October, 2006

Picture This Bad Pitch

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In a short period of time, the Bad Pitch blog has seen a lot of crappy media relations. But this is a first—a pitch so bad the reporter outed it on Flickr. Not sure what Flickr is? No cookie for you. There are plenty of ways Flickr can keep your PR skills sharp. Check it out.

Good Pitches, Social Media bring Chevy Success

Bad Pitch Blog

We knew Glinda would be back as soon as we glanced at this pitch from The McGinn Group’s Nellie Lide. Subject: chevy''s trying more co-creation Kevin- Some lucky (and talented) Gen Yers will create Chevy’s 2007 Super Bowl Ad. Here’s the blogger press release: [link].

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10 Award-Winning Hacks

Bad Pitch Blog

Back in May, my PRSA chapter judged another chapter’s annual awards program. Fifteen binder-stuffed boxes were sent for our review. Spending time with one of those BIG boxes inspired some ideas on how to improve award entries.

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There's The Pitch From HR

Bad Pitch Blog

This from someone at RLM who isn’t as wily as I am. Turns out that PR folk are not the only ones who send bad pitches! As we know, our HR colleagues pitch all day, every day. When they recruit, they’re pitching. When they announce inevitably negative changes to benefits packages, they’re pitching. You get the idea. Last week, a zealous HR pro (her title is Manager, Talent Development) sent an e-mail to a former employee at my agency.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Let Bad Pitches Come to You

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Steamroller PR: A Psychological Profile

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They say sled dogs will run until they drop if you let them. Hunger, pain and other warning signals can fall silent as the desire to run is built into their DNA. A special group of PR people are an odd cousin to the sled dog.