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You Know You’re a Social #PR Superhero If…

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A Guest Post By Shonali Burke, Social PR Strategist, Trainer and Teacher. You know you’re a superhero if … You understand the importance of smart listening.

3 Keys to the Virtuous PR Cycle


When it comes to PRTech, there are two key components to achieving success in this new world order: Technological investment and human capital. The problems tend to arise when PR loses sight of the human component and only focuses on the shiny, new tools in the PRTech ecosystem.

How to Establish Brand Identity: Top Tips From Jeff Barrett


When you think about big brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s or Walmart, your mind conjures up specific images and feelings. These associations aren’t by accident. These brands work hard to give off just the right impression to their audiences.

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How PR pros can use StumbleUpon

PR Daily

StumbleUpon. is one of the most powerful tools to generate online traffic. Even more fascinating is that it is the No. 1 social media traffic generator , beating even Facebook. Is it just an entertaining waste of time, or does it promote academic websites, such as AssignmentMasters ?

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Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

The State of the Press Release in 2015

Shift Communications

In early 2013, we published a blog sharing what we felt were the worst times and days for press releases. That blog post is to this day (over two years later) one of the most highly trafficked page on SHIFT’s website.

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4 Ways to Share Your Brand’s News


When your brand has news, whether it’s a new product, an award or a special event, you want to tell as many people as possible. But shouting your news from the rooftops won’t necessarily get you the results you want. So what’s the best way to spread the word?

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Facebook’s Notify could spell opportunity for PR pros

PR Daily

Facebook wants to be your everything—your friend finder, your customer connector, your advertising platform and your news source. The social media network will launch its Notify app next week, The Financial Times reports.

Inside Innovation: StoryWorks, Ketchum

The Resolution Blog

Agile is a hot topic right now in PR. Many are talking about it but few are putting the new fast-moving work-flow into practice. When we heard about 'StoryWorks' at Ketchum, an integrated and agile team operating like a news room we had to find out more.

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How PR can Integrate Industry Reading Efficiently into Workflow

Sword and the Script

by Frank Strong. Industry reading.” Those are two words that have no business on a PR agency’s invoice. What client wants to pay for “reading?” Is there a metric attached – reading at so many words per minute? Or a knowledge measurement – a test of information retention?

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

5 Data Visualization Tools That Anyone Can Use


Some of the most exciting content being published today includes some sort of data visualization. More than just charts or graphs, today’s tools allow journalists and communication professionals to provide interactive content in very customizable and visually pleasing ways.

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Infographic design tips communicators must know

PR Daily

Organizations are beginning to realize how important visual content is in content marketing. Infographics are suddenly very much in the marketing mix for brands and publishers. Like all visual content, infographics make complex information comprehensible and engaging—if designed correctly.

What Bernie’s Success can Teach you About Management

Ronn Torossian

Say what you will about Bernie Sanders, the guy knows how to inspire, and he sure knows how to take something and make it bigger. No, not THAT Bernie. The other one. Bernie Ecclestone. The context? Not a presidential race. We’re talking about Bernie’s impact on Formula One auto racing. Ecclestone, in case you were [.]. The post What Bernie’s Success can Teach you About Management appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Blogging 10/10: Bulk Blog Topics Generation

Shift Communications

Blogging isn’t going out of style any time soon; with the ascent of content marketing, blogging, podcasting and video are on the minds of marketers and PR professionals all the time.

3 Steps To Convert Critics To Clients


No brand can avoid them. Those pesky critics who seem to have an opinion about everything are taking down your brand one bad Yelp review at a time. So how can you combat these naysayers before they cause your reputation to crumble? You need to adapt your customer service strategy for social media.

4 nonprofit PR lessons from Movember

PR Daily

Moustaches are growing in popularity, but during November, things can get especially hairy. Movember” is a nonprofit project in which guys grow moustaches (known as “mos”) throughout November to raise money and awareness to benefit men’s health.

PR and Marketing Professionals: Three ways to be better in the new year

The Stalwart Blog

If you’re a professional in the PR or Marketing industry, you’re likely in the planning stages for 2016. How are you going to be more successful? Are you intending to implement new tools? What about services? These are just a few questions you might be discussing.

