January, 2007

Are You a Media Source or a Media Pest?

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Was in NYC earlier this month for a trade show and I arranged several media briefings, amongst other duties ( reg. req. ). We began scheduling appointments two weeks prior to the show. In an email exchange with a trade reporter, I sent her to a site I thought she might find interesting.

Burrito Pitch Makes Star Tribune Reporter Sick

Bad Pitch Blog

Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist Randy Salas has sent us two bad pitches. This lengthy one reflects on recent E.

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One Year Later, the Pitches Still Suck

Bad Pitch Blog

The Bad Pitch Blog was launched one year ago. To be honest, I never thought it would become an ongoing project. Then it became more popular than my first blog. Then the bad pitches started coming in and the posts kept getting the kind of feedback that can fuel a fleet of blogs.

The Snow Blind Sundance Pitch

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“Mama always told me not to look into the eye of the sun. But Mama, that’s where the fun is.” It may seem odd to conjure up Springsteen lyrics in a post about the Sundance Film Festival. But we‘ll connect the dots.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

The LA Galaxy PR Team's Got Game

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After the Los Angeles Galaxy bribed lured David Beckham to the United States with a $250 million carrot, one could see the Galaxy PR team getting fat, drunk and stupid. But as Dean Wormer will tell you, that''s “no way to go through life, son.” David Beckham may bring fans and the media with him.

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Fast Five: Media Relations Tips

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Fast Five is a new Bad Pitch Blog feature where we bring you five links or five-question interviews—all of them will probably pertain to our favorite subject—bad pitches and how to avoid them. 1) The Care & Feeding of Tech Media Media Guerilla This is actually a link to a link, but Media Guerilla is written by uber-smart Mike Manuel. Non-tech PR folk will also enjoy this blog for insight into smart media relations and the actual application of social media.

The Ford Book

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As today is Gerald Ford''s burial and the markets are closed and it''s a down day in DC and most of the country, I wanted to reprint the following from my pals at MediaBistro. Talk about the worst pitch in agent-hood. A gun didn''t kill him so let''s celebrate with a book.