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AirPR Fights for “Title Equality”


Company Institutes Mandatory “CSO” Position For All In an effort to fight for one of the most controversial equality issues of modern day tech culture, Title Equality, technology company AirPR has announced it will change all employee titles to CSO. … Continued. Musings AirPR April Fool''s Day CSO funny job title joke satire title equality

All Business IS Personal


“It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.” ” It’s worth noting that the phrase was coined by mob accountant Otto Berman. By age 15, Berman had been charged with rape. He subsequently met his death at the hands of Lucky Luciano in a hail of bullets. I bet those bullets felt pretty personal. I’m with John Schonegevel when he counts the phrase as among the worst 5 a leader can use , not to mention cowardly. Author Tim Hurson would agree: Tim Hurston is no slouch.

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8 Best Practices for Content Curation


“Content curation is sorting through a large amount of web content to find the best, most meaningful bits and presenting these in an organized, valuable way.” ” – Kevan Lee, Buffer. Content curation is defined as bringing meaningful organization to some subset of all of the content in the world. For practical purposes, it’s the way that we share relevant information with our audiences through social and owned media.

3 essential skills for today’s PR pro

PR Daily

Not long ago, public relations success meant getting your company or client’s name mentioned in a local newspaper. For a PR pro, the clear path to making that happen usually involved writing a press release. Things have changed. Today the PR practitioner’s role has left the press office and has gone global. A win can mean anything from a media placement to a clever tweet to strategic content—plus countless other possibilities that amplify a brand’s message.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

F8 Update: Two Upcoming Facebook Changes PR Pros Should Care About

Rock the Status Quo

View image | Media coverage abounds related to last week’s 2015 F8 Developer Conference – an event for app developers put on by Facebook. A few exciting changes seem to be looming, amidst a ton of snooze-worthy hype. Out of all the gossip, what are the 2-3 things that PR pros should care about the most?

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TwitSquare? What to Know About Twitter & Foursquare’s Partnership


The check-in may be dead on Foursquare, but the app is alive and well – and increasing Twitter’s “social media on steroids” effect for brands. Foursquare has already experienced tremendous use after its introduction in 2009, and since then, the app has evolved–now focusing on local search capabilities, ratings and tips. But how does this differ from Yelp? Well, Twitter has just teamed up with Foursquare to tag locations in tweets. Big deal?

7 ways to reignite your creative spark

PR Daily

Call it what you like: writer’s block, mental block or artistic rut. When the creative juices have clogged, it can seem like they will never flow again. PR pros and marketers know the horrors of creative slumps, of struggling to meet deadlines in a world where maintaining an innovative and imaginative edge has never been more vital.

9 Must-Have Online Newsroom Features

The Proactive Report

The 2015 Media Trends Affecting Online Newsrooms highlighted 9 areas where companies, both large and small, are missing opportunities. Here is the checklist. Use it to evaluate your newsroom. A featured story with visuals : Most company newsroom are still web 1.0. There’s just a list of press release headlines with a link to the full release. The public and the media want visual content. Feature your main story and include a visual that captures the attention and enhances the story.

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HARO: Good PR Pitches have a Long Shelf Life

Sword and the Script

by Frank Strong. By deadline, there were just four responses to query, which has posted a day or so prior. The query was intended to gauge reaction to a survey published earlier in the week and asked simple questions: Do the survey results reflect your perspective? What advice would you offer? Three of the responses ignored the questions and pitched interviews instead – an absent a strong point of view.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

The Rejection Rule


Creating social media campaigns often generate scores of ideas. How do you delineate the winners from the losers? I start with a primary rule to reject errant campaign ideas. This rejection rule focuses on public audiences: Will the community like this idea and act upon it ? Specifically, will they care enough about the concept to talk about it, share it, create content for it, and yes, possibly even consider buying services from the company? This is a messaging filter.

Social media trends for each day of the week

PR Daily

From Throwback Thursday to Wellness Wednesday, social media trends get lots of users talking. Inserting yourself into the conversation is a great way to drive traffic to your site, build brand awareness and gain followers. Here are social media trends you can use in your campaigns every day of the week. Monday. Monday Blues (#MondayBlues) or Manic Monday (#ManicMonday ). Everyone can relate to a case of the Mondays.