Why We Hold A Bi-Annual Senior Summit (And You Should Too)

Shift Communications

This morning I’ve been digesting all my notes from our recent bi-annual SHIFT Senior Team Summit. As always, I feel energized, dizzy and proud all at the same time.

4 Ways Your Press Release is Missing the Mark


Annoyed that nobody read your press release and that journalists don’t give a hoot? Before you start pointing the finger at everyone else, circle it back to you. I get it. Writing press releases is hard, or at least writing good ones that stand out is.

3 things editors look for in PR pitches

PR Daily

Top-tier journalists field over 100 PR pitches a day, according to a Fractl survey of editors at 500 online publishing sites. That translates to an astounding 26,000 pitches a year—per journalist. How do you break through the clutter? Here are three suggestions based on the survey responses: 1.

Marketing Collaboration & the Important Role of PR

The Resolution Blog

Today’s best marketing campaigns combine the efforts of many groups, including PR, advertising, social, content and user experience, to name a few. It’s about building trust, enhancing reputation, telling great stories and engaging with users. A great idea once labeled a public relations campaign may not rely on traditional PR tactics. A cool advertising initiative may have little or no paid media attached to it.

State of Social Media Q3 2015: Facebook has 1.5 billion people

Shift Communications

We’ve often said that Facebook is the largest nation on the planet. Nowadays, Facebook is its own planet, for all intents and purposes. Let’s dig into their results some more. Audience Growth. As mentioned above: 1.55

4 Building Blocks for Social Selling Systems on Social Media


Seventy-four percent of adults go online to log into their social media accounts and talk with friends, family and acquaintances – and many of them are talking about your brand. Brands need to be on these sites and learn how to listen to what’s being said about their products and services.

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3 ways PR pros can use technology effectively

PR Daily

Technology has forever changed the way PR pros communicate with their audiences. PR pros connect to consumers through more than just focus groups or email; they also hear from them on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Added to pitching and securing interviews is an emphasis on content creation.

My Business Is 20 Years Old! 20 Lessons for Longevity

Solo PR Pro

This month, I’m celebrating 20 years as a Solo PR Pro. I can’t really wrap my brain around it, but there’s one thing I know for sure: that’s a long time!

7 Steps to a Better Livestream Q&A

Shift Communications

Have you ever wished you could just sit down with your audience for a quick chat? Live streaming offers followers something that other outlets don’t: a chance to experience a brand in real-time.

Get Inspired by These 3 Content Marketing Innovators


Competition is fierce in this always-connected, digital world. But with the power and reach of social media, snatching up prospects halfway around the world seems like a piece of cake…that is, if a brand is listening carefully to what their competitors are saying to their audiences.

‘Bookstore killer’ Amazon opening its first brick-and-mortar location

PR Daily

Amazon is solidifying its brand—literally. It’s been asserted for years that Amazon is killing bookstores. Today, Amazon opens a brick-and-mortar bookstore in Seattle’s University Village.

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PR job – fantastic opportunity based in West Yorkshire

Stuart Bruce

Are you a bright, ambitious, enthusiastic and looking for a great new PR job? If that’s you we should talk.

What’s On the New Multimedia Cart?

Waxing UnLyrical

I know I’m dating myself, but whenever someone says multimedia, I think of those nondescript A/V carts of my high school and university days. You know, grey rolling metal devices with messy open shelves that held a 16MM film projector, slide projector and a bunch of cords.

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Video Content Trends for Media and PR Professionals


Video used to be optional in communication, but now it’s vital. Whether your organization creates content or partners with existing content creators, these are the trends that are shaping your communication future. Growth in traffic, volume and influence.

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7 writing and language sites you should know about

PR Daily

As a medical writer, I often end up spending more time researching an article than I do writing it. In that research, I often discover new online sites and tools. In this week’s post, I share some lesser-known online resources that can help make your writing, editing and researching tasks easier.

The Marketing Growth Hackathon: Spend Less Time Planning, More Time Doing

PR 20/20

" High performers differentiate by doing , not planning. Do your homework, put strategies in place, and then start testing and revising." — The Marketing Performance Blueprint. Consider this scenario.

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