January, 2020

AI and Content Writing: How to Adapt to the Future

B2B PR Sense

Content has ruled digital strategies for the past couple decades now -- and with that reign, we've seen some great content writing, as well as some misfires. But that's all human error -- unavoidable, right? Well, the recent evolution of AI has given us reason to think again.

Personalizing PR: How New Trends in Tech Provide a Human Touch to Public Relations

Business Wire

Artificial intelligence is the foundation of our digital world. Today’s tech-savvy organizations are using AI and machine learning to transform the customer experience, make data-driven decisions, and decipher vast amounts of information pouring in from the far reaches of the digital realm.

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Forgotten Elements of Digital Marketing Strategy

Ronn Torossian

When planning a winning digital marketing strategy, there are a few elements that are often taken for granted, or not given their just due. This is unfortunate, since these elements can make or break a campaign.

The 5 simple rules for keeping any client happy

Agility PR Solutions

Greatcustomer service is essential to running a successful business, and public relations is certainly no exception. It takes a lot of time and resources to acquire a new client, so it only makes sense that you also nurture these relationships.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Book It! 8 PR Tips For Nailing TV Segments

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Any good PR person knows that we consume news very differently than we did a decade ago, thanks to social media. Yet television talk and news has been surprisingly resilient. Cable news, in fact, is booming.

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4 key trends for communicators to prioritize in 2020

PR Daily

Savvy pros should strap in for a wild ride and prep for a proliferation of false news, deepfakes and brands taking polarizing stands. As the year careens toward a close, pundits are pondering how PR will change in 2020.

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10 Rules For Keeping (PR Agency) Clients

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

For a PR agency , what’s better than winning a new client? Keeping the ones you have. Naturally, any good PR firm wants to do both. But it costs a lot more to find a new client than to keep (and grow) current ones.

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Ronn Torossian

We’ve heard about celebrity macro and micro influencers. And now, cultural influencers?

Perspectives and Advice from a 25-Year PR Vet


By Joshua Smyser-DeLeon David Albritton is the President of General Motors Defense LLC.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

5 SEO Strategies for 2020

Critical Mention

Search engine optimization strategies are continuously evolving with search algorithm updates and popular changes in search trends. It’s important for marketing, communications and PR pros to keep SEO strategies in mind when creating content.

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Did These Symbols of Public Relations Disruption Come True?

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. I previously wrote that PR’s version of the industrial revolution was underway.

Ethics as a Prediction? No. It’s a Core Value.


Happy 2020 to all of our No BS blog readers. Entering a new year (and this time a decade), we’re always inundated with predictions for the next 12 months.

4 tips for recovering from a negative pitch reply

Muck Rack

4 tips for recovering from a negative pitch reply

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

Communications in a time of fire


This piece is based on a Facebook and LinkedIn post I recently published: Communication is vital during emergencies such as the catastrophic bushfires being experienced around Australia. However, this can be tricky to manage on a personal level.

Onclusive Launches AI-Driven Global Sentiment Analysis


Today we are excited to announce that Onclusive, the data science company for communications, has launched a proprietary earned media sentiment analysis product. .

The 1st Winner of the PR Expanded Student Video Contest is …

PR Expanded

When I teamed up with Professor Jennie Donohue last year, we wanted to create an assignment for her UMASS at Amherst Intro to PR class that was an opportunity for students to create content based on what they learned during the semester.

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Biggest PR Scandals in 2019

Ronn Torossian

As we look ahead to 2020, it pays to look back at some of the PR disasters of 2019, to glean lessons from the mistakes others made. Some massive, worldwide brands and household names found themselves in need of crisis PR help.

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Activating Influencers: Using Outside Voices to Amplify Your PR Strategy

Business Wire

In an earlier two-part series titled “Everything PR Pros Need to Know About Influencer Marketing, Part 1 and Part 2 ,” we discussed the finer details of influencer marketing – who the influencers are, why they can be a valuable marketing resource, and how and when to tap into this new channel.

5 Reasons Why the Press Release Still Matters


With the increase of social media, data-driven storytelling, and the 24-7 news cycle, the press release has evolved while still a relevant part of your marketing strategy. Best Practices

6 B2B Tech Trends From CES 2020

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

CES 2020 is officially a wrap. Much of the news was about new gadgets and Big Tech announcements, but there was plenty of PR from B2B tech brands, too. What did the show tell us about the rest of the year? What dominated the conversation? Here are six trends that stood out. CCPA has an impact.

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[Webinar] Livongo: Messaging & Media Relations for an Award-Winning IPO


Date / Time: January 30th at 1PM ET. Although in 2018 the digital health industry received a record breaking $8.1 billion worth of funding from venture capital, until recently it lacked in one key component — a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO). In July 2019, Livongo, a leading digital health company, set a new industry benchmark by going public with a highly successful and award-winning IPO.


PR Expanded

It’s time to unveil our 2nd PR Expanded video contest winner. A big congratulations goes to Nicole Morin, a UMASS at Amherst student, for creating her video on “Why PR Professionals Should Practice Strategic Communications.”

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 Virtual Influencers: Passing Fad or Sign of the Times?

Ronn Torossian

The growth of influencer marketing is undeniable, and the industry is no longer limited to humans; from cats, dogs, and even rabbits, it seems like anyone can become an influencer in this multi-billion dollar industry.

A Revolution in the Newsroom: Long Forms Are Back

Business Wire

It was a rainy December morning in Paris and transportations were on strike. Participants braved both to attend “The Future of Long Form Journalism,” a conference held at Paris Sciences’ Po School of Journalism.

5 Problems Brands Come to you to Solve: Customer Complaints


Brands come to PR and comms professionals to help with any number of issues they don't have the expertise or bandwidth to tackle on their own. The first in this series covers customer complaints. Best Practices

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3 steps to developing a content calendar for Instagram Stories

PR Daily

Identify your assets, and determine seven content formats to make the most of those resources. Now you have a week’s worth. Produce, publish, repeat. Ready to tackle your brand’s Instagram Stories in 2020? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed about continually producing fun, fresh and frequent content.

Key Timing Takeaways for News and IR Releases


As we shared in our last blog post, Business Wire and Onclusive recently collaborated to report results from the first-ever impact analysis of nearly 17,000 news releases on generating syndicated pick-up, editorial coverage and social media engagement.

The Impact Marketing Approach We’re Using to Change the World

PR Expanded

A Guest Post By: Director Ashley Maria & Producer Lea-Ann W. Berst, Pioneers in Skirts. It was the summer of 2015, and filming of this very important impact documentary was going as planned.

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Notable Sports PR Misfires in 2019

Ronn Torossian

As 2019 draws to a close, it could be instructive to look back at some of the notable sports PR misfires over the past year. We’re not ranking them or comparing them, only looking to see what we can learn from them. The New England Patriots were back in the news recently as what’s being […].

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Five Essentials of Effective Earnings Releases: Lessons from the Experts

Business Wire

Every quarter, public companies around the world craft and distribute earnings releases. These releases are extremely valuable to both the issuing companies and their recipients as they have the power to impact not only one’s stock price, but an entire sector or even the entire market.

Dispel These Nine Measurement Myths in 2020 En Route to Success


Leave these measurement myths in 2019 to succeed in 2020. PR Measurement