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Missing the signs


When you’re in the hospitality business, you want to take every opportunity to promote yourself. Right? Why then, this strange trend for new hospitality businesses to erect signs on their construction sites which don’t tell us anything at all? Lately, I’ve seen too many upcoming establishments share ‘watch this space’ and ‘follow us on social media for more’ messages on their temporary signs. They’re a wasted opportunity, insulting and stupid. this is a good an example of great signage.

Should HR Be Telling Stories?

Ishmael's Corner

I’m not referring to fiction or fabrication. The question relates to the role of storytelling techniques in the HR function. The question also happened to be the thrust of my talk at the Alexander Mann Solutions (AMS) conference last week in Hong Kong. It turns out that one can make an argument for HR more than any other function needing storytelling. After all, the ability to recruit and retain talent often determines the success of a company.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

How Big Was the Buzz at Social Media Marketing World?


Social Media Marketing World ended March 27, and social networks are likely still panting in exhaustion after handling the surge of tweets and posts from the 2,500 attendees. The event had 71,039 social messages and saw the #smmw15 hashtag used 69,163 times from March 23, two days before the event, through March 30, three days after. That’s nearly 28 hashtagged posts per attendee. Yes, others not attending the event also used #smmw15…but still!).

5 things PR pros do that journalists love

PR Daily

In my published work and on social media, I''ve established myself as something of a PR vigilante. As one of my PR contacts says, I "graciously take action without naming the offenders," and try to give an honest picture of the worst PR interactions we reporters meet with. It''s nothing personal. Bad tactics are bad tactics, and sometimes I feel the need to call them out. A few recent examples from my Twitter account: For those who haven''t worked with me, I may seem like a PR hater. I''m not!

The Thrill of the Chase

Shift Communications

People often ask what drives us? For me, it’s a good challenge. Tell me that I can’t do something, and I will prove that I can. Say I don’t know what I’m talking about (especially if it involves football and the NFL), and I’ll blow you away with a well thought-out, carefully crafted argument. What I’ve always liked most about challenges is the thrill of the chase.

Lee Kuan Yew, His Communication Skills Also Defied Convention

Ishmael's Corner

Since Lee Kuan Yew’s passing, every media outlet in the free and not-so-free world has chronicled his accomplishments. If you haven’t spent time in Southeast Asia, it’s hard to appreciate the “miracle” of transforming this speck of geography into a world-class economy. It’s not quite Moses parting the Red Sea, but it’s close. I made my first trip to Singapore in 1994, four years after Mr. Lee had stepped down as prime minister.

Master Multimedia Storytelling With a Free E-Book!


To truly make an impact with your story, you need more than just words. Electronic media has made it necessary to become a content creator fluent in both text and visuals. This idea isn’t new. From ancient cave drawings to photojournalism and broadcast TV, people have enjoyed visual stories for the speed at which people can consume the content and the emotion it elicits. But how can you get started? “

6 reasons to hold back prank press releases

PR Daily

With April Fools’ Day nearly here, many PR pros are secretly preparing clever tricks, but if you’re thinking about distributing a prank press release, you may want to reconsider. Though these hoaxes are intended to be harmless, fooling reporters with an untrue press release can be extremely damaging to your reputation and create a host of problems. Consider these factors: 1. Journalists. When you send a fake press release to a reporter, you’re putting his or her credibility on the line.

What does that buy us?

Shift Communications

“People buy tactics in times of uncertainty. They buy strategy when times are good.”. My friend Chris Brogan said that and it struck me as profound. We’ve seen this in our own business: when the budget axe chops into Marketing, the conversation can quickly move from “What’s the right thing for us to do to move the needle?” to, “What can we get for $X?”. For the record 99% of these conversations with our clients are conducted in a spirit of partnership, not arm-twisting.).

Does Wikipedia Present Risk to your Organization or Industry?

