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4 Ways Your Brand Can Stay Hip Without Losing Its Cool


Everyone can think of a commercial that tries too hard or a company that #hashtags #everything. In fact, for most brands, it’s surprisingly hard to be hip. But, when getting eyes on your content matters, you can’t lose out because of one ill-timed tweet or outdated meme.

Words and phrases PR spokespeople should avoid

PR Daily

Filler words, misused modifiers and meaningless jargon can ruin your chance to speak directly to your audience. Make sure your vocabulary is free of these media relations stumbling blocks. Everyone appears to be ‘humbled”—but most people are misusing the word.

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PR tech corner—3 tools that can make your job easier

Agility PR Solutions

Working in a fast-paced industry like PR forces you to adjust your day on the fly, often leaving your schedule in shambles so you can jump on the breaking news that just popped in an effort to get your client some press. It’s fun, exciting, and why I love the industry—but it can also sap […].

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A Salute To Independent PR Firms

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

As the national holiday approaches, it’s a fitting time to consider what independence means in the world of PR agencies. For years, advertising and PR firms have touted their “independent” status. But what does that really signify? One thing might be faster growth.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

The Impact of AI, Automation, and Technology on News Gathering

Business Wire

The use of artificial intelligence in the news industry is growing at an increasing pace.

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Just DON’T It: Brands Fight Culture Wars at their Peril

Flack's Revenge

Should brands get involved in culture wars? E.g. some thought that Nike was very shrewd in hiring Colin Kaepernick as a brand ambassador. He’s polarizing, but the bold move seemed to sync with their brand.

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3 affordable types of videos to boost your marketing

PR Daily

Carve out some space in your budget for livestreams, interview pieces and helpful how-tos. Want to cut through the messaging clutter and reach potential customers? Use video. In a recent survey, 85 percent of consumers said they’d like to see even more brand-centric videos.

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With authenticity under attack, new research explores PR’s toughest challenges

Agility PR Solutions

Critical Mention Ends Agreement With Cision

Critical Mention

As you may have already heard, as of July 1, 2019, Critical Mention will no longer be available in the Cision platform.

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Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

5 seriously easy ways to build stronger relationships with journalists

Muck Rack

5 seriously easy ways to build stronger relationships with journalists


Report: 83% of journalists use Twitter—but most still want email pitches

PR Daily

A recent survey of reporters showcased growing usage of social media platforms for news, but many traditional media relations best practices apply. As more publications cater to the rise of digital content and social media, so should PR pros.

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New Edelman report finds only 1/3 of consumers trust most of the brands they buy

Agility PR Solutions

Only a third of consumers (34 percent) trust most of the brands they buy or use, reveals a new Trust Barometer Special Report from comms giant Edelman. The study, In Brands We Trust?,

Takeaways from the Boston PRSA Social Media Summit

Shift Communications

Keeping Up With Social Media. Last month, I had the opportunity to learn from successful social media professionals from a variety of organizations in the area at Boston’s PRSA Social Media Summit.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

New Muck Rack survey: How journalists find their news, use social media and work with PR teams in 2019

Muck Rack

New Muck Rack survey: How journalists find their news, use social media and work with PR teams in 2019

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Study: Executives don’t recognize the value PR can offer

PR Daily

Two in 10 top bosses don’t know what PR stands for, and as many as 40% don’t believe it can enhance their business. Here’s how public relations pros can enlighten and persuade them. Communicators know the value PR brings an organization, but that insight isn’t making it to some top decision-makers.

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Amazon A to Z—growing your brand on the world’s biggest stage

Agility PR Solutions

Amazon—the world’s largest online retailer, with 97 million Prime Members in the U.S. as of 2018—continues to dominate e-commerce by allowing sellers to access a massive audience of customers without having a standalone site.

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Let Freedom Ring! Celebrating Solo PR Pros

Solo PR Pro

This week as we pause to celebrate Independence Day in the United States, solo PR Pros shared what independence means to them. Read their thoughtful, fun and inspiring answers below. “Being able to make the decisions and be responsible for the outcome — whether good or bad!”

