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3 Steps for Preparing Executives for Media Interviews

Meltwater - PR

Let’s be honest—some executives are born to be spokespeople—while others need training.After all, even if you’re an expert on a particular topic, it can be nerve wracking to stand in… Read More >>>.

What to Do When a Marketing Plan Backfires

Ronn Torossian

It happens to even the best, most well-known brands. A simple social media missive gone wrong can be enough to ignite an explosive chain reaction of negativity and poor public perception. For a brand that was only seeking to elevate its marketing and make a splash, this can easily be panic-inducing.

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How Simple Automation Saves Time And Tedium In PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Any public relations agency today needs nearly instant resources — from details on media preferences to data that informs our pitches and programs. Teams juggle many client accounts, with each having its own needs and expectations.

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Top Five Reasons To Integrate Earned, Owned and Paid Media


Marketers have been talking about paid, owned and earned media channels for over a decade now. Yet these three channels are almost always spoken about and operate as independent functions within the marketing department.

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Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

PR crisis? Here are dozens of tactics for limiting negative coverage

PR Daily

For clients and practitioners alike, a reputational firestorm can seem interminable. Here’s how to handle voracious journalists while maintaining your integrity. In a crisis, the flood of adverse coverage can seem endless. How, then, can PR reps minimize the flow of negative stories?

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Once upon a time… how to make your storytelling impactful

Agility PR Solutions

Think about some of the things you will fondly remember forever. Chances are there were stories connected with them that touched your heart. Astute nonprofits recognized the power of storytelling way before corporations and have been leveraging that to secure large donations.

Top back to school social trends in 2019


[…]. The post Top back to school social trends in 2019 appeared first on NewsWhip. Brands Communications & PR Digital Journalism

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As Instagram mulls concealing ‘likes,’ marketers must rethink their approaches

PR Daily

Because the visible affirmation is a key indicator for communicators using the platform, the shift would require a dynamic change in content strategy. Here’s what to bear in mind. . Instagram has a billion active users per month, and a key change to the platform may be in the offing.

Instagram is Testing Hiding Likes: What This Means for Marketing  

Ronn Torossian

Last month, users in seven countries began testing a new experiment by the social media powerhouse Instagram. While posts typically show a running count of the number of likes they receive, this new initiative aims to get rid of those likes. On a platform where influencer marketing lives (and thrives) and where likes are an […]. The post Instagram is Testing Hiding Likes: What This Means for Marketing appeared first on.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Why are brands’ social media fans unfollowing them—and what can they do about it?

Agility PR Solutions

Brand followers on social media are a fickle bunch—it just takes one slip for your average “fan” to unfollow you, and therefore fall out of the loop on your special offers and insider deals.

Dominic Cummings: Beware the Wolf

Mark My Words

Imagine the fairy tale, the one with the young bored shepherd races into town day after day crying wolf. Day after day, until finally there is a wolf – and he, along with his herd, fall afoul. It’s a story with a famous message for all children, but it has another overlooked message.

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How to respond when you go viral for all the wrong reasons

PR Daily

Guerrilla marketing sometimes lives up to its name, as when LED devices are mistaken for bombs in a major city—and all hell breaks loose. Priorities and agility become crucial factors. The afternoon of Jan. 31, 2007, was a normal workday for me at Turner Broadcasting.

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All Marketing is NOT Content Marketing

Sword and the Script

Content marketing could quite possibly be the most misunderstood concept in marketing today. Most confuse content marketing as synonymous with content, which is a solid way to make sure your content marketing program underperforms, or worse, fails.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

5 solid tips for PR pros on protecting online privacy

Agility PR Solutions

As we become more reliant on the digital world, PR pros continue to face tough challenges. The rise of the internet and social media have made it easier to spread a message. At the same time, they make it harder for PR pros to be heard and work on damage control. It’s tough to get […].

Go-to Songs for Those Who Toil in PR

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. A few years ago PR Moment asked me to pontificate on a playlist of songs that put a bounce in my step and might — emphasize on the “might” — do the same for others.

