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[Podcast] Applying the Farm-to-Table Concept to Influencer Marketing


I’ve been thinking about the power of customer advocates and influencers a lot lately, not only because they’re part of today’s buzzword stew but because, in my role, I sit on both sides of the table.

Infographic: What to Do During the First 48 Minutes of a Crisis


Crises can hit your brand without warning, and if you’re not prepared, you could have a full-blown catastrophe on your hands. So how can your brand be ready for anything? Start by arming yourself with a crisis communication plan. Not every crisis will go according to plan though.

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See You at Social Tools Summit Boston in 2 Weeks

Flack's Revenge

I am very much looking forward to Social Tools Summit (#SocialTools16) in Boston on Tuesday April 12, where I will be speaking about influencer marketing.

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5 Tips For Great PR Story Angles

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

In public relations , there’s a visceral thrill to connecting with a reporter and making a relevant story happen.

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Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Back to Basics: Press Release “Musts” To Check For Before You Submit


By Angela Buna & Kait Fowlie]. Many PR professionals are well-versed in the basics of writing news releases (for those of who you want a refresher, refer to our editorial guide – revisit our post, How to Build Successful News Releases ).

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Debunking the myth of PR metrics

PR Daily

If anyone tells you they have the key to measuring PR, they’re either lying or they’re wrong. Countless services have popped up in the last few years—all claiming to have PR measurement figured out.

Media Interview Tips From Top Journalists

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Because we spend time preparing clients for meetings with journalists, PR people tend to study media interviews from the perspective of the person getting questions. But during this crazy political primary season, interview-watching is a spectator sport, usually starring Donald Trump.

How IROs Leverage Digital Technology


Marketwired recently participated in IR Magazine’s West Coast Think Tank, an invitation-only forum where senior investor relations officers congregate to discuss timely topics.

Behind the Headlines With Matt Sutton


If you’re not providing the media with anything of value, they won’t give your story a second glance. Matt Sutton, senior account executive at The Rosen Group, says you have to be willing to do something different and go outside of the box to stand out.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Successful Crisis Management Reaches the Heart Before the Mind

Melissa Agnes

Never underestimate the power of emotion in crisis management. Emotion is often underestimated in crisis management. And yet, it’s one of the most powerful aspects of a crisis. The power of emotion is so profound that it can create crises within crises.

5 Things PR Can Learn From College Admissions

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

It’s college admissions season, and there are surprisingly many parallels between public relations work and the process of gaining acceptance to the school of your choice.

6 writing mistakes PR pros should never rmake

PR Daily

It's not difficult to spot a weak writer in the workplace. Writing is unavoidable in many jobs. Think of all the emails, reports and performance reviews written each day—many opportunities for someone to gauge your writing.

How A Holistic Approach to Social Media Can Improve Brand Performance


For many, the name MGM Resorts International conjures up images of the big green hotel on the Las Vegas strip, aka the MGM Grand.

What it Takes to Land a Business Feature

Shift Communications

Companies hire PR pros to land big media wins, and most often when they onboard a firm, have their sights set on a splashy business press story that positively touts company’s growth, acknowledges their company as a disruptor in the space or compares them to a longstanding leader in the space.

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The PR Stunt that Saved Batman for Generations

Sword and the Script

by Frank Strong. PR is a long term strategy. Relationships and reputations aren’t built in days or even fiscal quarters and rebuilding a damaged brand can take years for a business.

Get unstuck: 10 ways to obliterate writer's block

PR Daily

You have something to write: A reply to a challenging email message. A brief or presentation about a new project. A post for the blog you swore you would maintain. You are fully aware that this content will not write itself.

8 Ways to Make Your Press Release More Effective


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Where does public relations fit in the marketing technology stack?

Shift Communications

At the recent MarTech San Francisco conference, Scott Brinker revealed the marketing technology stacks of 41 different companies. Where does public relations fit into the marketing technology landscape? Everywhere and nowhere, because public relations is not a technology.

