August, 2008

Fast Five Links: Fight for the Write

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Writing is one of the most critical skills in public relations. And let''s face it, everyone’s writing can improve. Here are some tips to keep your words working for you and not against you. 1) Word of the Day | Daily Writing Tips The odds of referencing a pyrrhic victory in a pitch is slim at best.

Insane Hack on Flack Action

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Woah, this is pure Friday fodder. From an anonymous source, we get the following exchange between a PR person we''ll call FLACK and a travel writer we''ll call HACK. We''ve changed names to protect the innocent and the insane.

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Samsung, Westinghouse Digital, Dotster -- STOP Doing Business with Lois Whitman, Michael Ingalls and HWH PR

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Some PR pros may not fully realize the level of responsibility they have to their clients. When you represent a client, your actions reflect their brand. And it’s with this knowledge that I wrote the title to this post.

We're baaack!

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Did you miss us? It''s been more than two weeks since we posted here. What can we say, the dog ate our password. Actually an “over eager Blogger spam attack robot from hell” thought our blog was "one of those" types of blogs.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Vote for Bad Pitch Blog in PRWeek's Blog Competition

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Keith O''Brien just announced a PR Week best blog competition. In doing so he pits 32 industry blogs against each other -- tournament style. Vote for the Bad Pitch blog. Click here, then click on our name to vote before end of day, Tuesday, August 5th.

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Richard (Edelman) Represents

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We were working on a post called, “Ode to Jason Calacanis.” It’s more of a poem really…using lots of colorful, urban language, including words that rhyme with “brother trucker.” Luckily Richard Edelman made our rant poem moot with this post.** "I am heartily sick of the ad hominem attacks and cheap shots taken by those who would try to draw attention to themselves. snip snip Edelman shows us THE best way to respond to a p **g match – with authority. He also hits upon why we started this blog.

Fast Five Q&A With BusinessWeek Senior Writer Stephen Baker

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Happy August. Today''s post is a peek into the thoughts of BusinessWeek''s Stephen Baker (who has been with the magazine for one astounding 21-year tenure!). Baker is one of the New York technology reporters for BusinessWeek; he began to report on tech in Paris (Rue Oswaldo Cruz, 16th ar.) as European correspondent in 1998 smack in middle of the dot calm boom. He came to New York in 2002 as acting senior editor for info tech, and is now a senior writer — also tech.