6 reasons to pare your writing for professional success

PR Daily

Concise text, regardless of format, improves readers’ user experience, lands your message and cultivates your reputation as a reliable, engaging authority. Your reader’s time is tight. Your writing should be, too.

Why Communicators Need to Be Part of the Decision-Making Process


You know that feeling when you find out something your organization or client is doing, but it’s too late to take full advantage of it from a PR perspective? I hate it when that happens, so I’m sharing an inspiring example to help you avoid it.

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Today’s communicators are re-examining measurement methods—what are they finding?

Agility PR Solutions

Despite a robust economy and the mountains of consumer data at their fingertips, nearly three quarters (72 percent) of senior marketing executives in a new survey cited a business growth rate of less than 10 percent last year—confirming that efficient measurement is about more than just tracking campaign results.

6 Types of Newsworthy Content (That Aren’t Survey-Based)


When working with data to create content for your brand, it can feel like every time you come across a relevant data set, it’s already been covered extensively. . But when creating content for your site, your goal is to create something newsworthy, interesting, and original. .

Reimagining PR ‘rules’ to keep pace with the times

PR Daily

Common tenets about measurement, ‘bridging’ tactics, and never ever going ‘off the record’ might not offer the best guidance for today’s communicators. Here’s a fresh perspective. Some rules were made to be broken—or bent, or even smashed to bits.

Pay your PR interns, says the PR Council in new policy

Muck Rack

Pay your PR interns, says the PR Council in new policy

Teambuilding in focus—9 tactics for motivating your employees

Agility PR Solutions

One of the more challenging tasks that modern businesses are faced with is motivation in the workplace. Given the dynamic job environment that millennials have introduced, switching jobs has become a normal occurrence.

Are Communicators Sending Out an SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome)?

PR News

Emerging platform TikTok has seen a lot of buzz these days, and perhaps rightly so: It has added 1.2 billon users over just one year. A new shoppable hashtag campaign from Ralph Lauren is already trending in marketing circles.

Why we should strip away labels and focus on outcomes

PR Daily

As PR, marketing and publicity overlap to the point of being indistinguishable, the solution lies not in definitions but in benchmarking results, the author asserts. The terms public relations, marketing and publicity are limiting and, these days, nebulous.

AP Style: How relevant is it in 2019?

Communications Conversations

The AP Style folks recently made an earth-shattering change to its AP Style Standards: You no longer have to spell out “%” after a number. AUDIBLE GASP! That was actually close to the reaction I got from friends and colleagues on a LinkedIn post where I shared this news a few weeks ago.

Influencers need authenticity—but how much is too much? “Faking it” spurs unfollows

Agility PR Solutions

Above all else, influencer marketers are looking for authenticity in their campaigns—but how much authenticity is too much?

Podcasting PR Secrets

Social PR Chat

Listen up. With the rise in mobile use, podcasts have made a comeback and are no longer just for the techie world. A podcast is similar to a radio program, but they are audio files typically listened to via sources such as iTunes.

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How communicators can change their organization’s objectives

PR Daily

Why should a PR pro strive to become a trusted advisor instead of a technician who puts out press releases? The future of your organization might depend on it. What’s the big deal with a bunch of the world’s top CEOs saying: “We can no longer only prioritize shareholder profits?”.

Are you Crisis Ready? An interview with ACI Specialty Benefits

The Stalwart Blog

Dave Oates: Welcome to another Public Relations Security videocast where we talk with experts in and around Southern California and all things related to risk management and crisis communications.

Civic PR—4 ways to improve PR for your city 

Agility PR Solutions

Public relations is a term often associated with businesses or corporations trying to improve their image. However, it also applies to cities. As a city administrator, part of your job is to improve public and tourist perception of your town—but how do you change the opinions of the masses?

FEEL First When You Want to Build & Keep Unbreakable Bonds

PR Expanded

Every relationship is different and precious in its own way. You work so hard to build relationships and when you make that special connection you don’t want to lose it! Knowing this, how much do you nurture your relationships and how present are you in those interactions?

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