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8 Elements To Transform Your Press Page Into A Newsroom


During a recent PR Council webinar Marissa Aydlett, Chief Marketing Officer at Appboy, challenged businesses to think like marketers, but operate like a newsroom.

Book Review: Becoming Ginger Rogers By Patrice Tanaka

PR Expanded

I mentioned in a post earlier this year, how I enjoy reading different types of books from business books to fiction and memoirs. For me, reading is one of the best ways to get through my own writer’s block (yes, it happens to everyone), while you lose yourself in a great story along the way.

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Want media coverage? Tell a better story


Your project is your child. And like every parent, you think it’s special, and that everyone should love it like you do. Including media. The hard reality is, media will never love your “baby” like you do. In fact, they can barely stand most other people’s children. They spend their lives forced to look at baby pictures (pitches) of people they don’t know or worse, can’t stand. Is it a wonder they’re known as a grumpy lot?

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Facebook’s New “See First” Feature Gives Consumers Control, Challenges Brands


Facebook is at it again. The social network has introduced another update, this time giving users’ more control over what they see in their News Feed. The new feature, called “See First,” allows users to prioritize friends and pages, choosing to show their posts in their news feed above others.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Flack's Revenge - Untitled Article

Flack's Revenge

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How to Choose a PR Strategy: Part 1 of 6

Shift Communications

Strategy is one of the most abused, misused words in the entire lexicon of business. Ask 100 executives what strategy means and you’ll get 150 different answers.

Journalists Less Skeptical, More Reliant on Social Media


Social media has turned the journalism world upside down, changing the way media outlets reach their audiences, PR professionals pitch their clients and journalists source their stories.

The Rise of “Gotcha!” Reporting and Fall of Journalism

Reputation Us

There is an unsettling trend of reporters chasing down officials and shoving microphones in their faces. This gotcha reporting tactic turns the news gathering process and subsequent stories into a sensationalized circus.

How bad marketing doomed Boston's Olympics bid

PR Daily

I really must give kudos to the No Boston Olympics. team, which, with a tiny war chest and a strong social media campaign, managed to take down a project backed by some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the city.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

State of Social Media 2Q 2015: LinkedIn Resumes Its Dominance

Shift Communications

LinkedIn, the dark horse of social networks, has consistently been a slow-but-steady growth play in the past, from revenue to marketing options. Let’s see how the dark horse raced in Q2. Growth.

Free Tip Sheet! Effectively Engage With Audiences on Instagram


Instagram is nudging Twitter out of the number one social media channel spot. With more than 300 million monthly active users , spending an average of 20 minutes on the app a day, Instagram is an essential tool for reaching audiences near and far.

Book Review: Becoming Ginger Rogers By Patrice Tanaka

PR Expanded

I mentioned in a post earlier this year, how I enjoy reading different types of books from business books to fiction and memoirs. For me, reading is one of the best ways to get through my own writer’s block (yes, it happens to everyone), while you lose yourself in a great story along the way.

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3 ways graduates can use Facebook to land a PR job

PR Daily

Congratulations to those of you. just entering the work force after graduating from college. It’s an exciting time to begin a new chapter and take new leaps of faith. It can also be daunting at times, with the vast number of options available to you as you begin your job search.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

State of Social Media 2Q 2015: Facebook owns 1 out of every 5 smartphone minutes

Shift Communications

We’ve often said that Facebook is the largest nation on the planet. Nowadays, Facebook practically is its own planet. Consider this: the user base of Facebook according to their 2Q 2015 earnings is 1.49 billion people. The entire population of planet Earth was about the same in 1900.

Become a Podcaster Master: Q&A With Kerry O’Shea Gorgone


With more ways of communicating instantly and globally than ever before, everyone to have a voice. But how can you be heard by your target audience when they’re always on the go? Podcasts are an ideal communication medium for brands hoping to build awareness and value.

Author Reflects on The Harmony of Words and Visuals in Storytelling

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. Imagine one blog post causing such a ruckus that readers demanded a book.

