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5 Thought Leadership Trends That Will Impact Your Strategy

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Thought leadership is a tested concept that works. But the tactics behind this strategy have changed. So what should you know about thought leadership as it is today? Let's look at the top thought leadership trends that impact strategy and how you need to respond to these trends.

8 ways to engage on LinkedIn to boost your PR and marketing efforts

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Branding and drumming up business are accentuated by interaction, and the professional network is ideal for just that. Not sure how to make the most of the platform? Have a look. How often do you interact with fellow communicators on LinkedIn?

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Is Global Recognition Important to Your PR & Marketing Strategy?

PR Insiders

When economists and business people say the world is flat, they aren’t talking about concerns our ancestors had about sailing off the edge of the earth. Instead, “the world is flat” in a business context means that, thanks to rapid advances in technology and communication, entrepreneurs and companies are now part of a global […]. The post Is Global Recognition Important to Your PR & Marketing Strategy? appeared first on News & Experts.

Business Wire Selects Onclusive To Power Media Analytics


Today, I am pleased to announce that Onclusive has been selected by Business Wire, the global leader in news release distribution, to power a new reporting application which measures the effect of Business Wire press releases.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Public Relations Job Titles

Ronn Torossian

“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare was quoted as posing that question in mentioning a rose in his classic and popular play Romeo and Juliet. However, when it comes to public relations professionals who fulfill many responsibilities, there are volumes of titles being used to define what they do.

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5 ways to infuse emotion into your storytelling

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Avoid deluging your audiences with information, no matter how cerebral they might be. Woo the hearts, and minds will follow. Here are key takeaways from our conference at Disneyland. Will AI take your job one day? Not if you tell emotional stories that connect audiences to your brand.

August Publisher Rankings


Who were the top publishers on Facebook in August 2019? What content drove the most engagement? We looked at the data to find out. Summer’s beginning to cool off, and based on the evidence of last month, some of the engagement numbers are too.

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Is Your Marketing Myopic?

Ronn Torossian

The prevalence of myopia or nearsightedness in the worldwide population ranges from a low of 20% in the U.S. to as high as 90% in parts of Asia.

Hoffman Asia Pacific Named “Best Technology Agency” in the Region

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. I rarely use this real estate to talk about the Agency, much less brag about the Agency. As we coach our clients, no one likes the person who comes off as “OK, enough about me.

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Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

How communicators can bolster workplace emotional intelligence

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To ensure your career ascends instead of ends, focus on self-awareness, empathy and social skills—and help others to do the same. Emotional intelligence might seem an innate quality.

Why Even Smart Marketers and Communications Pros Get Their Customer Journeys Wrong

Meltwater - PR

Businesses are racing to transform their customer experience (CX), with 80% of organizations expecting to compete mainly based on CX this year. This approach is taking hold in direct response to evolving customer… Read More >>>.

Lessons to Learn from Spotify’s Marketing Strategy

Ronn Torossian

It’s always fascinating to take a look at how a brand is marketing to us as consumers. For marketing pros, looking at advertisements or seeing branded content may be more detailed than the average consumer.

5 media-training takeaways from the Democratic Debate

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Regardless of political affiliation or which presidential candidate you support, Thursday’s Democratic Debate was a case study in stage presence. There are many do’s and don’ts for giving a great on-camera interview, some of which we saw in the debate.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

Why website accessibility is crucial for a client’s digital reputation

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Stemming from the Americans with Disabilities Act, this inclusive approach to digital design and user experience is a key element for today’s online audiences. Here’s what you should know. Despite being a crucial issue for website owners, web accessibility is widely overlooked and misunderstood.

How Data Can Inform Your Marketing Campaigns: The Lion King Case Study

Meltwater - PR

The global data collected and reported above were obtained within Nov 2018 and Jul 2019 through Meltwater’s Media Intelligence tool.Movie remakes are always a tricky business. The cinematic brilliance that… Read More >>>. PR & Comms

Jelly Marketing: Why Marketing Agencies Should Track Media Coverage

Critical Mention

Who is Jelly Marketing? Jelly Digital Marketing & PR is a one-stop-shop online marketing agency in Fort Langley, British Columbia.

