October, 2011

The Difference Between Experts and Expertise

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“How do you become a social media expert?” ” That was one of the questions I was asked when I was in Lincoln, Neb., last week. I was speaking to several students at UNL, and while I didn’t get a chance to speak to each of them one-on-one, I could tell that they are serious about being the best professional communicators they can be (this was at the College of Journalism & Mass Communications). I paused, and threw a question back at them.

Saying “No” Is Better Than Saying Nothing

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[Guest Post by Jonathan Rick] All we are saying is: practice deftness , not deafness! In a recent post, Chris Brogan describes one scenario familiar to anyone not living under a well-hidden rock: “Today I sheepishly deleted several e-mails. that were waiting for a quick response. maybe 100 overall. So that means almost 100 people got my attention , got me to read something,” and then never heard back." Why does this happen all the time?

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Assessing Ottawa Public Health’s ongoing response to the endoscopies infection scare

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Guest post by Josh Greenberg, PhD. Hepatitis: autoimmune cell. Establishing the scenario. In a hastily organized media conference on Saturday, October 15, 2011, the City of Ottawa’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Isra Levy, announced that a local, privately owned “non-hospital” medical clinic failed to follow proper infection control measures, resulting in the potential exposure of 6,800 patients to Hepatitis and HIV.

Getting Back on Track

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It’s been just about a month since I told you WUL’s publishing schedule would be indefinitely halted. Well… I’m back! More or less, that is… Many of you have asked, so here is what happened and how the last month went. Remember I told you I had to undergo a laparotomy (that’s abdominal surgery, where they cut into your tummy, not fun) to have a mass on one of my ovaries removed.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

How to Fail in Business Without Really Trying

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This is a real email I received a couple of days ago: Hi Shonali, I came across your company Shonali Burke Consulting and wanted to connect with you with regards to how you handle your issue/topic tracking in the media. Recently, I have worked with organizations who have needed help during issues or major events in their history to promote and protect their brand. <REDACTED>

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Lessons From a Very Public Break-Up

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Earlier this year, National Australia Bank got Australia and the world talking with its very public ‘Break-Up’ campaign. Based on the idea that NAB were breaking up with the other leading Australian banks, the campaign combined new and traditional media and communications to achieve some stunning results for the bank, including winning the Cannes Grand Prix in PR.

The B2B End Around

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Guest post by Ken Mueller. Whether it’s marketing or public relations, I often have people tell me: “It’s different for me. I’m in B2B, not B2C. Social Media won’t work for me.”. To that I say, “Poppycock! Horsefeathers! Balderdash! Codswallop! Fiddlesticks! Tommyrot!” And I might even throw in a “Baloney!”. OK, I don’t really say that, but I want to. And I’m fully aware that not everyone “gets it” yet.

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Free Culture and Attention as Currency

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Most web assets from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Tumblr, Foursquare and a gazillion others appear to be free, opening floodgates of content, ranging from the genius of Wikipedia/ Ushahidi to the apparently innocuous LOLcats. The shelf life of tweets, status updates, YouTube videos and, hence, their footprints on the public memory, is dropping by the second.

5 Tips to Find Your Best Audience on Social Media Platforms

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Guest post by Thursday Bram. A while back, my dad asked me if he should be on Twitter for his business, which involves liquidating furniture. I flat out told him no. Not every audience is on Twitter. In fact, a lot of audiences aren’t on Twitter: based on a November 2010 study, the Pew Research Center estimates 8 percent of Americans use Twitter.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Subtext: “Real” Listening in Social Media

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This is a story about subtext and listening in social media. I returned a couple of nights ago from the PRSA 2011 International Conference in Orlando, Fla. It was lovely; I got to catch up with so many of my friends whom I don’t get to see except at this conference, make several new ones, and also meet Bill Dorman and Adam Toporek for the first time (we recognized each other immediately across a crowded room, how cool is that?).

The Klout Drama Kontinues

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I cannot believe how much drama there is around Klout’s most recent changes. I mean, come on, people, it’s only a number. How many times do any of us have to say that?! Let me tell you a little story. .

Why Netflix Should Keep Qwikster

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Netflix announced yesterday that it would end Qwikster, the company it spawned last month to handle its mail-order DVD service from its streaming service (splitting those apart happened over the summer). As you might imagine, there was a hearty round of, “I told you so!”, ”, “Finally! Netflix does something right!” ” , etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. As you may have already guessed, I disagree with this decision.

Writing What They Don’t Want To Read: Bad News In Print

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Let me just say first that I’m writing this with the certainty that one of you PR pros will fly out of nowhere, tackle me to the floor, and pin me there with a stern lecture straight from your training about how to do this. But here goes. I’m going to be discussing how to deliver bad business news in print, which I think is more important because of the fact that people keep records of bad news the way they keep lottery tickets: just in case.

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How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

Happy Birthday to the Measurement Queen

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It’s been quite a last few days, hasn’t it? . This past Wednesday evening, I was traveling home from a speaking engagement at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln when I was scrolling through my news alerts and found out that Steve Jobs had passed away (note: said scrolling was being done on my iPhone). Now, I was in no way an early Mac adopter, but ever since my conversion last year, I’ve come to love Apple products. They have literally changed my life.

