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A journalist dissects a lousy pitch and a good one

PR Daily

Culled from a recent PR Daily webinar, this analysis can help PR pros avoid the lethal missteps that send story offerings straight to the trash bin. Land that coveted coverage with this advice. This article originally appeared on PR Daily in March of 2018.

12 recent AP style changes

PR Daily

Abiding by journalists’ preferred writing rulebook is a huge first step toward getting your pitch read. Heed these fresh updates. Keeping pace with AP Stylebook guidance is a tremendous way to catch a journalist’s eye.

Does Artificial Intelligence Have a Place in Public Relations?

Ronn Torossian

The term “artificial intelligence” may call to mind more imagery of robots than useful algorithms. Like it or not, artificial intelligence, or AI, has become an integral part of today’s society.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Take the “FEEL” Test First, Before You Communicate

PR Expanded

Here’s a simple test for you to take, and it all comes down to a series of questions about how you FEEL before you communicate. When you FEEL this means you’re able to Face Fears , communicate with Empathy , use Ethics and good judgment and discover how much you Love your mission.

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Are audiences ready for longer content on social media?

PR Daily

Social platforms are making plays for more advertiser dollars, but should brand managers jump on the opportunity? A new report from eMarketer offers some guidance. Just a few years ago, video on these platforms was all about the short and sweet.

4 Modern PR Skills Worth Mastering

Ronn Torossian

Public relations is changing, for the better, in many interesting ways. Using today’s technology, we have better ways to plan campaigns and measure the results. We also have more channels to connect with customers.

What to Do When Pitching Feels Like Following an Old Recipe


When I question PR practitioners about their pitching habits, they often respond in the same way. It goes like this: After I ask “Why do you introduce yourself in the first sentence?” or “Why are you including everyone’s job title?”

How To Get A Fast Start On Your PR Program

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

For PR agencies, winning new business is an imperative for growth, but it’s o nly half the battle. For those of us who work with entrepreneurial businesses, or really any result-oriented company, the next pressure point is a strong start.

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Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Infographic: 5 types of emails every organization should use

PR Daily

Email marketing is economical and effective—but marketers worry about overloading readers. Here are the basic approaches that you should consider sending your customers. Email is still an effective marketing channel, but it’s crucial that marketers exercise caution when reaching out online.

Mind the gap—how PR can move more women into leadership positions

Agility PR Solutions

It’s well documented that men hold the vast majority of CEO positions in the top PR agencies, with some estimates topping nearly 80 percent. In an industry that is predominantly women, this makes the gap between men and women especially pronounced.

5 Lessons PR Pros Can Learn from Game of Thrones

Shift Communications

It’s time to face the music: Winter is not coming, winter is here (we are based in Boston, after all!). However, spring – and with it the premiere of Game of Throne’s last season– is just around the corner. Based on the best-selling novels by George R.

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Overcoming the Terror of Impromptu Public Speaking


If your boss asks you to deliver spontaneous remarks at a work event, will you be ready? As The Wall Street Journal reported, impromptu pitches, toasts and talks far outnumber planned presentations in the workplace.

Infographic: A guide to Instagram marketing

PR Daily

Before you can start converting scrollers into customers on any social media platform, you must understand how to create a successful campaign. Consider these insights. There are many benefits for having your product or service on Instagram.

Personalize or perish—how your brand can improve its customer communications

Agility PR Solutions

ICYMI, personalization in communications is significantly impacting customer loyalty—and new research from fintech customer communications firm Broadridge Financial Solutions reveals the true extent of the damage when it’s not used properly.

18 a Day: RESET Sells 3,300 Copies in 1st Six Months


RESET, as it looks on Amazon UK today (insert “Early Retirement Plan” after “Unconventional” for the full book title). Was it really six months ago to th is day that I self-published my first book?

How to develop a process for onboarding and managing influencers

Communications Conversations

When it comes to influencer marketing, a lot of the content I’ve read over the last year or so has focused on one of two areas: How to SELECT influencers that are right for your brand; and how to MEASURE success once you’ve engaged these influencers.

