October, 2019

How PR Helps Turn Prospects Into Customers

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

A great PR campaign will obviously build brand visibility. But can it help where it really counts — customer acquisition? Can you draw a line from a PR program to a specific number of prospects generated?

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The New Breed of Aspirational Marketing

Ronn Torossian

Until recently, the idea of a tastemaker or an influencer was centered around the idea of what could be. Often, content posted by influencers was so out of reach for the average consumer that it mostly served to make onlookers feel bad about themselves.

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4 ways you can make more impact with your news

Agility PR Solutions

You have a piece of fantastic news. Congratulations! But what are you going to do with it now so you can get maximum exposure of it? We hear many times, “I have a great story, let’s write a press release!”

Art of Communication: Q & A with Norm Magnusson

Flack's Revenge

My friend Cecilia invited me to an exhibit of artist Norman Magnusson’s work. I don’t know a lot about art despite being engaged to a wonderful artist, Sine Hjort. But Cecilia would not steer me wrong, and she raves about Norm and his work.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Want a Reporter’s Attention? Reciprocation is Key

Business Wire

Karen Weise , a Technology Correspondent for The New York Times based in Seattle, gets pitched a lot of technology stories … which isn’t exactly surprising. What is surprising is how little these pitches have to do with Microsoft or Amazon, the two companies she overwhelmingly writes about.

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Quality Photography Isn’t Just for Big Budget Campaigns

PR Expanded

A Guest Post By Emma MacKenzie, American University Graduate Student & PR Expanded Blog Contest Winner. High-quality images are key to most marketing and communications campaigns, but it can be expensive to hire photographers.

Why Actors Make Great PR People

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Photo by Monica Silvestre. An open call for trained performers — Have I got a career for you! Performing has an irresistible allure for an aspiring actor. The bug bites deep and won’t let go. Yet according to a recent survey, only 2% of actors make a living from it.

Crisis Management and Communications Go Hand-in-hand

Ronn Torossian

In an earlier article the discussion focused on the importance of convincing senior management about the need for crisis management and communications. The two go hand-in-hand and must stay together.

[Webinar] How Overstock Combines Paid & Earned Media To Drive Brand Engagement


Date/Time: November, 13 2019 at 10AM PST. Overstock uses Onclusive to measure the effectiveness of specific earned media coverage that aligns with its core messaging strategies. To create the biggest impact, Overstock integrates its paid and earned media strategies. Combining the reach & frequency of advertising with the credibility of earned media helps Overstock maximize reader engagement and brand impact.

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Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

The Art and Science of PR in the Digital Age

Business Wire

Public relations isn’t easy. There’s a balance to our craft—a strategic mix of interpersonal grace and tactical excellence mostly foreign to other professions. Persistence, assertion, charm, and humility tie to every relationship and placement we earn.

PR's Public Relations Crisis: How to Fix It

B2B PR Sense

Ironically, despite the ballyhoo and effusions, PR is facing its own PR crisis. It turns out PR folks (myself included) aren't master communicators when it comes to our own profession.

Pearson Podcasting: How ‘This Is Us’ Can Help Us Become Better Podcasters

PR Expanded

A Guest Post By Brittani Riddle, Graduate Student, American University & PR Expanded Blog Contest Winner. By now I’m sure you’ve seen the hit series This Is Us , the one-hour drama known for its heartfelt storylines, family-friendly themes, and of course, “The Big 3” Kate, Kevin, and Randall.

Can PR Take Ownership Of Reputation?

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

In business as in life, reputation is everything. Few corporate CEOs will deny that a company’s reputation colors every aspect of business, including marketing, talent recruitment, employee relations, shareholder relations, and the customer experience. In fact, the 2017 U.S.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

The Shifting in Brand-Influencer Relationships

Ronn Torossian

It seems that any time a user logs into Instagram, there are countless posts promoting certain brands. Gym wear, supplements, hair products, skincare, sports treatments, CBD — the list goes on and on. Influencer marketing is a very real niche of digital marketing, and it’s here to stay.

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[Case Study] How Proteus Builds Brand with Earned Media


Proteus and its PR agency, W2O, are building a brand and a category simultaneously. Their primary target audience, executives at health systems, payers and pharmaceutical companies, are extremely difficult to reach.

