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CONTENT MARKETING CASE STUDY – How Bupa is turning itself into Australia’s go-to destination for health-related information

PR Warrior

Bupa is an international healthcare group that serves 32 million customers in 190 countries, and employs 84,000 people. In Australia, Bupa is best known for its health insurance business but it is also a leading private residential aged care provider with more than 70 care homes across the country, operates dental and optical networks as well as provides… MORE.

Lululemon Struggling to Compete

Ronn Torossian

Lululemon landed in the marketplace with all the right stuff. It was placed in a high demand segment, offered unique looks and created a fierce fan following almost immediately. In fact, Lululemon fans were compelled to recruit other fans. That’s how their key marketing push worked.

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What Do Journalists Want? Agility PR Solutions and Business Wire Find Out

Business Wire

Business Wire and Agility PR Solutions want communications pros to find their perfect media match. After surveying over 600 journalists in more than 40 countries, the results were analyzed and compiled into the Media Matchmaker , a blueprint for how and when to best reach members of the media.

Survey 202

Customer Spotlight: Kiva’s Powerful Earned Media Strategy


As director of customer success for a PRTech company, I work hand in hand with some of today’s most innovative brands to help them overcome today’s PR challenges. Since these challenges are not limited to the AirPR community, we’re kicking off a series highlighting how our customers are leveraging the power of data, analytics, and […]. Musings Customer Spotlight earned media Kiva public relations strategy

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Why Brands Need to Get Emotional


Emotion and reason are the two key forces that wrestle in every executive, politician and consumer’s mind as they make decisions every day. Brands know that emotions are powerful motivators and an emotional campaign can heavily influence buyer behavior.

Brand 269

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Chicken nuggets craving + retweet mania = big win for Wendy’s

PR Daily

Could social media monitoring mixed with a contest and sprinkled with sass be the new recipe for viral success? Twitter user Carter Wilkerson is attempting to break Ellen DeGeneres’ Twitter record of garnering more than 3.27

Viral 133

7 Emerging Trends That Will Pump Up Your B2B Content Strategy

B2B PR Sense

The goal of any B2B content strategy is to create content that B2B buyers desire -- you want to be their #1 source of industry information. So how can you update your strategy to fit the needs of the modern buyer?

B2B 202

3 Listening Lessons for Marketers


Your phone, its apps and your favorite brands are listening to you right now, whether you know it or not.

Pepsi’s Smart Response To Its PR Controversy

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Brand Pepsi fell flat this week with its bafflingly tone-deaf ad featuring Kendall Jenner, but in the wake of a public relations backlash, the brand did at least one thing right. After Twitter lit up with nasty tweets and late-night comics poured on scorn, Pepsi reacted quickly.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

LinkedIn introduces lead generation forms

PR Daily

LinkedIn is introducing a new tool that will make it easier for marketers to use the platform to gather leads.

Putting the pieces together: “synthesists” vs “analysts”

Media Bullseye

One of the most fundamentally valuable roles that a human analyst plays in the media intelligence world is that of synthesizing disparate bits of information into a cohesive whole.

What Is A Crisis Preparedness Program?

Melissa Agnes

I’m always talking about developing a crisis preparedness program rather than simply developing a crisis management plan. But what’s the difference and why is a program so much more valuable than a plan? I answer this question in this week’s #crisisready video. Take a look!

Tap Into These Influencer Trends For Better PR Results

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Recently, Jennifer Lopez found herself in some public relations hot water when she reportedly neglected social media duties on behalf of a hoverboard company.

Trends 173

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

Branding 101: Mistakes communicators should void

PR Daily

When I started my etiquette business 20 years ago, I hired a college student named Ed to design my logo and website. It was a quick, easy and inexpensive way to get my name out into the world. However, when it came time to update my materials, Ed was nowhere to be found.

5 Fun Facts with Peter Shankman (Part 2 of 2)

Critical Mention

*By Robin Gelfenbien. Not only is Peter Shankman a rockstar in the PR, marketing and social media worlds, but he’s an Ironman triathlete, a 23-time marathon runner and one of the most generous people I know.

Hotels 110

New Study on Guidance Shows Deep Concern over Consensus Earnings and Short-term Volatility


The discussion of company guidance vs. meeting consensus estimates is hardly new. Certainly, in the mid-2000’s (thanks, Enron!) the practice or management publishing forward guidance took a evident shift from quarterly to annual, with updates as materially needed.