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4 ways to make a splash on Instagram

PR Daily

To make a splash on Instagram, you should turn to videos, use hashtags in moderation and decide what you want to accomplish before you interact—or measure. Instagram has roughly 1 billion active users per month, and 71 percent of organizations have presences on the mobile, visual platform.

Why multicultural audiences are key in a fragmented media landscape

Agility PR Solutions

Our studies demonstrate that market research is not driving insights regarding the effectiveness of new media platforms. As a result, advertisers are finding it increasingly difficult to plan media buys that will engage target consumers in a fragmented media landscape.

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Inbound PR With Iliyana Stareva

The Resolution Blog

We were excited to catch up with inbound expert Iliyana Stareva on the PR Resolution Podcast to chat about her new book and how inbound is going to affect the world of PR.

Dispelling 6 Myths PR Sometimes has about Content Marketing

Sword and the Script

Some time ago I pitched a reporter, who was looking for sources, on social media for a client. The pitch was about a study they had done. The reporter responded she hadn’t seen the study yet and would review it. She did review it and ended up writing about it too.

Why you should not avoid confrontation in a crisis

PR Daily

Many organizations try to “stay above the fray” when responding to spurious allegations, but sometimes you must speak out. Consider these tips. A PR colleague and I recently discussed a common PR problem: What can PR teams do to combat the online rumor mill?

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4 in 5 workers say diverse leadership increases company revenue

Agility PR Solutions

Studies show that diversity in businesses increases revenue by 19 percent and company performance and productivity by up to 35 percent. But what does diversity mean to full-time employees and how many businesses are investing in diverse workplaces?

Letter from London: hold bad news for Monday

Stephen Waddington

Podcast creation, dissertation topics, beautiful decks, news management, organic social, fake news report and a new badge. It’s been unusually warm in London this week. The most frequently asked question of houseboat dwellers is how do you cope with the cold?

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How to Successfully Manage a Global Newsroom


The concept of an online newsroom is nothing new to communicators. While content may differ from one organization to another, the premise is the same: a communications hub that connects the organization with its audiences.

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5 essential traits of every content strategy

PR Daily

Do you have the right team in place and an accurate assessment of your current strategy? Here are some tips to help you find your content marketing sweet spot. Are you having trouble producing enough content? Do you want to do more with a smaller staff?

How to build a PR crisis-management team—before crisis strikes

Agility PR Solutions

When a PR crisis hits, that is not the time to start building a response team. You need to have some of those key people in place when the crisis hits, so you can respond quickly and effectively before the situation escalates.

#MediaMonday – Kim Quintero

HMA Public Relations

Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from Arizona’s Family’s own Kim Quintero. So, Kim, time to share! Tell us how you got your start in journalism? Tell […]. The post #MediaMonday – Kim Quintero appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Media Monday

How To Detect The Risk Of Negative Virality

Melissa Agnes

A common fear when it comes to issue and crisis management is the uncertainty around virality. Which makes sense. Nobody wants the unwelcome surprise of having an otherwise seemingly insignificant issue go viral * against their organization.

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Infographic: 21 writing tips to add juice to your content

PR Daily

Brand managers keep churning out content seeking better SEO and more sales leads, but lackluster efforts will produce meager results. Here’s how to get back in the game. Your blog serves a crucial purpose for your organization.

Measuring ROI on social continues to be a major challenge for marketers

Agility PR Solutions

Despite the rise in available data and overwhelming number of third-party tools, measuring the bottom-line impact of social media efforts continues to be a major challenge for communications professionals. But why?

What to do when your CEO is arrested for prostitution

Axia PR

Prepare your company for every type of crisis. What were they thinking? Men (and women) behaving badly is a situation that causes more than incredulousness when it involves people in positions of power crossing moral and ethical lines. Crisis Communications CEO