May, 2007

The Secret of The Bad Pitch Blog

Bad Pitch Blog

Richard’s last post generated some interesting comments. I’m elevating this one from Alex into a separate post. - You know, we''ve all done stupid things and hopefully learned from them.

PR People Suck!

Bad Pitch Blog

This is not about service. Fact is: we are easily the most cutthroat field besides pharmaceutical cretins (and they kill people for a living). I am totally pro competition but there are limits to tactics or approaches. Whatever happened to elegance?

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Everyone’s Getting Drunk on Silicon Valley Wine – AGAIN

Bad Pitch Blog

It’s somehow appropriate that a movie suggesting we wipe the slate clean and start over is coming soon to a theatre near you. Three recent posts from Silicon Valley have me worried we’re headed for another bubble burst.

The Home Sick Pitch

Bad Pitch Blog

This editorial plea is near to my heart as it comes from a retail trade publication. An editor at Home Channel News (think distribution channel, not TV channel) has asked the Bad Pitch Blog to voice her plea. Dear God, can you please help PR professionals stop with the "story ideas"?

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The Falling on your Facebook Pitch

Bad Pitch Blog

Riddle me this. What’s wrong with this pitch? Kevin, Did you happen to catch Marlo Thomas on the Today Show last week talking about her new discovery, “the Facebook?” Hopefully you''re not just learning about the social network from That Girl.

The So(y) Smart Pitch

Bad Pitch Blog

Weber Shandwick sent me a smart pitch today on behalf of Odwalla. It’s a dimensional mailer (pictured here) that includes a short, one-page news release and a Rubik’s Cube.* The pitch is for a new line of soy-based drinks designed to make you smarter. Soy isn’t on my Jamba Juice to-do list.