August, 2014

How to Get Ahead in PR and in Business

PR Expanded

I spent a good part of last week in Orlando at the Florida Public Relations Association ( FPRA ) Annual Conference. After my session concluded, there was one question, which stood out in my mind.

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Is the Big Screen Finally Feeling the Competition?

Ronn Torossian

Spoiler alert! What you are about to read may not answer all of your questions about effective entertainment PR , but it will tackle one of the most pressing challenges entertainment marketing professionals are having to address [.]. The post Is the Big Screen Finally Feeling the Competition?

How to Create an Online Newsroom That Journalists Love

Rock the Status Quo

Creativity counts when it comes to a media pitch, the headline of your press release and share-worthy blog posts. But what about your online newsroom? An archive of press releases is useful… but investing a few hours to add fresh resources can take it from meh to fantastic.

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The Most Disruptive, Purpose-built list of Tech PR Clichés Ever

Flack's Revenge

The Journal featured a book review yesterday for Orin Hargraves’ It’s Been Said Before.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

How To Use Social Media in the Classroom

Melissa Agnes

Editor’s note: How and when should social media be incorporated into today’s higher education?

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Guest Post: The PR Generalist vs. The Industry Specialist

PR Expanded

A Guest Post By Suzanne Mannion, EVP & Co-founder, Newsmaker Group. One of the aspects I like best about being in public relations is that it presents opportunities that appeal to a wide variety of people.

GM Fighting Back Against “debacle” Claims

Ronn Torossian

In report after report, describing the recent issues GM has been working through, the word “debacle” has come up again and again. While most may not be able to precisely describe that term, the term carries with it an ominous “implied meaning” that Ronn Torossian says , is in many ways, [.].

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Newsjacking Tragedy

Rock the Status Quo

The Robin Williams suicide hit me hard. Very hard. I’ve had decades of exposure to depression, addiction and mental illness with friends and loved ones, spending agonized months – years – trying not to lose them when their pain became unbearable. Navigating the healthcare system across years of misdiagnosis, trying medications that didn’t work, finding new doctors who had a clue.

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Do Nice Headlines Finish First? Tech Media Training Redux

Flack's Revenge

We had a media training session this week involving one of our larger clients last week. Executives from around the world flew in to learn about the art of getting key points across in press interviews, and take turns in the Hot Seat (mock interviews with real journalists).

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Making The Case for Excluding Jargon From Crisis Communication

Melissa Agnes

Recently, Eric Chandler and I wrote a blog post called “Social Media Crisis” and Other Buzzwords that Need to Go. Buzzwords tend to lose their meaning due to overuse, therefore becoming less effective. Then we have jargon.

Four Ways to Grow Your Company’s Social Media Audience Organically

Reputation Us

The following blog is a guest post from Digital Content Strategist Lis Thomas. I know what you’re thinking. For businesses, talking about organic growth on social media is like setting the goal of doubling your business’ sales based on one print ad, and thinking that plan will work.

Guest Blog Post: What Does Being a Millennial Really Mean?

PR Expanded

A Guest Post By Drew Slater. It seems more and more businesses are trying to figure out Gen Y aka Millennials these days. First off…what is a Millennial? Some countries define the generation as anyone born from 1980 to the early 2000s; however, in the U.S. and the U.K.

Pizza Hut hopes new Product PR will change Trends

Ronn Torossian

Pizza Hut used to be the ubiquitous All American pizza chain. The stores were everywhere, and the food was good enough to sit down and enjoy it. But now the chain has been losing money for seven straight quarters.

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My Top Do’s & Don’ts For Pitching & Writing Guest Blog Posts

Rock the Status Quo

It’s raining outside and I’m feeling lazy, like curling up with an afghan, a full french press of coffee and a great book. Trust me, I have hundreds of books to pick from. So… in my haste to wrap up work for the day, I think I’ll bang out a quick listicle! Content marketing is on my mind quite a bit this week, for a variety of reasons, so we’ll use that as our topic. Busy week!

Are Trade Shows still a Good Place for PR Launches?

Sword and the Script

by Frank Strong. One hundred and forty seven. That’s the number of pre-trade show pitches one blogger told me he had received in a side bar conversation last week.

Teaching Crisis Communication: Embracing the Research to Practice Model

Melissa Agnes

Post by Karen Freberg. I had a chance to be on Melissa’s podcast a few weeks ago to talk about some of the trends and challenges professors who are teaching crisis communications are facing today.

