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Sales tips that can also improve your dating life


Raise your hand if you’ve ever done one (or all) of the following: 1) Paced back and forth in front of the telephone, waiting for it to ring (remember land lines?)

#PRStudChat August Anniversary Discussion: Celebrating Six Years of PR Learning & Career Readiness

PR Expanded

It may be August, but at #PRStudChat, we are feeling like its New Year’s Eve. So we’re ready to celebrate and look forward to some really exciting things that are happening in the collegiate PR world.

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PR Not Working? Here’s Why


PR explosion as smashed and broken into golden pieces word, depth dimensional background. Please excuse the formatting and other errors in this blog. They will be fixed soon but we needed to publish to be better able to deal with them.PR is part of your brand’s ecosystem.

15 Expert Tips to Build a Stronger Professional Network


According to Wharton professor Adam Grant, people that give more of themselves than they receive (givers) are the least successful people in the workplace.

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Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Want to Build Trust Online? Don’t Neglect Customer Reviews.

Rock the Status Quo

Reviews matter, yet so many companies let them grow by default and inattention, rather than a focused effort – rarely monitoring what is being said unless a crisis flares up, grabbing everyone’s attention like firecrackers lit inside a public library.

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What do digital marketing pros do all day?

PR Daily

Picture the scene. It’s Christmas day or a birthday party. All of your extended family are in one room, and you can sense the inevitable is about to happen.

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5 Ways to Tell a Brand Story With Instagram


If you do a search for “Instagram best practices” or “Instagram tips,” you’ll be served a slew of results as well as ideas. Use high quality imagery.”. Use trends like Throwback Thursday (#TBT) and Monday Motivation.”. It’s good advice, but a question remains.

Big Brands: Content Marketing isn’t a Campaign, It’s a Culture

Sword and the Script

by Frank Strong. Every company is a media company. It’s one of those catchy phrases that took off a few years ago, soon became cliché to the point it’s almost passé. Almost passé. Content marketing is the new branding. Content marketing *is* PR. Content marketing is the new buyer’s journey.

How to Repurpose a Press Release

Rock the Status Quo

What is the difference between repurposed content and copied content? How can PR pros make use of it to expand coverage? What are a few ways to repurpose a press release?

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Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

4 reasons for brand managers to use Periscope

PR Daily

Where else can you see the CEO of T-Mobile jogging through Central Park, a photojournalist reporting from North Korea, author Deepak Chopra chatting from his apartment in New York or a famed UFC fighter answering their fan’s questions? The answer: Periscope.

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Pop Quiz: What is PR?


I was recently waiting for a friend at a bar when a man sat down next to me and introduced himself as a doctor on vacation from Serbia. What do you do?” he asked. Before I could even get the words “public relations” out of my mouth, I knew he was going to follow up with, “What is that?”.

Will you be Who To See First on Facebook?

Shift Communications

We were asked recently what to make of Facebook’s new “See First” feature, slowly rolling out to audiences around the world.

Company Lessons for a Crisis Simulation

Reputation Us

The Crisis Training “Top Seven” A few weeks ago we managed a mock crisis simulation at one of our client’s premises to test their crisis communications plan.

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How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

How much should you spend on PR?

PR Daily

You’re thinking about hiring a PR firm. You’ve probably evaluated the costs and benefits of bringing in a PR agency to build your messaging and tell your story, instead of hiring someone to do the work. When you think about it, it’s rent versus buy.

3 Steps to Creating an Instagram Contest


Hosting an Instagram contest is an effective way to build buzz around your brand and increase awareness for your services. Need proof? In one second, Instagram sees 1,000 comments and 8,500 photo likes.

Data-driven still needs human decisions

Shift Communications

Unless you’re blind and deaf (or not a techie), you’re aware that in the past week or so reddit had a meltdown.

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Tyrion’s Persuasive language in this Game in of Thrones Passage Puts Ted Talks to Shame

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications.

Target's breastfeeding policy garners positive PR

PR Daily

Target has expressed its support for customers that want to breastfeed in its stores, and mothers everywhere are expressing their support for the retail chain’s new policy.

How Tweetchats Boost Your Brand


If you’ve ever joined a Tweetchat (also called Twitter chat ), you know there’s a lot of information poured into a short timeframe on Twitter. Usually a Tweetchat is held around a theme, like public relations or small business.

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A Quick Guide to Getting Comfortable at a Networking Event

Shift Communications

Networking comes up quite a bit on this blog, because quite honestly, it’s a harrowing situation — especially if you are a junior or unseasoned PR professional.

Making That Pesky and Inaccurate Information on the Internet Go Away

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. It’s not easy. Here’s the situation. The giant Hong Kong food company, Lee Kum Kee Products Group, created an app and website for the China market.

2 questions ghostwriters should ask

PR Daily

The soaring popularity of content marketing has bolstered the demand for quality ghostwriting, or writing articles, books, blog posts and other texts that are attributed to someone else.

Thought Leadership Didn’t Kill the Management Guru. The Internet Did.


It’s no secret that more and more companies and individuals are seeking recognition as thought leaders in their industries. But are we seeing a decline in truly original, authoritative thinkers with the stature of a “management guru”? The Economist thinks so.

3 Lessons for First-Time Managers

Shift Communications

Growth, change and transitions are a natural part of any career, especially in a quickly moving industry like PR. Personally, I transitioned into PR after studying journalism—a seamless move, especially since the skills I developed writing for the university newspaper (Go Hilltoppers!)

The Ultimate Brand Video Helper


Because we love you, one handy dandy, super duper, mostly all-in-one-place Brand Video Checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything when you develop, write and shoot your next video.

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Why marketers should stop obsessing over millennials

PR Daily

At a conference for a large nonprofit organization, I stopped by an afternoon panel session on generational marketing. In reality, it was about how to engage millennials, people born (depending on which sociologist you ask) between 1980 and 1996.

3 Lessons From the A-Team in Crisis Communication Planning


“I love it when a plan comes together,” says Hannibal. But his plans seem last minute, thrown-together responses to crises. Are they? At first glance, they appear to be. Hannibal’s plans seem rushed, not planned or thought out. The plans, however, always feature a constant set of characters.

A snapshot of public relations


What is public relations? Most businesses are familiar with the concept of advertising and marketing – but public relations can be misunderstood. As a business, you know you need to let your customers (or stakeholders) know what you have to offer.

Do you need an SEO audit?

Shift Communications

This introductory post marks the beginning of a series of posts that will walk through the process of an SEO audit. Today, we’re going to begin with the big, old question of whether or not your website needs one. We hear a lot about SEO every day.

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30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

PR Daily

PR pros can find jobs in cities throughout the world, but according to a recent study, some cities are more lucrative than others for communicators. ValuePenguin published a list of the 35 best cities in the United States for PR specialists.

All brands are media: The biggest lie the marketing industry has ever told

Communications Conversations

One of my favorite blogs is the Content Strategist. It’s full of interesting, insightful and easy-to-read posts about everything in the content world. And it’s full of stories that bang on the “all brands are media” drum. That should come as no surprised to anyone.