Bylines: 5 Tips for Working with a Ghostwriter

Meltwater - PR

As an executive, it's important to distribute more content across all channels. By sharing your thought leadership on LinkedIn and other social media, your company website/blog, or through bylines on… Read More >>>. Enterprise Executives Marketing PR & Comms Content Marketing Social Media

4 tips for finding fantastic free photos

PR Daily

Your content deserves engaging, dynamic images to capture readers’ imaginations. Finding quality photos that are free to repurpose takes a little extra effort. The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” still rings true in the digital age.

How Burger King won McDonald’s’ cancer-awareness campaign—and 3 top takeaways for PR

Agility PR Solutions

Avis Car Rental famously proclaimed back in the classic marketing days, “We’re number two. We try harder.”

Essential Skills Every Marketing Professional Should Always Be Improving

Ronn Torossian

In any profession, there are countless opportunities for continuing education. And rightfully so — every industry is constantly evolving and requires new things from those that work in them.

3 Alternate Viewpoints You Should Read on the Death of the CMO [UML]

Sword and the Script

Over the course of the summer, a few changes to the CMO role at high profile companies have caused some to conclude the role is on its way out. It’s a trend, they say. The biggest proponents of this view have been the marketing trade publications.

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3 tips to catapult your B2B content and news past the noise

PR Daily

Business communicators are not only competing with rivals within a particular sector but also seeking to cement trust with their audiences. Authenticity and visuals are key elements.

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5 steps for successfully promoting a new podcast

Agility PR Solutions

So you’ve decided to start a podcast. An increasingly popular marketing strategy, podcasting seems to be having its moment in the sun in the world of social media.

When is the best time to pitch in 2019? [Check out this infographic]

Muck Rack

When is the best time to pitch in 2019? Check out this infographic

Must-Have Checklist: Managing Email Marketing

Critical Mention

Whether or not you’re new to the marketing scene, mastering the art of email marketing is an excellent way to generate ROI, feature your organization’s products and build brand exposure. Your campaigns should all be responsive and informative in order to catch the eye of today’s email recipients.

Expert guidance to prep your spokesperson—before a crisis hits

PR Daily

It takes more than just memorizing a script. Here’s how to handle tough questions in a thoughtful, genuine and safe manner. In the world of media training and media interviews, there are some serious flaws you should avoid at all costs—especially when you must do a media interview during a crisis.

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Agencies and marketers find common ground—and challenges—in MarTech

Agility PR Solutions

As in many industries, marketing technology seems to be moving faster than marketers’ ability to stay on top of the advancements. In fact, many comms pros are just starting to figure it all out—or feel they’re being altogether left behind.

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How will automation and technology shape the future of the workforce?


The rise of artificial intelligence and its continued influence on nearly every industry is clear, but who is driving the conversation about automation in the workforce? We dove into the data to find out.

4 Ways to Avoid PR Disasters

Critical Mention

If there’s one skill that is critical for almost all public relations pros, it’s mastering the art of dodging PR disasters. Encountering them is inevitable for those within the industry at some point in their careers. However, some of the pros make it look very easy to manage.

How PR entities can woo and retain top-flight Gen Z interns

PR Daily

The up and coming generation is cut from different cloth, compared with its predecessors. Their preferred career paths and workplace interactions hark back to Baby Boomers’ ways.

Businesses seek clarity in ESG and sustainability reporting standards

Agility PR Solutions

Study Reveals Impact of Cyberattacks on Consumer Confidence, Corporate Reputation

Reputation Us

ReputationUs (RepUs) and DHM Research released results from a first-of-its-kind study during Cybersecurity Awareness Month (October) that examines the effects of cyberattacks on corporate reputation and consumer confidence. The study, conducted in September 2019, surveyed 562 adults in Oregon.

Video – What is Crisis Governance; Interview with John Tishler

The Stalwart Blog

David: Hey, welcome to another edition of the Public Relations Security videocast, where we talk to experts in all aspects of crisis management and crisis PR. I’m really privileged that we’ve got John Tishler from Sheppard Mullin. John, thanks so much for the time. Really appreciate it.

Amazon comms exec extols bite-size messages

PR Daily

‘We absolutely have to make our content snackable,’ Kristin Graham tells a packed conference audience. Stats show the alarming level of distraction, but she offers key ways to break through. . About half your audience will stop reading your message after 111 words—about 40 seconds’ time.

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Marketing Minute 3: Create a Message Map

Maine PR Maven

A message map is the foundation of all our public relations and marketing programs for clients. It includes a key message at its center that is 21 words in length. It takes seven seconds to say 21 words out loud.

New Tech Products and New Features for PR Pros; PR Tech Sum: Agility, Meltwater, Prezly, Business Wire, Onclusive, Intrado, Cision and TVEyes

Sword and the Script

The solution providers serving the PR and communications space have been busy. There were more product releases in September than in any other month, since I started tracking a list of 30 or so vendors about six months ago.

How to create your content marketing plan in 5 steps

Agility PR Solutions

A business that doesn’t implement a content marketing plan is walking on thin ice. Whether they succeed or fail, it’s all just a matter of luck. The worst thing is, you risk all your efforts going to waste.

7 ways to become a better workplace listener

PR Daily

Approach conversations with the goal of learning something, ask thoughtful, open-ended questions, and use your ears more than your mouth. There’s a reason we have two ears and just one mouth. The problem, for most of us, is that we prefer speaking over listening.

5 Reasons Why Gaming Is the Next Big Brand Opportunity

Meltwater - PR

Let's face it. Social media platforms are crowded and building a brand on these platforms is becoming more challenging by the day. For forward-thinking brand marketers, it's time to look… Read More >>>. Enterprise Marketing PR & Comms Branding Social Media

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