November, 2008

And They Say Reporters Don’t Care…

Bad Pitch Blog

The NY Time s’ Saul Hansell dropped us a line about bad pitches recently. Of course we had to share: - My biggest problem with pitches is that at least half the ones I get, I can''t understand what the company does or what the pitch is about.

How This All Got Started*

Bad Pitch Blog

We were cleaning out the archives and found our back story –- how the Bad Pitch blog was born.

This Goose is Cooked Pitch

Bad Pitch Blog

We''re not sure if we''re outing this person or giving them a Presidential pardon like they do for one lucky Thanksgiving turkey. But when someone asked the Bad Pitch Blog to review a children''s book, we weren''t sure if we should laugh or cry. Hello. I''d like to let you know about Flightless Goose, a new full-color, hardcover story book for children being released this month by PUBLISHER.