Why do social media marketers continue to invest in organic reach?

Communications Conversations

Organic reach. Aren’t we all tired of talking about this yet? I know I sure am. But, it continues to be a topic of discussion–mostly because not every brand has the budget of Walmart and can continue to sink hundreds of thousands of dollars each year into social media advertising.

20 ways to unleash creative writing energy

PR Daily

If you’re feeling stuck, try cleaning your desk, going for a brisk walk or doing something for someone else. How do you find the muse when your creative energy is zapped, sapped or tapped out? Try these 20 tips to escape the doldrums and start writing again: 1. Clean your desk.

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What you didn’t know about the state of journalism

Agility PR Solutions

We have all observed the dramatic shift that the journalism industry has undergone over the past decade. The traditional media companies which have historically employed the majority of reporters and editorial contributors are grappling with a combination of existential threats.

#MediaMonday – James E. Garcia

HMA Public Relations

This week's #MediaMonday comes to us from James E. Garcia, the editor and publisher of and columnist for The post #MediaMonday – James E. Garcia appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured Media Monday #MediaMonday – James E. Garcia James E.

What were the most engaged stories for Pride 2019?


[…]. The post What were the most engaged stories for Pride 2019? appeared first on NewsWhip. Communications & PR Digital Journalism

3 takeaways from Cannes Lions any PR or marketing pro can apply

PR Daily

If you think the festival that celebrated the best in creative advertising and marketing can’t carry insights for your position, think again. Winners and presentations from Cannes Lions continue to make headlines as brand managers continue to sift through lessons learned.

Journalists in Ogilvy study say they trust earned media most to drive brand reputation

Agility PR Solutions

Media coverage has always been PR’s best tool for earning reputation-boosting credibility for clients, and new research announced at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity affirms that even journalists themselves believe earned media is the top reputation driver for brands and businesses.

Study 114

Top Canadian Media Contacts You Want to Be in Touch With (Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa)


Which news sites and individual reporters have the greatest impact on the national discussion concerning the upcoming changes in the country, culture, and with whom it is worth talking about what is happening in these regions. I've decided to make this task easier for you.

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Stromzy Glasto a PR miss?

Mark My Words

As the last litter pickers weave their weary way homeward from Worthy Farm, it’s time to take a long view on the talked about highlights. Nowadays, particularly in the media, cultural phenomena are often judged far more on its perceived moral worth than on its superficial entertainment value. Once upon a time, art was simply judged on its merit, but that’s changed – and whilst Stormzy’s brilliant set at Glastonbury shows that he knows that, Glastonbury are still playing catchup.

Rebranding mistakes your organization must avoid

PR Daily

When deciding to change your brand design, messaging or other key elements of your public image, there are some things you shouldn’t touch. Consider these tips. You’ve decided it’s time for a rebrand. You’ve already done a lot of these tasks before, when you first launched your brand.

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Under the influence—80+ influencer marketing statistics

Agility PR Solutions

While influencer marketing isn’t exactly a modern invention, it has certainly reached new heights over the past decade. Back in the day, movie stars, athletes, and musicians could earn a pretty penny by promoting products and services.

Announcing our 2020 tracker with Axios


[…]. The post Announcing our 2020 tracker with Axios appeared first on NewsWhip. Digital Journalism 2020 election election 2020 election tracker politics

What Do You Get When You Cross Media Trends with Customer Support and Investor Relations? PR Tech Sum: Business Wire, Meltwater, Onclusive, Cision, TrendKite

Sword and the Script

At the beginning of every new month, I take a look back and the news and notes stemming from the software developers that make tools for PR pros. I call it the PR technology summary ( PR tech sum ) and here’s what I found over the last 30 days.

Do you know these obscure words?

PR Daily

PR pros are often language lovers, but even the most well-read communicator can be bamboozled by arcane and rare words. Test your knowledge with this list. As PR and communication professionals, many of us spend our days correcting other people’s writing.