Picking the Right Measurement Tools: a #measurePR Recap

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Jen Zingsheim guest-moderated last week’s #measurepr chat and provided the following recap. And even though this is posting late (hey, I was out!), I’m going ahead with it since I know the transcript will be useful to you. Also it’s a great recap. On October 11, the #measurePR chat had a terrific guest in Don Bartholomew of Fleishman-Hillard.

Deirdre Breakenridge on 3 Things You Need to Know about Social Media

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As we noted in an earlier post, Deirdre Breakenridge did a quick guest post for the Bad Pitch blog. She talks about the need for an inside-out approach to social media, having a purpose behind social media efforts and the need for PR people to step out of their comfort zone to truly assume the role of the hybrid PR professional. As the skill set continues to broaden, "complacency will not get you to the strategy table." Be sure to catch Deirdre on Twitter.

#measurePR: Influence and Social Media

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Seeing as how Jen Zingsheim has bravely been shouldering the #measurePR burden weight the last few weeks, I thought it only right to ask her to return to this week’s chat… but this time, as a guest. And since the topic of influence in social media isn’t going away any time soon, particularly with new tools cropping up , we thought we’d talk about that. We tackled four questions, and I was thrilled that it was an engaged discussion with several new participants as well.

What Would Mickey Measure?

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I’m going to Disney World! OK, I’m not really going to Disney World. I am, however, headed to Orlando, Fla., tomorrow, for PRSA’s 2011 International Conference. I love this conference. It’s my fourth in a row, and thanks to the magic of social media, every time I’ve been back, I get to meet friends from all over the country – nay, world – whom I’d probably never get to see otherwise.

Working with a PR Pro: Third Time’s a Charm

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I’m back. Yes my “PR pro” series continues. I had previously written a two piece series on hiring and working with a PR Pro from the brand side. And I think the fact that this has become a series of posts v. just one post shows just how hard the process can be in finding the right fit for your business when it comes to public relations. The saga continues.

When TweetLevel Visited #MeasurePR

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Almost a month and a half ago (yikes!), Jonny Bentwood, the creator of TweetLevel, appeared as the guest on #measurePR. Jen Zingsheim, who guest-moderated the chat, provided the following recap. And even though this is posting late, I’m going ahead with it since I know the transcript will be useful to you. On August 30, the #MeasurePR chat had a terrific chat with guest Jonny Bentwood of Edelman Digital, who is the brains behind the TweetLevel influence tool.

Hybrid PR in a world with less time & attention x more tools & messages

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Earlier this week, I enjoyed (finally) meeting Deirdre Breakenridge and attending her presentation on the " Hybrid PR Professional " with Cincinnati PRSA. Deirdre is addressing how the skill sets in our industry are expanding and changing along with the myriad of changes we see every day across journalism, public relations, consumer habits and technology. It''s an important discussion and she''s agreed to continue the conversation here. Look for that in a couple of weeks.

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How Long Can We Get Away With It?

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In the first half of 2011, Facebook’s revenue hit US$1.6 billion. How much of that revenue comes from tiny Malta? I would guess that it’s probably not more than 0.05 per cent, making us barely a blip on the radar. As we know, being the small guy hidden away in the corner can have its advantages.

Facing Our Fears

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So, today’s Halloween. You’re probably trying to figure out what you costume you’ll wear to a party tonight, and, by the way, have you stocked up on candy? (I’ve I’ve been joking that instead of candy, this year I’ll be giving out toothbrushes. Hey, I’m all about what’s good for kids, even though I don’t have any.). A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about the spirit of fun that Halloween injects into our daily lives.


Visibli Bites the Bad Pitch Apple

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We predicted someone would send us a pitch tying into Steve Jobs (very unfortunate) passing. And, less than 48 hours later, Visibli takes a bite out of the bad pitch Apple. Here''s the pitch. Date: Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 3:14 PM Subject: STUDY: Over 50% of ''Steve Jobs'' tweets came from Apple products Hi everyone, Hope you''re doing well. Wanted to tell you about a study we just conducted.

Relationship advice for PR practitioners

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Relationships are in the DNA of PR – in fact, the name itself indicates the function manages relations with publics. But the priority in PR practice is largely on writing skills rather than interpersonal ones; whilst although academic definitions and literature highlight two-way communications, they largely omit what is required to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. Most of the focus on communications skills is still primarily on an ability to write.

Mentoring, networking and innovation: a prescription for the 21st century

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Mentoring, networking and innovation: a prescription for the 21st century, is a co-authored g uest post by Alan Berkson and Fred McClimans. Make good choices about mentoring, networking and innovation opportunities. Photo of sign at Newton-Lee Elementary School in Ashburn, Virginia by Fred McClimans. History is filled with examples of linkages between networking, mentoring and innovation, but over the centuries the “knowledge acquisition ecosystem” has changed considerably.

BPB Gets Dynamic & Data Becomes Content

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Thanks for Reading So our landlord , Blogger (read: Google), unveiled " dynamic views " recently. This gives YOU, our gentle readers, the option to view The Bad Pitch Blog in as many as seven different ways. So if you''re reading this via email or RSS (technically the 8th and 9th way to view the blog), you should click through and check it out. To be honest, we were playing with it and didn''t realize there''s no way to preview this slick change. Don''t get me wrong, our old layout sucked.

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