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#PR Expanded Guest Post: 3 Lessons I’ve Learned from Reinventing Myself as a College Professor

PR Expanded

A Guest Post by Ai Addyson-Zhang, Professor, Blogger & Consultant. I am a College Professor. I teach Communication, Public Relations, and Social Media classes at a public university in New Jersey, United States. Aside from the typical teaching, research, and service that most college professors do, I am probably one of the most unconventional professors in every possible way.

How Far To Push Top Talent

Ronn Torossian

Often, great leadership is about finding the balance between pushing followers to achieve their goals and making sure that they don’t end up overwhelmed and burnt out. Managers are just like anyone else in the workforce when it comes to stress. Although they might be responsible for leading a team, they also have the pressures of performance metrics and expectations to live up to.

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Global PR Trends And Practices In An Age Of Uncertainty

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Every two years, the New York-based Corporate Communication International ( CCI ), conducts an in-depth survey of senior PR and communications officers at Fortune 500 companies about the latest global PR trends. As a sort of “state of the communications field” analysis the CCI Corporate Communication Practices and Trends Study 2017 offered some fascinating insights into the challenges and trends noted by today’s top communicators. Speed Kills.

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The Ten Commandments of Social Media for 2018

Business Wire

(These rules are loosely adapted from the 2018 All for Content conference ) By Simona Colletta – International Media Relations Specialist, Paris Social Media is changing the way businesses interact with customers. The way a brand conducts business through social media is a direct reflection of the company.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

What Does Being Crisis Ready Have To Do With Brand Invincibility?

Melissa Agnes

Image: chaiyapruek youprasert | Shutterstock. If you follow my work, then you know that helping organizations become crisis ready is not just what I do professionally, but it is one of my biggest passions. The reason I’m so passionate about my work is that being crisis ready provides so much value to an organization and the people it works with and for—value that far exceeds the sole acts of crisis management and crisis preparedness. Let me explain.

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5 Ways to Spruce Up Spring PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The advent of spring means that public relations people are devising creative ways to put a fresh spin on program activities as well as spruce up client relationships. Here we take a look at some ways to maximize spring with some PR inspiration. New season, new PR opportunities. Review all existing PR plans.

3 tips for repurposing your old content

PR Daily

Content is everything in today's social media landscape. Whether a long-form contributed article or timely news post, well-executed social content can have a significant positive impact on your organization’s success. We live in an information-cluttered world where practically everyone has a platform to project his or her voice and opinions—and standing out is harder than ever.

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New research on corporate communications in an integrated world

Stuart Bruce

PR and corporate communications recruitment firm VMA Group today published a new research report on ‘communicating in an integrated world’. I was privileged to be invited as a CIPR board member to sit on a panel to discuss its findings. I’d urge you to read the full The View report, but wanted to quickly share some of my thoughts on some of the findings. Digital and social media. There is a lot about digital and social media.

TCIP #060 – Managing The Fort McMurray Wildfire Crisis, With Jordan Redshaw

Melissa Agnes

Welcome to episode #060 of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast, with Melissa Agnes and Jordan Redshaw. The Horse River Wildfire that took place in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, in May 2016 was unprecedented in Canadian history. Eighty-eight thousand people needed to be evacuated in the span of only a few hours, for a month-long evacuation. This wildfire was so catastrophic that its economic impact actually impacted Canada’s GDP.

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Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

The Most Important Metric in PR Today

Shift Communications

I was asked recently what the most important metric, the most important thing to measure in PR is. It’s difficult to boil everything down to one number; the nature of attribution analysis is that there are often many variables which influence someone’s decision to buy something. However, if we distill down the essence of public relations, it’s to build awareness and trust in a brand, such that people want to share it, talk about it, and ultimately buy from it.

3 ways to get amazing PR with influencer marketing

PR Daily

In today’s rapidly evolving marketing world, it’s necessary to promote products in different ways beyond what worked in the past. That’s where influencers come in; they’re notable people who use products and services and spread the word about their favorites to their growing audiences. However, influencers are not endorsers like the celebrities who appear in commercials for hair dye, foods and more.