6 Pinterest PR Secrets To Drive Conversions

Social PR Chat

Social media posts that include images generate higher engagement , so it’s not surprising that image-centric platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are getting the attention of online retailers. Pinterest, in particular, is perfectly set up for businesses to drive traffic and increase conversion.

Why PR metrics matter

PR Daily

You work with small budgets and limited time on brand-defining messages within and without your organization. It’s more than managing crises and chasing journalists to pitch the latest story. It’s telling your organization’s story.

3 Relationships That Shift During a Crisis


A crisis can strike your brand at any moment on any social media platform. And no matter the scenario — data breach, employee scandal or hashtag hijacking — your brand will almost immediately find itself under scrutiny. So how can your brand share its side of the story?

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SHIFT Communications Creates HAROLD: First Artificially Intelligent, Cloud-Based PR Employee

Shift Communications

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. April 1, 2016 – Boston, MA – Cloud-based computing and artificial intelligence represent the future of content creation, distribution, public relations, and marketing.

Hollywood Drama: The Lakers, D’Angelo Russell and Snapchat?

The Stalwart Blog

For those of you that might not know — I’m a basketball nut. More importantly, I’m a diehard Los Angeles Lakers fan. .

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4 PR books you should be reading

PR Daily

Most PR pros don’t have the time to shop for—or even download—a new book. Books are an important resource for expanding what you know about your practice. Professional development matters—especially to clients—so it’s essential that you not let it take a back seat to everything else on your plate.

What Instagram’s New Timeline Means


You ’ re not going to stop using Instagram. Every time there ’ s an update, a change or a suspicious new privacy policy, a collective and very loud few declare that this exact moment will be the moment in time when they stop using Instagram forever. They always come back. Actually, they never leave.

Content Strategy Challenges for Digital Marketers

The Proactive Report

The next #DigitalPR chat on Twitter is Friday April 1, 2016. Time: 10 am Pacific and 1 pm Eastern. Topic: Content Marketing Challenges- strategy, planning, content creation and distribution. Guest: Brandon Andersen, Chief Strategist Ceralytics. Previously Marketing Director for Cision.

What’s a Social Media Strategy for Tragedy? #Blab with @CathyHackl + @LisaBuyer

Social PR Chat

Are brands becoming immune to the death, destruction and tragedy happening in the social media newsfeed? It’s one thing to newsjack a story to tie in relevance with your organization, but what about when the trending hashtag #JeSuisBrussels floods the newsfeeds after a terror attack?

7 ways PR grads can impress on internship applications

PR Daily

Landing an intern job is the goal of many graduating college students. PR and communication majors fight hard to be agency and company interns every semester. Employers now look outside the pool of communication and PR majors when selecting PR interns.

3 Steps to Centralize Your Enterprise Content Strategy


Enterprise businesses are going through a digital transformation and executives are demanding measurable returns. But those not paying attention to the ongoing content paradigm shift won’t be able to achieve the success executives want to see. .

Content Strategy Challenges for Digital Marketers

The Proactive Report

The next #DigitalPR chat on Twitter is Friday April 1, 2016. Time: 10 am Pacific and 1 pm Eastern. Topic: Content Marketing Challenges- strategy, planning, content creation and distribution. Guest: Brandon Andersen, CEO and co-founder of Ceralix. Previously Marketing Director for Cision.

Why “content librarian” will be one of the hot new jobs in 2016

Communications Conversations

According to a recent Accenture Interactive survey, 50 percent of marketers now have more content than they can effectively manage. Mark Schaefer predicted it two years ago –content shock is officially upon us now, folks. And, that means a slew of challenges for brands on the strategy side.

The speech is not about you: 4 tips for speaking success

PR Daily

“Why the hell am I so nervous?” I wondered. In moments I would get up to speak to an audience of three thousand in Mexico City at an entrepreneurship conference. Despite the many people, I wasn’t sure why I was so nervous. Usually, the larger the crowd, the more excited, not nervous, I got.