June, 2008

Bad Pitch, Good Dog

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This is Sam, our unofficial mascot. Before going to that big kennel in the sky, he was considered the world’s ugliest dog. We''re not questioning this honor. A more informative, and attractive, breed would be the Bulldog (Reporter).

The Good Pitch Mantra

Bad Pitch Blog

A good pitch disappears and turns into a story. A bad pitch becomes the story. tags public relations PR media relations media good pitch bad pitch bad pitch blog

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Twitter (Again) and Media Relations

Bad Pitch Blog

Twitter is like the lottery. It can pay off big, but you have to play to win. Todd Van Hoosear mentioned on Twitter that he was on a conference call with Wall Street Journal tech reporter Kara Swisher, Sam Whitmore and his Media Survey subscribers.

Some Spin Zone: A Riff On The PR Politics of Oil

Bad Pitch Blog

No Blood For Oil made for a good anti-war slogan when gas was going for the same price as Two Buck Chuck. But with gasoline now regularly priced at $4 and in Canada, where I’m sitting at Starbucks, what calculates to SIX BUCKS -- and that’s for the cheap stuff! -- I’m not so sure the saying holds.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Celeste Dufault is Outed in 10 Words or Less

Bad Pitch Blog

Celeste’s pitch is so bad, she managed to get outed using only 10 words. It was forwarded to our attention from an anonymous member of the media. SUBJECT: Mailing Services are a hot trend for printers BODY Hello! Could you run this in your publication.

Can Cookies & Sundresses Soften An Image?

Bad Pitch Blog

PR people tend to zip it when it comes to politics and blogging. Heavens forbid we express our political beliefs and lose a reader. But regardless of whether you lean left or right, PR people should be political junkies…during the campaign season at a minimum. As I’ve said before, media relations campaigns should be run like political campaigns. Take Michelle Obama and the media ubiquity of what I’ll call “project soft warm fuzzy.”