The “Ides of March” Are Here – Beware These Common PR Pitfalls

Critical Mention

Ah, the Ides of March are upon us. The date of March 15 carries a doomsday connotation, ever since Shakespeare penned the phrase, “Beware the ides of March,” in his classic play Julius Caesar. While we needn’t fear this date, in the spirit of the “Ides of March,” let’s look at some common PR pitfalls that can doom your efforts. Failing to plan ahead. For PR to be at its most effective, careful planning should be part of the process.

3 ways PR pros can win with content after Facebook’s algorithm changes


In January, the social media platform announced it was making branded posts less prominent in users’ news feeds, dramatically decreasing organizations’ already struggling reach. Andrew Brown, director of media relations and online content for Kalamazoo College , warns PR pros not to panic. He says: The brand managers who are best at their jobs are data driven from the start.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

Can Successful PR Programs Ever Operate in a Vacuum?

Shift Communications

Put up your hand if you’ve ever been in this situation: client says they want to be in the New York Times so the PR team schedules a call. On that call you review relevant reporters with the client and walk through relevant topics/trends that will catch the reporter’s attention, making sure to provide strong recommendations for a successful PR program. When you turn the conversation over to the client’s thought leadership and expert reaction to the trends, all you hear is crickets.

10 tips for promoting a more efficient company culture

PR Daily

As daylight saving time approaches, it’s a good time to think about, well, saving time. Employees are spending more and more time at the office, exceeding the standard 40-hour work week. However, increasing hours worked does not necessarily translate to increased efficiency. So, how can leaders and managers improve employee productivity while still saving time? Here are 10 ways: 1. Delegate. Your company is your baby, so you want to have a direct hand in everything.

Tillerson, United, the SEC, Bozoma Saint John—Your Week (so far) in Messaging

PR News

What a couple of days of news for communicators and brands. It’s difficult to know where to start. It’s hard to ignore the implications for messaging from the ousting of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Monday. While a burning question is why did a secretary of state who allegedly called his boss a “f*^&#%$ moron!” ” during… Continued. The post Tillerson, United, the SEC, Bozoma Saint John—Your Week (so far) in Messaging appeared first on PR News Blog.

Self-Promotion is Not Evil

Solo PR Pro

Many professionals have a hard time using their professional skills to promote their business. You are bold and confident when doing work for clients but uncomfortable putting those same skills to use to promote yourself and your business. By failing to do PR for yourself, you are missing out on important benefits. Treating yourself like a client allows you to reach the clients you want to have as well as experimenting with tactics that can be used to serve those clients.

5 Signs Your Press Release Isn’t Actually News


One of the worst parts of being a public relations professional can be educating your clients about what is news and what’s not

How branded content counters consumer skepticism

PR Daily

Advertising isn’t dead yet, but it’s largely underwhelming, underserving and interrupting the audiences organizations care about most. 9 out of 10. people skip preroll ads, 23 percent. of radio listeners immediately change the station when a commercial plays and 26 percent. of U.S. desktop users block ads. For better or worse, consumers are in charge of their media choices. If your company can’t reach them in a trustworthy, engaging way, then you can bet your brand will take a hit.

Cision and MediaMath Partnership Bridges Gap Between Paid and Earned Media

Beyond PR

Communicating great stories while influencing the public’s awareness and/or buying decisions has been the goal of every great communications strategy. Cision® believes in the power of paid, owned and earned media to tell such compelling stories that speak to consumers through every possible marketing touchpoint.

How is PR like a banana?

Axia PR

4 ways to ensure your public relations is working. A banana is more than a tasty addition to your cereal. It’s a perfect metaphor for what makes successful public relations. Public Relations Featured PR Tips

As John Lewis suffers, is the era of the grand British department store over?

