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PR & Customer Success: 2 Sides Of The Same Coin


In PR, we like to draw comparisons. It helps emphasize a point, enhance a story or create a connection between two seemingly unrelated things. Along those lines, I thought it would be interesting to make a comparison between PR and one of the fastest growing roles sweeping the SaaS industry: Customer Success. Whaaaat you may […]. PR Education CS customer success customer success education PR PR education PR tip public relations retention

MTs, Priority Newsfeed & Messaging. Oh My! The Latest Changes to Social Media


It seems like as soon as we get used to one change in social media, there’s already another one. And while it might seem easier to bury our heads in the sand, that’s not going to help us leverage social media as a marketing tool. Here are just a few of the latest noteworthy changes to social media.

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Tech Blogger Lament: “It’s now all about the page-clicks”

Flack's Revenge

It seems hard to believe, but I wrote my PR Death Watch series , which chronicled the changing nature of the profession, seven years ago.

Influencer Marketing


You are the hero of your own life. But every hero needs an even bigger hero to champion their cause now and then. Those bigger heroes are called influencers. They’re the people who are decision makers or who can sway large groups of people, or, at least, the people you need to reach.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

7 steps for promoting your personal brand

PR Daily

As PR pros, we work hard to promote our clients, our companies and our stories, but what about promoting ourselves and our personal brands? Developing a strong personal brand can only take you further in your career and life. Here are the steps to take: 1. Keep an eye on statistics and trends.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

Shift Communications

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are typically the “big three” social channels a marketer has to look for when crafting a social media strategy. But as the social media landscape changes and evolves, these may no longer be enough.

9 Content Snacks from the Story of Content Marketing

Sword and the Script

The best way to excel at content marketing is to “be the story.” ” That’s according to the new documentary by the Content Marketing Institute : The Story of Content.

10 best online master’s degree programs for PR pros

PR Daily

It’s not necessary for PR practitioners to get a master’s degree, but for some, it’s the ticket to take that next step up the ladder or have a deeper understanding of the industry. Options for advanced degrees in the field were limited in the old days.

12 Quotes on Facebook ROI From Mari Smith


Eleven years after Facebook’s debut, the social media giant has racked up 968 million daily active users. Tack on Facebook’s frequently-changing algorithms and shrinking organic reach and your business may feel overwhelmed.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Facebook Notes and the Lazappalinari Cocktail: An SEO Test

Shift Communications

On Friday, September 24, Facebook rebooted its Notes feature. Formerly the domain of silly forwards and “25 things you didn’t know about me but will doom my political career if anyone finds out” content, Notes’ reboot appears sharply aimed at sites like Quartz and Medium.

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Simple lessons from Agile for PR Teams

The Resolution Blog

I’ve been re-reading “Getting Real” from the genius team behind basecamp today. Since switching focus from building an agency ( to building a product ( ) I must have read it at least 10 times. It’s packed full of wisdom.

Agency 181

6 things communications pros can do with a B.A. in English

PR Daily

I’ve had a bone to pick for 12 years with the hilarious off-Broadway musical “Avenue Q.”. At the beginning of the show, Princeton sings about his regret for getting an English degree, in “What do you with a B.A. in English?” He says that it’s “useless” and he’s destined for failure.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Press Release


PR professionals have seen their go-to tools and tactics change, especially over the past few years. Gone are the days of fax machines. Despite the changing environment and increasing use of technology, one skill remains as relevant as ever: knowing how to write press releases.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

What is the open rate of SMS text messaging?

Shift Communications

Friend of SHIFT and professional marketing BS detector Scott Stratten asked recently: Doing some talk research, and I just saw a post that said “SMS (text messages) have an open rate of 95%. WTF, how do you come up with that? Someone please back me up or prove me wrong.

Survey 145

3 Top Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile Visibility


Did you know LinkedIn has its own proprietary search algorithm? The details are top secret, but according to Yumi Wilson, manager of corporate communications at LinkedIn, there are several ways to use LinkedIn to get the most from the platform. #1 1 Complete Your LinkedIn Profile.