What your workspace says about your PR personality

PR Daily

Whether you’re at a PR agency or another creative business, you know the stereotypes. A messy desk equals a creative mind. Rule-followers have neat desks. It’s not that simple, though.

State of Social Media 2Q 2015: Twitter Users Plateau

Shift Communications

The 140 character social network released its Q2 2015 earnings. Let’s take a look at where the bird has landed this quarter. Growth. The story in the news is that growth is… lackluster: Twitter’s growth quarter over quarter was an anemic 0.66%, a gain of about 2 million users.

How to Recover From a Brand Crisis


Crises happen to every brand, no matter how big or small they are. Verticals don’t matter; a B2B brand is just as likely as a B2C or nonprofit to face a crisis at some point. When one happens to your brand, will you recover? You can, but it’ll require preparation and planning.

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3 Pillars of Success in Digital Marketing

The Proactive Report

The 2015 State of Digital Marketing report by Smart Insights says that to succeed in this field you need three pillars: Digital Strategy: According to this report 50% of companies have no digital marketing strategy at all. This is indeed the first step – without a strategy you are flying blind.

When should you start a PR campaign?

PR Daily

There’s no definitive right or wrong answer about when to start a PR campaign, but there’s definitely a wrong time. It’s after something newsworthy happens.

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It’s PR, Not ER: How To Stay Sane When Everything is Coming Undone

Shift Communications

If you’ve been doing PR long enough, you have had moments when your heart is pumping, your palms are sweating and you know that there is just way too much to do and not enough time to do it. The stress of multiple deadlines, competing priorities and never-ending fire drills is getting to you.

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6 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers for Your Business


A recent bug gave some Instagram accounts as many as 100,000 new followers. While the issue has been resolved, it has left many businesses wondering how they can build such an impressive increase in followers. Check out these six ideas to organically grow your brand’s following: 1. Stick to a Theme.

Can Twitter’s Decline be Saved With PR?

Rock the Status Quo

My Dad has brain cancer. It’s a traitorous, inexorable assassin that isn’t just ravaging his body. It’s murdering everything about my dad that MAKES him who he was before cancer snuck in, while he’s still here. I hate it.

4 tips for killer interviews in the modern media world

PR Daily

Journalists today conduct interviews using Skype, Twitter and FaceTime. These technologies help news professionals to be more nimble, which means your company’s experts should always be ready for an interview at a moment’s notice. Here are the four tips to interview like a star: 1.

Want to Repeat that Awesome Broadcast Hit? Here’s What NOT to Do.

Shift Communications

(Caution: This post contains lots of hockey references – apologies to non-sports fans). For many clients, broadcast coverage is the pinnacle of our PR efforts. For PR pros that means racking our brains for every possible angle to secure that valuable air time – both local and national.

Establishing Goals for Your Press Release


As I’ve said before: having the right expectations for your press release plays a huge role in setting it up for success. Part of those expectations involves knowing what goals to establish so you can measure the results of your distributed press release. What are Reasonable Goals?

Without Tension, there is No Storytelling

Sword and the Script

by Frank Strong. Your company isn’t just an organization. It is a story,” according to a Storytelling Guide by Nasdaq Media Intelligence. The paper, which is quick and easy primer on storytelling, defines a story as “a character in pursuit of a goal in the face of some challenge or obstacle.”.

Must PR pros have established relationships to pitch reporters?

PR Daily

I recently wrote a piece for PR Daily about how PR practitioners can foster better relationships with reporters. Whether or not PR pros and reporters should be friends is a tough ethical question. On the other hand, must PR pros have a relationship with a reporter to get their attention?

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A Peek Behind the Curtain of Business Insider’s Newsroom

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. Four of our account professionals attended “Inside the Newsroom with Business Insider” organized by PRSA Silicon Valley earlier this month.

Waterhouse PR: Cision Cut Our Media Monitoring From Hours to Minutes


For PR firms, social media monitoring has become an essential part of a successful agency’s offering. But without the right tools, it’s impossible to scale media monitoring services as the business grows.

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