June, 2007

iPhone: Love it, Hate it, Learn From It

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Whether or not you have tech clients, you’re spending the day hoping Steve Jobs’ magic dust settles so you can get back to it after the holiday. Let’s be honest. A story eclipsing pop culture like this comes along for a precious few in media relations. But we can still learn from the iPhonic din.

Is Your Pitch Money? It Could Be.

Bad Pitch Blog

If you haven’t seen Swingers, you don’t get the title. Well go rent it AFTER you enter the Good Pitch Contest.

Which news stories are you most tired of seeing?

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Depends on how you consume your news I suspect, but we’re interested in learning which story has gotten on your last nerve. Don''t be shy. Take the poll or leave a comment.

Times' Hansell Turns to Bad Pitch For a WTF!

Bad Pitch Blog

New York Times'' Technology reporter Saul Hansell sent us a worse-than-usual pitch that we have been baffled by. Something got us thinking: “Does anyone read what they write?!” In Hansell’s words: The darn thing “…has a near record breaking syllable to meaning ratio.”

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

It Takes More than Media Map

Bad Pitch Blog

DISCLAIMER: Media Map provides a valuable service. This is not an anti-Cision post. Prior to introducing our firm to prospects, we learn as much as we can about them for our CRM system. A business development manager told me he doesn’t use Hoover’s to build prospect profiles anymore.

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PRSA Drops an Anvil on The Bad Pitch Blog

Bad Pitch Blog

More accurately, The Bad Pitch Blog won an Award of Commendation in the Blog category for the 2007 PRSA Bronze Anvil Award competition. PRSA’s Don Bill delivered the great news on behalf of the fine folks at 33 Maiden Lane.

A New Low for PR?

Bad Pitch Blog

Yo, yo, yo Bull Dawg…Reporter really dug Richard’s rant PR People Suck. They asked him to take it down a notch and remix it for some of the corporate types that don’t hang here. A New Low for PR has a different vibe, but you can still dance to it. You should check it out.

The Bad Pitch Blog Speaks at the T3PR Conference

Bad Pitch Blog

Get your tickets now for the PRSA’s "Theory, Tactics and Technology Conference" on June 19, 2007. In two short weeks, an impressive list of editors and social media gurus will converge at Reuters Time Square digs.