June, 2009

Top 4 Ways Twitter Can Improve Your Pitches

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A little bird tells me that Twitter can reinforce habits that, in turn, can improve our media relations efforts. 1)Brevity. More effective writing translates into a lower word count. Hey, even this post was going to be a top 5 list. 140 characters force you to be on topic.

Summer, Baby, Is Coverage Time: Tips for Real PR

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Some are saying this is going to be a non-news summer. Hard news seems to only happen when it’s about the economy—and that’s even dimming some. That leaves a lot of domestic space to occupy!

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The Spray and Pray Pitch

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Spray and Pray, Dialing for Dollars. Both are mass pitch approaches that show more desperation than strategy. We’ve seen the unfortunate results of these approaches when a Jewish Mommy Blogger is invited to attend an event during Passover or a vegan blogger gets pitched about barbecue.

Exclusive Bad Pitch News: The HARO Rip-Off

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Harvesting is a joyous thing for the great plains of the Midwest, and cause for a great celebration in Israel. Harvesting, though, is simply a no-go in the Social Media whirl. Before our eyes today, PR and its brothers are seeing a naked attempt at harvesting another’s users, and it just isn’t cool.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

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Death Be Not Pitch*

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Laermer has jury duty. So while he does his civic duty, we’re waiting to put a fine point on our point-counterpoint posts. In the meantime, I have to rant and wonder WTF some publicists are thinking when they pitch around celebrity death.

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Hello Out There: Why Letters to the Editor Are Pure PR

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Dear Bad Pitch Participant: You have to remember that all democracy truly guarantees us is death, taxes and (says Mark Twain) good ole Letter to the Editor. The latter is one of the most effective ways to get coverage in your favorite newspaper or magazine.

Print 52


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Social media is not a joke, and anyone who thinks it is should not be pitching SM executives. Recently, a bad PR person personally emailed me a release that was written in a way that made me believe that she thinks her client is on many levels just a dilettante.

What Are We-- Meeting Planners?

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It is unavoidable. No matter who your client is, or what demographic they are a part of -- old line companies with brand pedigree, start ups with deep VC funding, or a nonprofits dedicated to doing good – they will have their internal meetings during your weekly PR conference call.

The Pitch That Cried Wolf

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There are only so many reporters and bloggers covering the field or industry you play in, whether it’s automotive technology, software, clothing, or architectural design. With time and experience, you will wind up speaking to them all one day—or their brethren.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

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