July, 2022

Four “Old-School” PR Tactics You Shouldn’t Retire Just Yet

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Today’s PR business is definitely not your grandparents’ PR industry. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, PR was evolving, with most of us replacing time-honored tactics with new ones.

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Things to Consider before Creating a Target Audience

Ronn Torossian

A business should have a plan in place on how to handle engagement with all types of audience. Deciding on who is responsible for engagement with the audience and how it is structured is very important for the overall strategy.


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Internal communicators are the new influencers

PR Daily

A new age of employee communications brings influential reach to workforces and true business impact. Did you know internal communicators have a super power? It’s that people trust them and the information they share.

The PR powerhouse on every tech founders (& investors!) wish list

The Resolution Blog

In this episode I interview Donna Loughlin, she is the founder & owner of PR firm LMGPR and host of podcast ‘Before It Happened.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Managing a PR Crisis

Any brand is vulnerable to bad press, so we compiled key strategies into our PR crisis management guide. From managing your team and crafting your responses to keeping tabs on the conversation, this guide is for anyone tasked with brand management.

Why Now Is the Time to Invest in Earned Media

Sword and the Script

In this guest post, Rudi Davis, Head of Agency at Intelligent Relations, argues organizations should focus on earned media during a recession because it has credibility and a low relative cost with high impact. We all know the market has taken a downturn.

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How To Work Remotely And Successfully From Anywhere As A PR Pro

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Over the last three years remote work capabilities have transitioned from a work perk to an industry-wide expectation, especially among PR agencies like ours. Now let me clarify something – working remotely isn’t the same as working from home.

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Hyper Targeting

Ronn Torossian

Companies have to pay constant attention to their audiences. When they do that, they can give the right content to the right audience at the right time.

5 ways to turn employees into social media advocates

PR Daily

Employees can be a secret weapon in your social media marketing. Have you considered including your employee network in your marketing plan?

Pitching Multiple Media Outlets

PR for Anyone

Make sure to Like and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and ring the bell so you’re notified of new videos by clicking HERE. Watch this week’s PR Tip here: How do you your story to multiple media outlets? That’s a question I get asked quite often.

How Startup Leadership Can Inspire the Team to Deliver Results and Become Great

Inspiring the team to do their best, break through barriers and achieve milestones is the core responsibility of the startup leadership. Inspiring people to do great requires installing confidence and the ability to learn from setbacks and failures.

Five lessons communications teams need to learn from Rogers’ PR disaster


On Friday, July 8th, 2022, Rogers Communications accidentally shut off its customers’ cell phone, Wi-Fi and cable service for 24 hours, resulting in a PR disaster for the Canadian telecom giant.

4 powerful tips to create an authentic PR campaign

Agility PR Solutions

The best PR campaigns are the well-planned ones. There is no way around this. The more effort you put into your campaigns, the better results you can expect.

PR Tips For Using HARO, Qwoted and ProfNet

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

For PR teams, the most common way to secure media coverage involves announcements, data and proactive pitches. Yet there are always times when proactive pitching doesn’t work, or when announcements and data are relatively light.

How Companies Can Rely on Analytics

Ronn Torossian

For companies to create better marketing campaigns that will generate positive results, they need to be relying on marketing analytics and the data that has been generated from previous promotional efforts.

2022 Media Database Buyer’s Guide

To maintain accurate contact information for journalists and influencers, a homegrown database doesn’t cut it. Cision created the go-to guide for selecting a new media database. Download and learn how to choose the right media database for you!

Big changes are coming to Google Analytics. Here’s what to do now.

PR Daily

The change goes into effect in 2023, but don’t wait. Google Analytics will officially transition to GA4 on July 1, 2023. This announcement signifies a monumental shift for marketers, as analytics are the foundation of how we measure and analyze our progress.

Pitch the Media Regulary

PR for Anyone

Make sure to Like and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and ring the bell so you’re notified of new videos by clicking HERE. Watch this week’s PR Tip here: Today I am challenging you to start pitching the media regularly.

Burger King ate up the headlines in June after retirement faux pas


In June, Burger King made headlines for the wrong reasons after the restaurant chain was dragged into a crisis based on a retirement gift given to an employee at a Las Vegas location. . Kevin Ford — the employee in question — had been working at the chain for 27 years and never missed a day of work.

11 proven ways to effectively use social media for PR in 2022

Agility PR Solutions

It never hurts brands and small businesses to incorporate social media into their marketing strategies. Now that social media is one of the most influential sources in our lives, expanding your online marketing strategy should be your first concern.

Cision's 2022 Global State of the Media Report

For Cision’s annual State of the Media Report, journalists shared their top priorities and what PR and communication pros can do to improve their relationships with the media. Read the report and learn how to create stronger media partnerships.

Navigating Media At High-Profile Events

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The bread and butter of B2B PR ? Industry events. Whether your brand is making a splash at a trade show or an executive is speaking at a conference, professional events combine direct customer contact with press opportunities.

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Learning from The North Face Search Campaign

Ronn Torossian

Most of the big retail brands tend to face unique obstacles in terms of digital marketing because trying to manage a big international brand is not easy.

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The power of introverts in public relations

PR Daily

It’s a common misconception that you must be extroverted to succeed in PR. Tina: Mark, I’m really excited to talk about this month’s column because I think we can clear up a common misperception in our industry. Do you have to be an extravert to be successful in the public relations industry?

Pitch the Media Today

PR for Anyone

Make sure to Like and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and ring the bell so you’re notified of new videos by clicking HERE. Now is the best time to pitch the media, especially television.

Generating Leads with Facebook: A Guide for Businesses

In this Facebook guide for businesses, we’ll help you strategize with tips and techniques straight from our playbooks. We also let you in on the best practices for improving your lead gen campaigns, starting with a review of your performance metrics.

Embracing the power of “No” and storytelling with keynote speaker, author, and actor Rob Biesenbach

Axia PR

In this episode, guest Rob Biesenbach, keynote speaker, author, and retired actor, and host Jason Mudd discuss the power of saying “No,” the importance of storytelling, how to become a keynote speaker, and challenges keynote speakers face.

11 email metrics that matter for your business in 2022

Agility PR Solutions

Email is without a doubt the most common form of digital marketing, with 62 percent of businesses using it to retain clients and customers. That’s not surprising given how versatile and accessible email can be.

A beginner's guide to Facebook analytics and insights


Marketing your business on Facebook is one of the most effective ways to reach and target audiences through social media. With 2 billion monthly active users, it's no wonder as to how Facebook is able to reach such a massive audience.

What Companies Need to do After Generating Media Coverage

Ronn Torossian

When a company executes the right public relations strategy to create a public relations campaign, it’s likely that the story will start spreading throughout media outlets.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

Why you must develop your measurement skills to succeed in PR

PR Daily

PR is no longer a purely creative field. Measurement. It’s part of the basics: in order to prove how well a campaign or project performed, you need to compare it to a base line.

Want to get smarter at social media marketing? Good luck to you

Communications Conversations

My original intent for this post was simple: Write a post about upcoming conferences, events and other professional development opportunities for those interested in getting smarter about social media marketing. However, a strange thing happened as I started to research that post: There just that many solid opportunities out there. Especially here in Minneapolis. In fact, about the only upcoming in-person opportunity I could find was the upcoming Digital Marketing Summit Aug.

Is Smaller Better? Five Benefits of Working with Micro Influencers


Influencer marketing is a very powerful strategy and a great way for brands to connect with their target audiences in a unique way.

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