May, 2008

A Simple Media Relations Equation

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A wise Canadian noted recently that you must break something down to simple/common terms to describe it most effectively. He gets even more points by referencing Ghostbusters and Twinkie snack cakes to prove his point.

Get Smart. Share with Your Friend (Feed)

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Wall of International Peace - Moscow uploaded by Jeff Bauche._.•´¯) We created a room on Friend Feed to kick the conversation up a notch around here. Two people posting and many (wonderful) people commenting is great. But there''s a metric ton of relevant media relations content online.

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Worried About Getting Spam in Your Wiki? Just Be Like Tolu O.

Bad Pitch Blog

We’re so over the whole he said, she said around “lists that are the absence of all colors.” We’re moving on. This comment from Tolu O. is one reason why. Dear Kevin and other knowledgeable people in social media/PR, I want you all to know that you have put the fear of God in me.

Bad Pitch P **g Match

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When Lifehacker’s Gina Trapani started getting unsolicited pitches sent to her personal email address, she took action, Chris Anderson style, and created the PR Spammers Wiki. And you thought we were harsh.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Twitter Cures Disease and…and Cleans Ovens Too!!!

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Admit it. At some point, in some form or another…Twitter pisses you off. I’ve been there and back. The above headline openly mocks the effusive glee that drips from the metric ton of online chatter around this topic. But you need to get over it. Learn to love not hate Twitter. Here’s how.

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Getting Ahead of the Story, Volume 1000

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As the CEO of a PR agency, I can’t even tell you how many potential clients ask “Do I really need PR?” Usually I just answer with a simple and slightly aggravated “Why Yes!” Today, however, I will answer with an example of what a smart, finely crafted and well-timed PR campaign (with strategy) can do. The past few months we have seen historically vilified Microsoft attempt to take the current underdog, Yahoo, over with a slow hand.

Bad Pitch Blog Looks at a Singular Movie Phenomenon Currently Redefining "Hype"

Bad Pitch Blog

Arthur Harris of the Royal Air Force is often credited as the innovator of carpet bombing during World War Two, which was a tactic used to achieve the complete destruction of a target region and demoralization of its residents. When the head of marketing at New Line Cinema sends out his next batch of thank you cards, he may wish to extend special consideration to the Harris family. The most wonderful part about "Sex and the City" opening this Friday is that it won''t be able to open in two weeks.

Film 40

Open for Business

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A fellow PR blogger sent us a bad pitch and wondered aloud if we still collect them. We do. He noted that bad pitches are such a common occurrence; they''ve gone from extraordinary to plain old ordinary. He''s right. Bad pitches are old news. This adds fuel to our (bon)fire. The fact that they''re blending into the white noise of spam, bacon and other slices of info on the interruption samich we choke down every. single. makes them all the more worthy of our scrutiny.