Study: Millennials will pay for content, but not news

PR Daily

Someday, perhaps there will be a study done on how many studies have examined what millennials will or won’t do. In the meantime, a new study has found that millennials will pay for content, but only certain types. In case you had any doubts, it’s bad news for print journalism.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Content With the Right Tools


The Internet is overloaded with content. Every day, marketers are throwing more and more content into the mix, saturating the marketplace with information and making it a struggle to get your efforts noticed.

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Beets, Tomatoes…Big Data?

Shift Communications

When contestants begin a Food Network’s Chopped challenge, they are given a basket of random ingredients and asked to make an entrée. No recipe books, no Pinterest, no “phone my mom” option. The concoctions created with seemingly unrelated ingredients must flow directly from the minds of the chefs.

How Millennials Are Shaping The 2016 Presidential Race

The Stalwart Blog

Recently, plenty has been said about Millennials, those born between 1981 and 1997. Employers want to know how to manage us, brands want to know how to sell to us and now, politicians and presidential hopefuls want to know how to connect with us. But why are we so damn important? . Generation WHY?

6 ways agile PR agencies are creating and uncovering content

PR Daily

Relevance is causing quite a buzz these days. Successful PR firms of the future will be hybrid agencies that specialize in developing valuable content to drive a company’s business goals. Those that fail to create relevant material and show how it connects to the bottom line will become obsolete.

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Free Tip Sheet! Help Yourself Out with These Pitching Practices


If you aren’t already signed up for Help A Reporter Out (HARO), you’re missing a ton of opportunities to pitch top-notch journalists and reporters. Cision’s free service enables media professionals to collaborate with sources from around the globe.

4 Tips for Identifying and Communicating Value in the Healthcare Marketplace

Reputation Us

What makes healthcare through your organization different? Why should consumers choose your clinic or practice over Zoom+ or a Walgreens retail clinic?

5 Writing Habits You Need to Break … and Fast

PR 20/20

As Malcom Gladwell ( @Gladwell ) states in his book Outliers , 10,000 hours of deliberate practice are needed before you can become an expert in your desired field. Writing every day is the golden rule to becoming a better writer, but that’s not the only guideline you should be following.

Will Twitter drop its 140-character tweet limit?

PR Daily

Ask people what’s the one thing that sets apart Twitter from its social media brethren, and they’ll probably cite Twitter’s adherence to 140 characters per post. It’s been the site’s trademark and distinguishing feature since its launch in 2006. Now, it might go away.

Media & Influencer Lists, Saved by the Bell Style


I only have vague memories of “Saved by the Bell,” but I remember the stereotypes: the rebel, the cheerleader, the jock, the geek. And, of course, the person who was always in the know. She knew where the best parties were and who was seeing whom.

Media 271

Free #PRstack #2 book with 30 how to guides for hacking your PR practice, tactics and strategy

Stuart Bruce

I’m privileged to be a member of the PRstack community created by Stephen Waddington, past president of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and chief engagement officer at Ketchum.

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The Two Sides of Events (and how to rock them both)

Shift Communications

From networking mixers to industry trade shows, SHIFT understands the power of offline engagement (no really, we do ). Just as there are two sides to every story, there are also two sides to every event.

Whole Foods cuts 1,500 jobs

PR Daily

You probably still have a friend or relative who refers to Whole Foods as “Whole Paycheck.”. That’s because the brand (rightfully) has a reputation for being unnecessarily costly. The brand is trying to change that perception, but the company is going to have to break a few cage-free eggs first.

Retail 171

Free Report! The Keys to Building a Successful Social Media Team


Drive traffic. Improve engagement. Gain followers. These are all great goals for your social media campaign, but without the right social media team behind you, you’ll never be able to accomplish any of them.

PR Interviewing Tips to Dig Out the Good Stuff for Media Relations

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. I’ve said this before and continue to believe it. The PR profession under-appreciates interviewing expertise. It starts in college. Try to find a curriculum for mass communications or PR that offers a class on interviewing. Good luck. Every journalism program in the country tackles the art of the interview like this one from the University.more.

What do you care?

Waxing UnLyrical

Guest Post by Lorne Pike. As business people, we can all get tremendous value from defining a few principle statements. For what will we be known? What offerings make each of us less vulnerable to competitors trumpeting lower prices? What core values can we be trusted to deliver?