How Sweet is PR? Baking and PR Are More Similar Than You Think

Reputation Us

Baking from scratch is one of my favorite hobbies. I love testing out new recipes for cupcakes and trying new ingredient combinations. While concocting a recipe for cinnamon and vanilla cupcakes this past weekend, I started to notice similarities between my two passions: baking and public relations.

Is Your Agency Failing You? Here’s 5 Warning Signs That They Are

PR Matters

No matter how thorough your review and evaluation of an agency to ensure it meets all of your requirements before you appoint it to support you, inevitably there are risk factors involved in a client-agency relationship.

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Planning a startup? Prepare to take notes!

Ronn Torossian

No matter where you hang out a shingle or what your area of expertise happens to be, there are several truths all startup entrepreneurs need to know, says Ronn Torossian. Some of these can be learned by experience , but any of them, if ignored, [.]. The post Planning a startup? Prepare to take notes!

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Rock The Pitch #7: The Anti-Facepalm Formula

Rock the Status Quo

Today’s GOOD(!) PITCH submission comes from Lindsay Bell, the fabuloso content director over at Spin Sucks. Why did she like it? It was humanized… and relevant. There is a certain irony that, as PR professionals who earn a living based on our pitching skills, our own industry blogs are smothered with a constant deluge of bad pitches. You’d think the difficult part would be picking from so many GOOD ones and that all are relevant but, alas, that is SO not the case.

5 Categories of PR Metrics Pros Should Measure

Sword and the Script

by Frank Strong. There’s an old saying in advertising that half of the budget is wasted, but marketers don’t know which half. Today, there are enough analytical tools today to avoid wasting half of the marketing spend.

Determining Influence: Don’t Rely Solely on Number of Followers

Melissa Agnes

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GoGo SqueeZ’s rotten crisis communication approach

The Stalwart Blog

As a mom, I’m always interested in product recalls or issues related to baby products. I recently came across a post in a Facebook group that called out GoGo SqueeZ, a company that makes baby food pouches.

Looking for your dream PR job? Five ways to become the right candidate today.

PR Job Coach

Everyone dreams of that PR job - The One. Just imagine taking an elevator to your office where you fully immerse yourself in the brands, products or services you personally believe in. It doesn’t get any better than that. But how do you work on getting there?

Business Social Media Faux Pas

Reputation Us

As more businesses expand their presence online, I continue to see some common mistakes as companies try to check the box while cutting corners.

The Kick-Butt Index: PR Measurement in the Digital Age


In business, everyone wants to kick a little butt. In my field, that means scoring a big win for a client—whether it’s securing a feature article in a national newspaper, improving engagement on a Facebook page or creating an eBook that attracts thousands of downloads.

Quotable: The Difference between Selling and Marketing

Sword and the Script

by Frank Strong. Click to enlarge image. When I left my previous gig, which was focused on the PR and marketing industry, one of my concerns was losing a step. That’s partly proven true, since my day-to-day now, while still marketing, is focused on an entirely different industry.

Fear of Confrontation in a Crisis is Not a Reason to “Go Dark” on Social Media

Melissa Agnes

It worries me when crisis communication professionals are still advising their clients to avoid social media in a crisis. This article by Gerard Braud was brought to my attention on Twitter and I was left speechless as I read it.

Analysis of Google’s Own Blogging Practices Settles the Question Once and for All: Is Guest Posting Kosher?

Ishmael's Corner

I’m a big believer in learning directly from the source. Want to get in shape? Look at how professional trainers do it. Trying to figure out the mechanics of parody? Study the lyrics from Weird Al Yankovic (“Tacky” sang to Pharrell’s “Happy” is a good start).

A letter to break your heart


Some people make jokes about online dating. And some people make jokes about good old fashioned-printed letters (I’m looking at you, digi folk).

Memo to Division I Athletes - Own Up to Your Stupidity

The Stalwart Blog

If you don''t, your day in the sun will turn into a PR nightmare and everything you''ve worked for will be gone in a New York minute. Isn''t that right, recently named USC Captain turned suspended has been Josh Shaw?? LA TIMES - Josh Shaw admits he lied and is suspended by USC but questions remain.


Is Your Agency Failing You? Here’s 5 Warning Signs That They Are

PR Matters

No matter how thorough your review and evaluation of an agency to ensure it meets all of your. managing agencies problems with agencies agency management how to tell if your agency is bad pr agencies marketing agencies

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