Melissa Agnes

Wikipedia , “the world’s most successful online encyclopedia.” ” It ranks extremely well in the search engines and is a crowdsourced initiative. There are rules to keep each Wikipedia page “by the people” and not prejudicially written by the person. When building up your online reputation, it’s a good thought to have a Wikipedia page, but there are rules involved with having it created. However, this post is not about those rules.

‘The Facebook Times?’: Facebook to Host Original News Content


The newest evolution in news may be right around the corner. Over the years, we’ve documented media changes, saw the dominance of digital and the permeance of social media. Now, Facebook is reportedly moving close to a deal with news sites The New York Times, BuzzFeed and National Geographic to host their original content within Facebook’s site. It’s a clever move to keep people using Facebook more frequently and add additional revenue.

Groupon hilariously replies to 'Banana Bunker' comments on Facebook

PR Daily

A few years ago, we couldn’t stop writing about Groupon. If you’re not one of the company’s daily devotees, you’ll be interested to hear that not only are they still alive and kicking, but they’re doing funny stuff on social media. Take the case of the Banana Bunker, which—perhaps due to its interesting design—has become a running inside joke among users. Practically speaking, the Banana Bunker exists to keep your banana fresh. A warning, though: Its design may make you blush.

Google Analytics 101 for Hospitals and Healthcare

Shift Communications

Maryalicia asked about how you might use Google Analytics for a hospital: What a terrific question. As a Google Analytics Certified Partner , we’re happy to share how Google Analytics can integrate into healthcare and hospitals. Think about what things hospitals measure in terms of marketing. At the top of the funnel, hospitals generally look for two kinds of brand recognition. There’s global brand recognition, when a hospital seeks to be the best in category.

Social Media Mistakes

The Proactive Report

The 2015 PRESSfeed/SNCR Media Trends report shows that almost 100% of companies – large and small – are using some form of social media marketing. The problem is, not all of them are doing it right. LACK OF STRATEGY. Probably the biggest, and most costly, mistake is to just jump in and start posting content on social sites without a plan.

Why You Need an Online Newsroom


You put so much effort into writing press releases and pitching the media , so why wouldn’t you take the extra step to have a single place where you keep all the PR-related content you’ve developed? That’s where an online newsroom comes in handy. This is essentially a page on your website with everything related to your public relations activities.

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5 communications pros to follow on LinkedIn

PR Daily

Two people sign up for LinkedIn every second, according to the world’s largest professional social network. When they do, they join more than 347 million users in 200 countries. Members can take advantage of a variety of networking and learning opportunities the site has to offer, including LinkedIn publishing, groups and updates.

SHIFT Announces New Augmented Influence Reader

Shift Communications

SHIFT has always been an innovator in social media, digital influence, and data-driven public relations. However, most of our employees have to do influencer research while seated at desks, in offices. While we all enjoy a collegial, collaborative environment, there’s no substitute for getting actual face time with influencers. Our new SHIFT Augmented Influence Reader (AIR) helps PR professionals make the most of every real-life interaction. Let’s look at how it works.

Are You Ready? Five Crisis Communications Building Blocks

Solo PR Pro

This is a guest post by Fran Stephenson, a Solo PR PRO Premium member who has handled hundreds of crises during her 20+ years in corporate communications, including more than 15 years as a theme park communicator. Her new ebook, “ Managing Your Next Crisis: A Step-By-Step Guide for Travel Organizations ” has lessons for every industry – and it’s free! Read insights from Fran below, and download the ebook here.

Everything You Need to Know About Word-of Mouth Marketing


Your target audience trusts their inner circle of friends, family and social network more than the content you produce. How can you break into or improve your word-of-mouth marketing? Throughout March, we provided tons of content centered around using word-of-mouth to raise brand awareness, earn trust and, ultimately, make sales, including a webinar, white paper, tip sheet and numerous blog posts. Here’s a list of all the resources we created with a description of how each can help you.

New York Times to produce 'one-sentence stories' for Apple Watch

PR Daily

The New York Times has announced that it will publish one-sentence stories on the Apple Watch. These stories, which are “crafted specially for small screens,” according to the announcement , “will provide the news at a glance across many Times sections, including Business, Politics, Science, Tech and The Arts.”. Let’s call them what they are though: headlines with periods at the end.