March, 2009

Mind Your Electronic Manners, or as Spike said: Do the right thing

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Are your email messages news or nuisance? Now that so many people are struggling to manage a daily stream of everything , you need to be sensitive to anything that could inconvenience them or cause them extra work. Here are some tips from PR people about etiquette.

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Ivy Le’s Good Pitch Lands Ink in The Atlanta Journal Constitution

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We asked for good pitches and you listened. We’ve gotten several and we’ll take more. Our first one is from Ivy Le at Jackson Spaulding for their client Georgia Research Alliance. Subject: Some GOOD news about Ga.’s

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Stand & Deliver: Tips for Being the Great Spokesperson

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It’s a brand new world for PR people – each day, everything changes for us – and since we’re doing so much learning on the job we must have people we can count on to do the talking after we arrange it.

Sloppy Work + News = A Bad Pitch in (REALLY) Bad Taste

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Even the easiest, most obvious news story is not a sure thing if you do sloppy work. Case in point comes via this pitch sent in confidence by a major non-profit health organization dedicated to saving lives from a life threatening disease.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

SXSW Kicks Off Bad Pitch Blog Spring Tour

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Richard Laermer will join Dennis Kucinich as well as representatives from NPR and Google as part of SXSW’s Platinum Track on March 17. According to SXSW the Platinum Track will “feature some of the most provocative individuals and ideas in music, film and interactive technology.

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Braden Keil Besmirched by Bad PR Person

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Sometimes people work in stupid ways – and they know it when they''re doing it. Today’s Gawker had a well-devised Hamilton Nolan piece about one of the crassest pitches and most awful tactics I’ve seen in a while.

Pitch Tip #372: Email Marketing Software

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Lately we''ve been getting a lot of pitches that are sent via email marketing software. We love email marketing software -- when we''re using email in a marketing campaign. When you send a pitch letter using this software, you''re using a shotgun to do the job of a scalpel.

Show Glamorous Passion: A Thought for Today

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Always be gutsy. Yes, “always” doing anything is hard to imagine, but dealing with press people is a game, and it’s a two-way street that never ends. Be out there with your heart in it, don’t take no or maybe for an answer, show glamorous passion, and just, well … go for it. You’d be surprised at how many reporters or producers will stop what they’re doing, sit up, and pay attention, because these people darn well respect your gumption. Stay informed about the world. I can’t say this enough!