Cut it in half: 3 ways to strengthen your writing

PR Daily

Eliminate redundancies, substitute potent words for tepid phrasing, and pinpoint your focus as you rewrite. You’ve filled your Word.doc with brilliance, and it’s time to hit the publish button. Not so fast. You’re skipping the crucial step: editing. Stringent editing will strengthen your writing.

How to Improve Your B2B Content Marketing

B2B PR Sense

B2B content marketing has become a mainstay in many businesses. But many companies are hitting a wall -- not notching all the results that they want. What should they do? Say you notice a water spot on your ceiling. Would you demand an entire, new roof? Of course not.

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Join #PRStudChat for a Discussion on Beyond Graduation: Easing into the World of Communications

PR Expanded

What questions do you have about the transition from PR and communications student to industry professional? Jason Mollica ( @jasmollica ), a professor in the School of Communication at American University in Washington, D.C. and Megan Wagner ( @meganmwagner ), professor of marketing at St.

How To Beat Five PR Storytelling Roadblocks

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Most PR pros know that throwing facts and figures at a business audience won’t necessarily win them over. A great story, on the other hand, is more persuasive and more memorable.

Essential Skills Every Marketing Professional Should Always Be Improving

Ronn Torossian

In any profession, there are countless opportunities for continuing education. And rightfully so — every industry is constantly evolving and requires new things from those that work in them.

The future of PR: an interview with Maja Pawinska Sims

Stephen Waddington

I caught up with The Holmes Report’s EMEA editor to find out what we can expect for the PR industry in 2020. An interview with Maja Pawinska Sims is a rite of passage for anyone in the PR industry. A call from Maja puts you on your wits but her contribution to the industry makes it a better place.

4 tips for finding fantastic free photos

PR Daily

Your content deserves engaging, dynamic images to capture readers’ imaginations. Finding quality photos that are free to repurpose takes a little extra effort. The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” still rings true in the digital age.

PR and Social Media: How to Adapt Your PR Strategy

B2B PR Sense

Fifteen years ago, if you had told me that PR and social media were going to work together and that we would use social media for PR, I may have chuckled. After all, social media was initially created to connect family and friends, not brands. At least, that's how it was in the beginning.

The Call was Perfect! The PR pitch, Even Better!!

Flack's Revenge

Recently, we’ve heard a lot about a phone call between a certain U.S. leader and a Ukrainian head of state. The call was said to be perfect at least by the former, and it must be true because he’s said it not once, but over and over again.

Five Myths About PR And Customer Acquisition

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The lifeblood of any startup is new customers. Whether it’s a B2C company that needs a high volume of sales or a B2B with a slower selling cycle, every high-growth business invests heavily in customer acquisition.

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Everybody Loves A Traffic Jam

Ronn Torossian

That’s not something to look forward to while crawling along in rush hour traffic when heading home or to the office. But for companies doing business online, a traffic jam is a completely different, and much more desirable, thing.

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6 inspiring B2B campaigns you’ll wish you came up with yourself

The Resolution Blog

Marketing in the Business to Business (B2B) world is a completely different beast to that in the consumer industry. B2Bs are faced with marketing products to their audience’s “work” personas and gain company buy in.

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The 3 biggest mistakes in most crisis comms plans

PR Daily

Put yourself in position to succeed by avoiding the errors that most organizations make. I’ve seen a lot of crisis communications plans.

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10 Ideas for Media Pitches When You Have No News to Announce

Meltwater - PR

There you are, humming along, with plenty of news to pitch to media on behalf of your brand or client. There seem to be no shortage of announcements coming up… Read More >>>. Enterprise PR & Comms Media Outreach

How Burger King won McDonald’s’ cancer-awareness campaign—and 3 top takeaways for PR

Agility PR Solutions

Avis Car Rental famously proclaimed back in the classic marketing days, “We’re number two. We try harder.”

What is Earned Media Management?


Earned Media Management (EMM) is a strategy that, when done right, gives PR pros the data and metrics to prove to stakeholders the direct business results from their work. Earned Media

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