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Consumers believe brands can help unite a divided world, new WE Comms study finds

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As faith fizzles that our widely disparate political parties will ever be able to find common ground, who can we turn to for unity and stabilization? Could our favorite iconic brands be the ones to step up and save the day? Not only do consumers hope so—they’re expecting it.

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Why and how to use IGTV for content marketing

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The new Instagram platform offers a great opportunity to attract and hook viewers, especially millennials. Here’s what you need to know. Video is king of today’s social media landscape. With the recent launch of IGTV , Instagram clearly has its eyes set on seizing the throne.

xiQ Mixes Content Curation with AI in Support of Account Based Marketing [Martech Briefing]

Sword and the Script

I didn’t set out to write a briefing on a martech product – I strive to reserve these efforts for PR technology – but it just sort of happened. A company called xiQ tweeted a link to something I had written, tagged me, and when I followed it back to the source, I found this newsletter.

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20 of the Coolest Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2020

PR 20/20

Marketing conferences have shaped my top team memories. I always leave events feeling more in sync with my colleagues, and usually with an expanded network of intriguing people. Pictured below, see our smiling faces at this year’s #INBOUND19 for evidence of a good time.).

Marketing trends: A beginner’s guide to programmatic advertising

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In a world dominated by technology, the way we advertise regularly changes as technology continues to evolve. One of our previous blogs mentions that people trust other consumers more than they trust direct brand advertisements.

How writers can embrace being edited

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The professional nitpicker is your friend—honest. The seemingly arbitrary changes and brutal hacking of your magnificent prose are purposeful. Here’s what you should know. Editors are more than just a necessary evil; they’re a writer’s best friend.

Our Data Shows Deadlines Will Improve Your Content Marketing ROI By Nearly 2.5x

Contently - Strategy

If you want action, add a ticking clock to the mix. Hollywood has been using that formula for years. Think of the bomb about to detonate ( Speed ), the person about to wake up ( Inception ), and the game about to end (every sports movie ever).

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Video: Get to know Alan Danzis, vice president, media relations, MSLGROUP

Muck Rack

Video: Get to know Alan Danzis, vice president, media relations, MSLGROUP

6 content distribution channels you’re probably missing

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In the past, content distribution was simple. You would publish your blog, post a link to social media or email, and your readers would come flooding in. But things have changed. Today, brands are producing more content than ever, but much of that content is going unread. The traditional methods of distributing content have stopped […]. The post 6 content distribution channels you’re probably missing appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations content

How PR pros miss the mark on SEO

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If the purpose of all your content creation and media outreach is to drive traffic to a website, you must have a firm grasp of best practices involving search engines. For marketers looking to engage digital audiences, search engine optimization is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

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How to Know When You’re Mentioned on Social Media and What to do About it

Critical Mention

Organizations are often looking for ways to stay relevant online. Given social media’s continuous rise in popularity, some of its top platforms provide great opportunities to expand your company’s online interactions.

How to report your PR results to the executive team

Muck Rack

How to report your PR results to the executive team

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5 tips for working effectively with your PR agency

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Client relations is a major aspect of our jobs at PR agencies. I have personally had the pleasure of working with all sorts of clients during my decade-long tenure in the industry. While I can’t name any favorites (how’s that for PR spin?),

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Hong Kong seeks to hire PR crisis firm—but finds no takers

PR Daily

The city discovered that no global agency was ready to mop up its reputational mess as pro-democracy protestors have revealed cracks in public perception of the Asian business hub. Hong Kong learned the hard way how hard it can be to hire a crisis management team in the middle of an emergency.

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Mental Health Initiatives in 2019


More than ever it feels as if mental health is increasingly covered in the media. Attitudes toward therapy and mental health benefits have shifted for individuals, as well as employers trying to attract and retain the right talent for their company.

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