Study 156

73 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

Media Bullseye

Looking for a new career opportunity? Check out these public relations jobs that have come across our desk recently. Have one you’d like to see listed? Just email Academia/Government. Public Information Specialist , City of Miami Beach, Miami Beach, FL – apply by Apr.

8 steps to take before your CEO goes on camera

PR Daily

In my near 20-year career in public relations I have done countless news TV interviews and helped to prepare many CEOs and directors for their own TV interview debuts. There is a clear difference on television between someone who has had a bit of media training and someone who hasn't.

What Are the Best Practices in B2B Public Relations That Will Drive Success?

B2B PR Sense

Sometimes changes in business are so profound that you don’t recognize the old ways. That’s the case with B2B PR, which on some level is a new profession. Yet, viewed from another lens, certain basic truths remain. As we look across the B2B PR landscape, what are the best practices that will ensure success? Let’s look at 7 definitive best practices that are guaranteed to help: Goal Setting. Education. Content Optimization. Social Media Amplification. Influencer Marketing. Storytelling.

B2B 189

How the Latest Release of the Cision Communications Cloud™ Helps PR Pros


Today we announced the latest release of the Cision Communications Cloud™ designed to help PR pros better target influencers, craft multichannel campaigns and attribute the value of their earned media.

Trust and the Unlikely Reinvention of Advertising [UML]

Sword and the Script

Use PR to build a brand and advertising to defend it. The point of that philosophy used to be that, while you can build a brand with advertising, it’s very expensive. But marketing is anything but stagnant.

Pepsi pulls protest-themed video after online outrage

PR Daily

It’s rare that an issue can unite both left and right in equal levels of indignation, but Pepsi was forced to pull a new video campaign Wednesday after a major misfire.

Video 124

State of the Media 2017 | PR & Earned Media

The Proactive Report

It should come as no surprise that the Cision 2017 State of the Media report highlights the erosion of trust in the mainstream media.

Media 130

Big Research Smarts for Small Budgets

Waxing UnLyrical

Happy Sunday! As you catch up on your reading, I thought I’d point you to a very interesting read on using Twitter to extract meaningful insights. It’s a post by Andrew Hutchinson on Social Media Today , which has been languishing in my inbox for a while.

Building Journalists’ Trust with Press Releases

Beyond PR

You may have heard the word “truth” discussed in current popular culture conversations. What are alternative facts anyway? A point of view, a news angle; the “truth” is often manipulated. In many cases truth is dependent on trust, which requires a relationship and is built upon over time.

Report: More than half of internet users trust ads

PR Daily

Advertising is getting a bump in trustworthiness as other forms of communication, including mainstream news media outlets, are being met with a fare share of enemies and skeptics. A recent YouGov study asked internet users whether they trust the advertising they see.

Report 123

Webinar Recap: Getting Started with Media Monitoring and Measurement

Media Bullseye

Recently, CARMA published “Getting Started with Media Monitoring and Measurement,” an eBook to guide readers on tracking and analyzing media. On April 5, CARMA hosted a webinar by the same name to provide supplementary information on these topics.

Never Waste a Good Crisis


Written by Bram Boriau. The difference between a great brand and an average brand is the mindset of trying to make the most out of it and approach everything as an opportunity. Including a crisis. There are a huge number of public relations benefits a crisis can offer to a brand, both during and after it occurs. The key to success? During the crisis, you should always keep an eye on what will happen after the crisis.

Behind the Headlines with Kristin Daher


Kristin Daher, the President and founder of Powerhouse Communications , spearheads the creative communications agency providing a wide range of media relations, brand strategy, and social media services with a specialty in the foodservice and franchise space. In January 2016, Daher purchased the agency where she served as the firm’s first ever vice president, and rebranded it to Powerhouse Communications.

Agency 192

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

PR Daily

There are tons of jobs in the technology field and at tech companies, but not a lot of women in working them. Uber’s recent (and disappointing) diversity report. highlighted the disparity of jobs not only in its own ranks, but at many tech companies. The New York Times.

How to Be Prepared for the Unexpected PR Crisis

Critical Mention

By Andrew Blum. If you are in PR long enough, sooner or later you will have to deal with a crisis. Imagine if you were PricewaterhouseCoopers during the Oscars. Would you have been ready to respond to a colossal mistake seen by millions worldwide?