January, 2009

"It was just on the web site, not in print."

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I''ve heard the headline of this post from clients and colleagues in the past. You probably have too. Sure nothing can compare to actually holding the fruit of your labor. But if a client is (still) questioning the value of online placement vs. print placement, you should show them this video.

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WORST PITCH IN THE WORLD! (apologies to Keith Olbermann)

Bad Pitch Blog

Last August, I received what can only be classified as the worst pitch (and dumbest idea) (and most greedy letter) that I have ever gotten. And this time, unlike the ones you guys forward to Kevin and me, it came directly TO me.

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Come to the Bad Pitch Blog NYC Bash on January 12, 2009

Bad Pitch Blog

Mark your calendars if you’re in NYC Monday evening, January 12th. Richard and Kevin will be in NYC and are hoping you’ll meet up with us. If you need a reason, we’ll note it’s this blog’s third birthday.

Bad Pitch Goes Wild: The US Airways “Opportunistic” Release

Bad Pitch Blog

Sometimes our job is done for us. And in the case of grapeVine PR, where the g is small, the V is big, and the pitch highlighted is shameless crap, we hardly have to say anything (but we will), save for alerting you to the pitch. But I got to say we were pretty unhappy at BPB to see how publicity-minded “Stephen” went for broke in telling everyone about how photographer Nico Illiev (who dat) survived the “near tragic, but highly devastating” airline crash of last week.

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