December, 2009

Three Ways to Suck Less in 2010

Bad Pitch Blog

If you worked during this holiday week.thanks for closing out the decade with us. As the Bad Pitch blog heads into its 5th year of existence, we’re jazzed about 2010. So we’ll be brief. Here are three ways to suck less in 2010.

CRAP Holiday Tie-Ins Don’t Come with Receipts

Bad Pitch Blog

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”…for bad pitches. Our email boxes have been stuffed with a few politically correct holiday cards and a metric ton of bad pitches desperately trying to tie-in to the KwanzmasHann season (yeah, I skipped Festivus, save it for the airing of the grievances).

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Bad Pitch's Shortest Post Ever: Why We Love PR!

Bad Pitch Blog

We Love The PR Biz. .Simply, Simply, because of all it can do for you! 1. Get people nationwide clamoring for your wares, turning your local father and son shop into a national, never neglected, constantly referenced, known everywhere, mega brand. 2.

Turn Off the Cloaked Reporter in this Transparent World

Bad Pitch Blog

The word cloaked means “to cover or conceal.” For those of us who subscribe to reporter/expert lead services ProfNet, HARO, or competitors, we’ve come to know cloaked to mean “I’m a reporter that doesn’t think you’re worthy of knowing who I am until you are been vetted or sniffed at.”

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