Mark My Words

The Express – 16th March 2018. Today’s bargain-savvy shoppers are increasingly hungry for the sort of discounts that can only be offered from soulless units in business parks rather than elegant Victorian buildings with sky-high rents and rates in prime locations. Because we are time-compressed the experience of going shopping is no longer so pleasurable,” says brand guru Mark Borkowski.

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3 ways to motivate millennials and other generations at work

PR Daily

Millennials make up the largest segment of the workforce, yet many companies haven’t adjusted their employee communications accordingly. Here are three easy steps to help you engage these hyper-connected employees without alienating others in today’s multigenerational workplace: 1. Engage each generation on its own terms.

Employee Evangelists: Your Secret Social PR Weapon in a Crisis

Waxing UnLyrical

Guest Post by Laurel Kennedy. Social media has redefined crisis response in three important ways: outlet options, messaging speed and employee engagement. The proliferation of new media outlets has changed everything about how companies communicate. Social media also has compressed the speed of information transfer from hours to minutes or even seconds as a crisis develops.

New research on corporate communications in an integrated world

Stuart Bruce

PR and corporate communications recruitment firm VMA Group today published a new research report on ‘communicating in an integrated world’. I was privileged to be invited as a CIPR board member to sit on a panel to discuss its findings.… … Continue Reading → The post New research on corporate communications in an integrated world appeared first on STUART BRUCE. CIPR corporate communications Crisis Communications PR strategy public relations Research

Barack and Michelle Obama ‘in talks with Netflix over TV series’

Mark My Words

The Guardian – 12th March 2018. Former president and first lady in advanced negotiations with streaming service, report says. Whatever the cost of the deal one thing is clear: it would be a television coup of gigantic proportions. “It’s It’s a massive deal for both parties and the only thing we can also be sure of is that it will also involve a massive amount of money,” said the PR and branding expert Mark Borkowski.

4 tips for better social media editing

PR Daily

Editing can be a headache, but it’s the best way to prevent a content nightmare. Poor editing can sink your business. Sloppy writing signals to prospects that you’re lazy, incompetent or careless—and perhaps all three. Thoughtful, sharp editing is about much more than correcting spelling. If you’re charging clients for content, your editing should account for presentation and design. Your edits should also be client-focused and attuned to the social media platform you’re posting on.

Freedom of Information is More Relevant Than Ever

HMA Public Relations

Today, March 16, is Freedom of Information Day. This day is an annual event held during Sunshine Week and celebrates the birthday of President James Madison. . The post Freedom of Information is More Relevant Than Ever appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured Uncategorized bill of rights Constitution Freedom of Information Freedom of Information Day James Madison March 16 President James Madison

We’ve got a serious problem with bots in social media marketing

Communications Conversations

Lately, there’s been a lot of hand-wringing over the drop in Facebook usage. And while the big blue network is definitely priority number-one for most people when it comes to social media marketing, I think a much bigger issue is lying in the weeds. By now, you probably read the New York Times piece calling out Devumi and a long list of celebrities who bought Twitter followers over the years. That piece has already led to some key moves by Twitter.

The top tweets of all time and what your company can learn from them

Axia PR

Ah, Twitter. It’s a repository for political musings, humorous quips and celebrity news. It provides a platform for solace and unity in times of tragedy as well as mean-spirited comments directed at enemies. While we forget most tweets moments after we read them, others, for some reason, are indelible, and people still share them even years later. Find out what makes an unforgettable tweet and how your company can take advantage of this knowledge to boost your visibility and profits.

7 Stephen Hawking quotes to inspire PR pros

PR Daily

Tributes to Stephen Hawking are pouring in from around the world. The famous physicist and author of “A Brief History of Time” died at age 76 in his home in Oxford, England, early Wednesday. His passing has left an intellectual vacuum in his wake. But it's not empty. Think of it as a kind of vacuum energy permeating the fabric of spacetime that defies measure. Stephen Hawking, RIP 1942-2018. Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson) March 14, 2018.